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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. Thomas De Brito
    is that price over now because I don't see it for that price
  2. Barndoor
    Yes, was a 4 hour lightning deal.
    I managed to resist the urge this time, as already bought Sennheiser ie80 and Hifiman RE-00 this month, however if the E1001 come up then that might be a different story!
  3. Tony-Hifi
    Special offer on the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 -  £50 OFF. NOW ONLY £129.99  while stocks last.
    Built to last, the Pinnacle P1 is made of a zinc alloy that is stronger than aluminium and lighter than stainless steel and features interchangeable, replaceable cables with MMCX connectors
  4. god-bluff
  5. beowulf
    The Sandisk 200gb microSD is on the 59e promo again..
    proedros likes this.
  6. RAFA

    Thanks mate!

    I also used up my 10 Euro coupon I recently got on Amazon on this. Never thought, I will actually get one of these :)
  7. beowulf

    Guess that DAP/Phone is going to have a lot more flac storage soon! :)
    RAFA likes this.
  8. henriks
    50 euro of V-moda m-100 and wireless 199/249 at Zococity.es
  9. RolfBlom
  10. henriks
  11. RolfBlom
    If u live in sweden elgiganten.se has a sale on fidelio x2 for 1100 sek (120€)


    Starts tomorrow 08 o´clock..
    Delayeed likes this.
  12. god-bluff
    Apparently, according to the Daily Mail (?!??) HD600s were on Amazon.co.uk for £199 today. Not that you should believe everything you read. Can't see any sign of it or has it finished?
  13. miketlse
    Maybe it was a flash sale.
    They have been available at similar prices now and then this year, so I have been expecting some to appear in christmas sales.
    Keep your eyes open, and check this thread as well.
  14. Vlad0
    Sandisk 256GB micro SD card discounted at 109.99 on amazon UK, if someone interested;
  15. musicday
    I have same card sealed for £99 free UK shipping :thumbsup:
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