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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. tan1415
    Look what I found. They are refurbs AKG but with 2 years warranty. At 50% discount from retail.
    Quite interesting to me.
    Anyway a nice deals for the europeans.
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  2. tan1415
    Another win for euros. 50% for Logitech UE 700. Dual Balanced Armatures. for 75€ Super cheap for this kind of IEMs.
  3. putente
    Some months back I've seen those being sold by Amazon.de for 49.99 EUR (+shipping), so... 
  4. vrln
    Yeah they´ve been sold for that price at Amazon. Off topic: got one a while ago and it broke within a week. Nice build quality Logitech! 
  5. Head-Fier
    Received my ah-c300's today from ebuyer. They are the real deal (genuine). Posted my impressions over in the ah-c300 and ah-c400 discussion thread, if anyone would like to know.

    edit: http://www.head-fi.org/t/620842/denon-ah-c300-urban-raver-and-ah-c400-music-maniac-discussion-thread/15#post_9301833

    I may update that thread with more impressions at a later date.
  6. putente

    A link to your post there would be nice... :smile:
  7. PakoBoy
    Sony xb500 for €35. I think the only ship to the Nehterlands.
  8. tan1415
    bit off topic...UE is Logitech. logitech has unbeatable customer service. Always replaced any products quickly....
    never afrad to purchase logitech products.
    Wow 50€ is even better..to bad i missed it.
  9. vrln
    I´ve never heard a negative story about Logitech´s customer service either, but they could up their build quality so one would be less inclined to need their services in the first place :) But yeah, if you buy from an authorized dealer there shouldn´t be a problem.
  10. HolyCheese
  11. Kaffeemann
    Sennheiser Momentum 210€
  12. nok18
    Shure SE535 Clear £269
    Shure SE5353 Bronze £272
  13. Exci
    Just thought I'd share, TDK IE800 for 29,95 EUR, today only.
    Deal appears to apply to Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium.

  14. Ultrainferno
    Whats the normal EU price for the IE800? I just might order these today (I'm in Belgium)
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