1. Jack Vang

    Asius Technologies Teams with Empire Ears for Product Development

                                            Asius Technologies Teams with Empire Ears for Product Development   BOULDER, CO – September 14th, 2016 – Asius Technologies, the leader in developing music enhancing personal audio devices that have been scientifically proven to protect hearing, has...
  2. Jack Vang

    Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  3. jelt2359

    1964 Ears/ 64 Audio | ADEL A10/ U10/ A12/ U12 - New Flagship Discussion / Impressions Thread

    Just joined the kickstarter on these. Typically this would be way too early to start a dedicated thread, but one of our most respected members already has a review out, so I guess it's time to start the discussion. Not only is it 1964's new flagship, it also has the all-new-super-cool Adel...
  4. ads1107

    1964 Ears Adel IEMs

    Didn't see a thread for this I don't think. Anyway, seems there's some new 1964 Ears models coming soon: 4 options: - Control - Ambient - Adel universal - Adel Custom Anyone have more info on these? In terms of release dates?
  5. EagleWings

    ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss the merits, claims, facts and people's views and experiences on ADEL Technology.   ADEL stands for Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens. It was created by Stephen Ambrose who is the Founder, Chief Scientist and President of Asius Technologies, LLC. Asius...
  6. Asius Technologies ADEL™ Manual Adjustable Modules (MAM)

    Asius Technologies ADEL™ Manual Adjustable Modules (MAM)

    Manufacturer's Description: These ADEL™ Manual Adjustable Modules are the most advanced Asius products yet. They feature an easily adjustable controller which can be turned while listening to music, and adjustable valve that helps regulate pneumatic pressure, a secondary membrane tensioner...