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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. EagleWings
    The purpose of this thread is to discuss the merits, claims, facts and people's views and experiences on ADEL Technology.
    ADEL stands for Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens. It was created by Stephen Ambrose who is the Founder, Chief Scientist and President of Asius Technologies, LLC. Asius Technology goes by the tradename ‘RealLoud Technology’ to refer to the ADEL Tech.
    Stephen Ambrose LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-ambrose-2b13755
    Asius Technology Website: https://asiustechnologies.com/
    ADEL Tech was introduced to the public through a set of IEMs incorporating the ADEL Tech via a Kickstarter Campaign. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1043330169/realloud-technology-that-saves-your-hearing-and-yo/description
    Around the same time 64 Audio (formerly known as 1964 Ears), entered into a partnership with Asius Technologies to incorporate the ADEL Tech into their new line of Universal and Custom IEMs; U series and A series respectively. Link: https://www.64audio.com/adel
    **Please advise changes, if any information on this post is wrong or has been misrepresented.
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  2. EagleWings
    Update march 27, 2016: 
    If you have specific questions that you would like to be addressed in the Spreecast Interview by @Brooko with Stephen Ambrose, please PM @Canyon Runner your name and email address.
  3. Canyon Runner
    As I mentioned in the other thread..

    If you'd like, we can set up a Spreecast with you and Stephen and Dr. Todd Ricketts from the National Science Foundation, to discuss your differing thoughts. We were going to do that a few weeks ago, but we ended up having to travel quite a bit for meetings since then...and the guy we offered to talk with, seemed to magically go away. 

    We can go over whatever you'd like and post the video conversation on the thread for all to see, in present and future. Because I'm sure at least a few of your thoughts will be shared by a user or two, so everybody wins.

    Just let me know when you're free and I'll check with those guys to get this all set up and get your questions answered!
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  4. EagleWings
    @Canyon Runner, Thanks, much appreciated. However, it was a different member who brought up the ADEL discussion on that thread. I thought it will be helpful to have dedicated thread for discussion on ADEL Tech, so that the other thread could focus on the 1964 A and U series IEMs. 
  5. Canyon Runner
    Apologies, i coulda sworn it was the same user. Sorry. But the point is the same regardless. This would be a great place to post or even host the conversation!
  6. maniac2003
    Interesting. I'm interested in the U8 but I'm a bit reluctant to blindly jump in at the current asking prices. Thanks to the Euro / US Dollar exchange rate and the import taxes it's a serious amount of cash. The U8 are far more expensive than my Custom Art Ei.XX CIEM (6 drivers per side), although I got them also at a discounted rate.
    So I'm very curious about the technology and if it's worth the premium price to me. For now it doesn't.
  7. bavinck
    It would be good to do something like that here. Hopefully someone knowledgeable grows a pair and is good to do this:)
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  8. Canyon Runner
    Just to be clear, this is a discussion that I 100% encourage. It's something that SHOULD be talked about. If there's questions or concerns, it's something that should be discussed.

    Plus this can be a direct line to Stephen, if needed/requested.

    I hope that this actually takes off and it can be a place for answering questions and learning from each other.
  9. EagleWings
    Definitely.. [​IMG] And also I have changed the title of the thread to be more neutral. (I realized, the original title sounded a bit provocative.)
    And please read through the first post and suggest changes in case I have misrepresented any information or have got something wrong.
  10. ezekiel77
    Hi guys, being in the medical line I'm interested in the tech too.

    Is the full text of the study "Specific Coupling Can Affect Perceived Loudness in Insert Earphones" done by Vanderbilt University available online? If it was we can critically appraise it.
  11. tkteo
    I ordered the A8 custom version. It won't arrive for another six weeks or so. I will post my impressions and work on a full review then. In the meantime this thread, as I understand, is placed in the Sound Science forum so I, too, am very interested in the scientific merits of the technology behind ADEL.
  12. WCDchee


    I'm the one who brought this topic up. Thanks for being open and receptive to the idea, and once again I would like to apologise if the way I expressed myself put you off in the other thread. I assure you I had no ill intentions!
  13. ken6217
    OK, I'll be the first to throw a stone. 
    I have the A12's. They sound great. Fantastic bass and wide soundstage. I sold my Noble K10's after buying these.
    I question the whole "Saves your hearing" thing. I'm not going to debate the sound pressure as I'm sure that has merit. However there is no debating that loud levels of noise can damage your hearing. That's a fact. So a loud dance club, rock concert, leaf blower, chainsaw, heavy equipment, etc, etc, do cause hearing damage with prolonged exposure and there is NO pressure on the eardrum.
    As far as volume, I do not see the volume control on my Calyx M any lower using the A12's than when I used my K10's or my Roxanne's that I still have. So pressure may be relieved but there is still loud music being played directly into ones ear. So again, my argument is the music VOLUME can cause damage, and not just pressure.
    Personally none of this bothers me as I did not but the A12's for the save my hearing feature. I bought them because they sound great. I'm just commenting that I don't believe the hype.
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  14. eldss
    I think that there are two aspects of hearing protection that we should discuss. One being the pneumatic pressure and the other being prolonged exposure to loud noises. So, the way I understand it, the ADEL module helps to relieve the pneumatic pressure which occurs when you enclose the ear canal with an IEM or headphones. These pneumatic pressures only occur when you enclose the ear, but not when you listen to music or are exposed to loud environments under normal circumstances. I think that long exposure to pneumatic pressure, can be harmful due to ear pressure, and apparent ear drum problems when being overwhelmed by this pressure, as can be seen on the videos. I believe that this is what the ADEL module primarily addresses and I see general consensus with users reporting not feeling as much pressure when listening with their ADEL iems and also report the no ear fatigue benefits.
    On the other hand, there is still the risk of exposure to loud music. And from what I see, there are people that despite good isolation, prefer to hear their music pretty loud. I don't think that there will ever be a technology that would still save one's ears if one continues to listen to unhealthy loud levels for a prolonged period beyond what is recommended. I've seen some people report that they do listen at lower volumes and it makes me wonder if those who listen at loud volumes may find that with ADEL, they can get optimum sound probably at lesser volumes. On the other hand, I think that there are users who try to listen at lower volumes and in those cases, probably don't see much of a difference when comparing volumes to other non ADEL iems.  @ken6217, I wonder if the reason you don't notice that much of a difference, may be because you already listen at a lower volume? At least, that seems to be my case, but not sure if anyone else has experienced this as well. 
  15. WCDchee

    Hello Ken,

    I'm Glad to see that you've chimed in. I just want to clarify that if you look back at my posts, I was in no way dissing 64 for their sound quality. In fact, I really like the new line up, and have made it clear ok multiple accounts.

    I understand too, that you're not too bothered by the whole hearing protection thing, but I have seen a lot of people being attracted by that feature, which in my opinion is not true.

    That was why I posted what I did on the other thread, on one hand, I thought it would be nice to share with potential customers who are given the additional incentive to buy 64 by the hearing protection feature, and on the other hand, I realise there are many like you who would rather not waste time being caught up in all that. Thus, I did what I thought made the most sense, let people know that There is a possible alternative view, and that if they would like to know I would be happy to share my views. I really don't have any private motivations.

    Hope this clears things up!
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