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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. KPzypher
    I'm glad you found your holy grail. The problem for me is although i'm pretty clear regarding my "sound preference," IEM predominantly w/ sound signature I prefer does not suit every genre of music I listen to. Therefore, endgame cannot be one single IEM. You can probably get close to it.
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  2. twiceboss
    IEMs are tricky
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  3. Owludio
    I agree emphatically! I only listen to it on those days, as I mentioned, when my hearing is reduced already due to that cycles of chronic condition that mentioned earlier.:alien:. That's why NO FH7 Comparison to Roland today.
    To explain why I held my impressions of Roland since Thursday note that when I received it, I was immensely enjoying FH7!:laughing:
  4. zazaboy
    @Owludio this is the songs I listen to mostly.. do you know which songs excel with your iems thanks .. I would be happy if you can give insight if the which iems can handle this songs.. I would like to hear from other guys too which iems this songs can handle ... need to know which iems are best and gives good vibes with this type of songs.. seperation and soundstage is most important part followed with good vocals and instrument accuracy... and detail retrieval

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  5. chungoooo
    Lot of thanks!!
  6. Owludio
    I wouldn't say endgame but Here are the qualities that put Roland on top of my rotation (#1 in my signature now:beyersmile:)..:
    1. Very natural sounding, sort of uncanny natural tonality from deep weighty bass to high mids. At the top of the mids around 4K it sounds too polite:confounded: I'm still trying to figure out this conundrum: I feel like something is missing but then I switch to M9 or LX and both sound insufferably synthetic and harsh after that, kind of a shock. I liked it04 for natural sound but cautiously anticipate that Roland is probably a new king:crown:
    2. Very forgiving. Most interesting is that Roland bass is forgiving too. It's there, it rumbles but it never feels overloading or trying too hard. Very low distortion. The bass BTW is compression bass! (Warning! Engineering / not audiophile term :radioactive:) DD is not vented as there is no holes anywhere and sub bass is very tight, smooth and only slightly behind ier-M9 in depth, and LX in sheer impact(at least to my taste as LX bass is too much for me:smirk_cat:) As an engineer, I would say, forever Compression bass was considered the best, harder to achieve without taking a shortcut of Reflex Venting. Bravo Fearless Audio!!:clap:

    3. Mids are so well integrated (typical Fearless), my OCD doesn't kick in like with others when I think "That is BA kicking in to supplement fading DD response. Honestly cannot even guess which frequencies done by which driver until lower treble, where ESTs seem to be taking over. It sounds to me like lower mids instruments and vocals is are stars of the show. They sound more natural than LX winch adds too much mid bass thickness to them.
    I think that high mids and lower treble is where it starting to sound like BA+EST. I don't know.
    4. Treble:dizzy_face: oh my.., where do I begin? We all are so used to Harman response:thinking:, maybe EST treble will become a new gold standard, like it was in full size HPs.
    DISCLAIMER! I'm biased! I love Ortho-dynamic treble. That includes Planar magnetic as well as ESS 422 Heil air motion transducer.
    Roland's treble is so forgiving, that mastering evaluated with it may get away with murder! (treble murder:wink:)
    I can listen to Roland for hour and hours with little to no fatigue.
    5. Fit with smallest tips and isolation even better than S8p.
    6. Easy to drive. Hiby R6(10 Ohm) sounds great out of 2.5. Slightly worse from 3.5 but entirely due to R6 2.5 out difference. Sounds great with Radsone es100, Hiby W5, Shanling M2. FiiO BTR3 (all LDAC)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  7. zazaboy
    @Owludio what is your top 3 right now?
  8. twiceboss
    It sounds like this set (the BAs and the ESTs) doing their job very well for the mids and highs. Glad that i picked La Hire to get the most out of it. My goal is getting the best mids and highs without sacrificing timbre. Because sometimes when you do most of mids and highs only, they will sound thin and dry. If this can sound tonality right with vocals and sound separation, i might be getting an end game very sooner.
  9. Owludio
    As listed in my signature: Roland, LX, M9. Signature arranged by Ear-time and function.
    I love sometimes to have some fun with Z5 (love that magnesium super-twitter treble)
    BTW for fun I ordered IMR Rah.. will see...
  10. Owludio
    By the graph I suspect La Hire might have the same new vented Knowles Bass BAs. If so, you will get the best of both worlds.
    May I ask you, why did you get Ety er2se not XR? Seems like logical choce if u want also a good sub.
    Also, do you like how S8p lower mids integrated?
  11. cr3ativ3
    can u compare Roland to CL2 ?
  12. twiceboss
    The boosted er2xr is not necessary for me since i rather eq the lower bass rather than boosted out of stock. Im not into s8p that much that's why im finding the one that has flatter bass.
  13. Owludio
    Event though the graph looks flat, Roland sounds somewhat thick throughout bass & low mids sort of similar to XR. So if ur that sensitive to it, then no doubt, La hire is better choice because it's bass will be at least as good as S8p
    Edit: I ment Sub-bass
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  14. bubukill17
    I'm just still debating between S8 freedom vs La Hire. I'm going to order either of them from Amazon, but I have not decided yet.

    It appears the S8 Freedom ships earlier between 4-5 days, while La Hire ships between 2-3 weeks and it is more expensive. I'm in urge for a new IEMs cause I lost the left side of my FH5 IEMs due to loose MMCX connector, and my FA1 left side got broken, sounding distorted out of nowwhere.

    The IEMs must be delivered to Miami, Florida. Though It should be delivered by the time the current Hurrican situation has passed.

    From where are you from? I may wait for your La Hire impressions before pulling the trigger on them. I'm looking forward to the same sound signature as yours, as well as being very curious to listen to these EST drivers.
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  15. twiceboss
    Gosh! Glad that finally someone knows what im hearing. This helps a lot. My ears are used to hd800 mids. So yeah, now, im so looking forward to La Hire ! Higher price doesn't mean it's better for my ears. Cheaper La Hire doesnt mean it's a less good iem compare to Roland.
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