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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Cagin
    That's why I never bought the Linum BaX Music, 1.5 Ohm, really muddied the bass/ midbass when you A/B with the Super BaX 0.75Ohm.
    I really wished we'd get more measurements from cablemakers, at least cable impedance.
    For my dap choice when looking to upgrade from the DP-X1, I don't bother if it has above 1 Ohm headphone output impedance. You ideally want it as close to 0 as possible.
    I've completely failed not trying out the AR M2 at CanJam London with my ZeusR, other headfiers liked that one, and persuaded me to try it, I just couldn't find the booth in time before the end of the show.
    On the other hand the Opus #2 was beautiful with the ZeusR, soundstage depth and width was enhanced compared to my DP-X1, Made for a nice spacial separation, but they got to fix the dealbreaking  mSD access lags. [I'll post later all the stuff]
    My last 2c on the Legend R Omega (posted about it already in the thread or the Earwerkz one), I can't thank Jack enough for allowing me to trade mine in to get the Zeus.
    Omega were my 1st ciems. Aside from the great fit seal, I've unequivocally disliked its sound sig. Too dark, mids too explosive vocals, too much of a bass quantity, not enough quality.
    At the time I told Jack no joke I preferred my Zero Audio Duoza over the Omega, and in good faith even sent it over to him with my Omega ^^
    Fast forward today, I'll await for a smaller form factor version of the Zeus or Zeus-R. (Looking at you Lime Ears Aether ^^) I believe in you Jack et al , y'all can pull it off [​IMG]
  2. scottcocoabeach
    Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Spartan. I am thinking of picking one up soon. Looking forward to more impressions.
  3. EagleWings
    If the rumors, do turn out to be true, I really hope the price of the ADEL IEMs are NOT too inflated compared to their Non-ADEL counterpart.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Looking forward to writing about the Aether more - but it was pretty good when I listened to it.  Our thoughts largely mirror each other when we talked in London about the Aether compared to the Zeus-Remastered.
    The Aether is a completely different sound signature compared to the Zeus-Remastered, but is my favorite IEM out of the Lime Ears lineup, for sure! 
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    Was there any hissing with Zeus-R from Opus #2?  Did you test SE or Bal outputs?  Opus #1 has a mild hissing with Z-R from SE output, but to my surprise balanced output was just awful with Zeus-R, sounds like from an impedance adapter (attenuated and degraded sound).  That really caught me by surprise since Opus#1 balanced output has lower impedance in comparison to its SE output, and usually its bal HO sounds great with everything else.  It's definitely encouraging to hear that O#2 pairs up great with Z-R, that one is on my review list as well.  At the current moment my personal favorite pair up of Zeus-R is with L3 Pro (balanced) and PM2.  But then, O#2 and DX200 is around corner as well.  DAP market is beyond being saturated...
  6. Sound Eq
    can i ask what few questions
    1- impedance is the zeus r?
    i am not familiar with ohms and impedance, so for an iem like zeus r what  specifications of the source do u look at to make sure you are choosing the right one
    2- so is there an android based source sp i can use tidal, but that does not hiss alot, with my fiio x7 it hisses alot when i turn on wifi or bluetooth
    3- another question if for example i listen to the zeus r at high gain with am5 will that affect the drivers in a bad way
  7. stenog
    I have to agree with this. I have tinnitus in my left ear. It's not a big problem I live with it. But I do what I can to not make it any worse without sacrificing my listening sessions :).

    For me the biggest difference with the Adel technology is that I can listen longer time without my ears screaming "give me a break". With a traditional in ear I have a kind of pressure build up in my ears. I don't have this with the Adel module.

    The more companies using Adel technology, or similar technology, will for me only be positive. And a little competition is only good.
  8. Rin1990
    I can only answer the first question for you.
    The Zeus-R has the impedance of 21 Ohms and imput sensitivity of 
    119dB @ 1mw​
    Concerning hiss, I plugged it in my Fiio X1 + Q1 combo during the demo audition with Kozato, and I hear a bit of it through high gain setting. On low gain it's completely black on my end.​
  9. shotgunshane Contributor
    Something to remember about impedance of iems:
    Manufacturer impedance ratings are a standard at 1k. Depending on the unique impedance curve of the iem, it can range from much higher and/or much lower than the rating at 1k.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    Returning back to our discussion about Zeus-R hissing with some of the sources, and considering we already established that basic impedance adapters reduce the hissing while also degrade the sound quality and switching to a different cable will not help, there is a new possible solution on the horizon from @iFi audio: http://www.head-fi.org/t/814317/ifi-launch-competition-closed-what-the-heck-is-it/90#post_12795744
    iFi iEMatch - designed specifically to get rid off hissing and excessive loudness.
    Can't wait to check it out with Zeus-R !!!
  11. scottcocoabeach

    Thanks for pointing this out. Hope it's a viable solution.
  12. EagleWings
    Yea T6, thanks for sharing this. Now Opus-Audio, Questyle and Lotoo are going to see some money in their pockets from sensitive IEM owners.
    Also, now the sensitive IEM owners will have more freedom to choose a DAP of their liking/preference. I am sure it's too early to celebrate, but this has really got me excited..
  13. SomeWiseGuy
    Regarding hiss, below are some of my DAP-Zeus pairings:
    FiiO X1 > Zeus = hiss
    FiiO X1 > FiiO E12A > Zeus = no hiss on low gain, hiss on high gain
    Colorfly C3 > Zeus = hiss
    AK Jr > Zeus = no hiss
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  14. carps

    On honeymoon mode with my one day old Spartan.
  15. davidcotton

    Very nice!
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