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1964 Ears Adel IEMs

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  1. ads1107
    Didn't see a thread for this I don't think. Anyway, seems there's some new 1964 Ears models coming soon: http://www.1964adel.com


    4 options:
    - Control
    - Ambient
    - Adel universal
    - Adel Custom

    Anyone have more info on these? In terms of release dates?
  2. Ivabign
    All the new content on the website was released today - I'm sure we will hear more next week - I tried to sign up for the Kickstarter campaign but the sign up button is inoperative (In Safari)
    EDIT: And doesn't work in Chrome either.
  3. ericr
    Link please?
  4. ericr
    My post from the 1964Ears thread (before I found this one):

    The 1964 | ADEL Universal (a universal V6-Stage with the ADEL technology) will have an Early Bird price starting at: $300 (40% off MSRP). This could be a very good deal.

    The 1964 | ADEL Custom (a CIEM with the ADEL technology) will have an Early Bird price starting at:$1000 (40% off MSRP).

    Wow! $1000 at 40% off? Looks like 1964ears has a new flagship!

    I wish the 1964Adel.com website gave some clue as to the driver configuration of the 1964 | ADEL Custom.
  5. ChrisRPM12
    About the Universal...can you link me to the site where they mention about the driver configuration. There aren't any specifications on the main website.
  6. ericr

    You are right.  My mistake. The Adel | Universal is not likely a V6-Stage with Adel technology.
    I thought 1964adel.com was indicating the Universal was based on the V6-Stage, due to the page layout when viewed on my phone and a large leap of my brain!
    Above the information for the Universal it has a heading of "STAGE / STUDIO", and then below in the description says "...universal-fit version of the highly successful 1964 EARS V-line..."
    The thinking was since the V6-Stage is the only one of the V-line called "Stage", this must be be based on that model. 
    Looking at 1964adel.com today on my PC, the layout is different.  Now it's quite clear to me they have two classes of heaphones with the Adel technology ("Lifestyle" and "Stage / Studio") and the "STAGE / STUDIO" heading was not specific to the Adel | Universal model.
    I've edited my original post - sorry for the confusion!
  7. xedjflowx

    I was wondering exactly the same thing. Ok, a universal... but what's inside?
    And it also features this thing: which I don't know what it means "UniEars are the world's first IEM with a "real-time" variably adjustable ambient port."
  8. Kunlun
    Well, that part means you can screw open a vent to eliminate isolation or close it to increase it. I think Aurisonics offered an adjustible ambient port as an option at one point and may still do so if you ask, making 1964 the second.
  9. ChrisRPM12
    There's one thing that has me puzzled. If this valve allows pneumatic and harmful pressure to escape from the inner cavity of the IEM and allow ambient noise to enter, does the small port in almost every single dynamic driver earphone also serve the same purpose?
  10. gotak
    Color me interested. What's the early bird deal about? You have to pay in advance? Or just sign up?
    I'd be even more interested if there's some more details about what's inside the universals.
  11. gotak
    Depends on where the port is in relation to the pressure if it's a port just to allow the driver to move in the certain way. As in it's on the outside of the driver maybe not that helpful. And of course just because there's a hole doesn't mean it does anything to help.
    That said I am somewhat skeptical about the claims of this ADEL tech, I am mainly interested in having adjustable let in of surrounding sounds as I find myself being surprised by people popping into my cube at work with my Shures on.
  12. xedjflowx
    Pretty sure it's pay in advance and you get the first batch.. You'll see on the kickstarter page.
  13. Ivabign
    Most ambient ports are open to some extent - I get the feeling that ADEL technology employs some sort of membrane instead of a simple port to allow pressure to escape and vibration (sound) to enter in a controlled fashion. If there are able to figure a way (like a heart valve - which lets blood flow in one direction, but closes to cut off any backward flow) to control the pressure exiting in order to keep sound waves in, but release harmful pressure - they may have something here - and perhaps state that they have a "first" in the industry.
  14. fnkcow
    Don't know if the ADEL only allows pneumatic and harmful pressure to escape or also can customize amount of ambient noise going in. The latter would be extremely useful to me, though at this stage now only seemed mention of the former
  15. ChrisRPM12
    I'm not sure if a membrane can be utilized in an adjustable valve. For one thing, the ADEL featured silicone tips expands to relieve pressure from the iem cavity, while maintaining a sealed ear canal but as a result the ADEL causes a reduction in spl of lower frequencies and no ambient noise to enter. 
    Plus I found out that the $100 dollar earphone on the launch website is in fact produced by Asius Technologies. Not sure about the 200 dollar model though. [​IMG]
    EDIT: Turns out I have not read the entire page in detail and did not read the section where both 1964 and Asius have collaborated. My bad. [​IMG]
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