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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Mimouille
    Cables will only change the sound if their impedance is different. I would much recommend you play with sources before investing in cables.
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  2. Sound Eq
    on that note can u make an iem less sensitive to hiss, and what would u look at specs to have iem hiss less
  3. FlySweep

    I can definitely see why it's recommended for rock lovers.. The Spartan possesses excellent micro and macro dynamics (it belies what one might typically expect from a quad driver in this regard). The clean, fast, crisp attack coupled with accurate timbre and perfectly balanced note weight makes it a match made in heaven for guitar distortion and other rock elements.

    I listen to a really wide variety of music.. But primarily (indie) hip hop (both instrumental and vocal), downtempo breaks, liquid drum and bass, electronica (that leans to the more soulful, organic side.. less synth-oriented bleeps and bloops stuff), jazzy soul/funk/fusion, and a lot of sample source material (psych rock, vintage soul, etc.). Even with hip hop, I've always preferred a neutral-ish sound. I found the Spartan to be a really awesome match for this disparate range of music. I'm a "resolution junkie" who can never get enough low level detail retrieval.. As long as it doesn't come at the cost of timbre or excessive coloration. Spartan comes through in spades here.

    A quick shot of my Spartans below. Same design as my Apollo-X.. translucent smoke shells (they actually look much lighter in color when seen in real life) and clear faceplate. Nothing fancy.. But I like the simplicity.. And hour I can easily marvel at the beautiful internals.

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  4. Mimouille
    Hum I doubt the impedance of the cable would make a significant difference. An impedance adapter can.
  5. bavinck

    Thanks for sharing. I was eyeing the spartan too, just waiting for the Asius announcement. How does it compare to Apollo? I think the current prices for iems are rediculous and will not go over $800 or so.
  6. Sound Eq
    i have the 75 ohm impedance adapter and it makes the zeus r sound bad, will never use that adapter 
  7. Mimouille
    The UE seems to help I think.
  8. Sound Eq
  9. Cotnijoe

    The buffer jack
  10. boblauer
    EE used to have it one their site as well before the redesign i  believe. I use a Penon sourced 75ohm version with my Spartans for certain source material. For most rock, the background is so colored I rarely pick up any hiss. My source is a laptop running Foobar 2K, USB out thru AQ Jitterbug into iFi iPurifier2 and finally iDsd Nano pretty silent background 99% of the time. 
  11. Sound Eq
    so did anyone use it and what is the experience with it, does it affect sq or an iem negatively
  12. twister6 Contributor
    Tried buffer jack (the active one, right?) - doesn't help.  75ohm adapter - attenuates the noise flow along with a signal, and the sound quality goes does too.  Also tried it with UE airplane adapter, I think it's equivalent to 75ohm.
    In this case Mi' is right, need to match Zeus-R with the right source.  Love PAW Gold and Opus#1, but those yield some hissing.  On the other hand, L3 and L3 Pro are dead silent, and the same with Plenue M2 (testing now and loving it).  A&K DAPs will keep it quiet as well.
  13. Sound Eq
    looking forward to ur m2 review
    i have this
    and i tried it with zeus r and fiio x7 and i make things very bad sound wise
  14. Mimouille
    AK DAPS are quiet but the 240 is far from sounding as good as the LPG with the R.
  15. scottcocoabeach
    As someone who owns some (C)IEM's with Adel technology and an SPL meter I will simply say this. I can listen at lower volume on my (C)IEMs with Adel modules than on my non-Adel IEMs while maintaining a nice full spectrum of sound (usually around 10db lower). I don't feel the need to turn up the volume at all when listening. In fact, the other difference I have noticed is that in longer listening sessions I actually find myself turning the volume down when using Adel equipped IEMs versus up with others.
    I hate to say "never" but I will say I have no plans to buy any IEM's in the future that don't have the Adel tech. I already have some minor high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear, so anything I can do to protect my hearing while being able to enjoy my music I am going to do. My own "studies" have been enough to convince me of the value. As always, YMMV.
    Now I am just awaiting for an announcement from the next company to incorporate the Adel technology before I buy my next (C)IEM's. [​IMG]
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