legend x
  1. Bluecactus123

    Inexpensive Legend X upgrade cable

    Hey, I'm looking for an upgrade cable for 100$ or so for the Legend X, are there any out there? Preferably silver
  2. F

    [SOLD] Empire Ears Legend X

    Hello All, I am putting up for sale my universal Empire Ears Legend X IEM's. These have been great, but I have other monetary needs that need to be addressed so away they go. These are the more recent version with the metal carrying case. The cable is terminated in the standard 3.5mm plug...
  3. Damz87

    *SOLD* Empire Ears Legend X Universal IEM Snakewood Limited Edition - Free worldwide shipping!

    Selling a pair of Empire Ears Legend X Universal IEM’s in the limited edition Snake Wood/Onyx colour. According to google, these were a 25 unit limited edition sold through e-earphones in Japan. Here’s a link to the info page: https://e-earphone.blog/?p=1297742 I’m the second owner and bought...
  4. gc335

    (SOLD) WTS: Empire Ears Legend X with 2.5 Effect Audio Cleopatara (4 wire) Cable

    I currently have a custom Bravado, Valkyrie and Nemesis. The LX is the last universal I have and I don't have enough head-time to justify having it around. I want to free up some funds to upgrade my home DAC. They are in outstanding shape. I don't have any tips with it so you would need to...
  5. ceeloChamp


    Hey All, I have a Mint (used like 15 hours) with original box and all accessories 3 months old Empire Ears Legend X that I want to trade + cash for a Fourte or Fourte Noir...will also trade for an Anole VX or Sony Z1R This is my second time buying the Legend X and while I love it I really wish...
  6. HarlanDraka

    SOLD: Empire Ears Legend X Universal Mint condition (Europe only)

    For sale Empire Ears Legend X Universal with Box, case, tips, accessories and original Ares II 3.5 cable included. Everything in mint condition, no scratches, blemishes etc. Purchased from another headfier, I have too many IEMs and I don’t give enough listening time to these jewels. Sale...
  7. W

    [FS] Empire Ears Universal Legend X *mint*

    Selling my EE universal Legend X that has been barely used at all (<10h total play time) Pretty much brand new; no scratches. Comes with all original accessories and stock Ares II cable in 2.5mm It also includes a bespoke cable from Effect Audio: Thor Silver II 8 wires (original cost $1050)...
  8. T1000

    WTB: Empire Ears Legend X universal

    I am interested in buying a universal Empire Ears Legend X. Please only in EU. Thanks.
  9. Medikill

    SOLD Empire Ears Legend X (Universal)

    ************SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ********************* In 9.5/10 condition (.5 off due to scratch on carry case). Comes with all original accessories The effect audio Ares II cable has been re-terminated by Effect Audio SG (Manufacturer) to a DITA Awesome plug which allows interchanging...
  10. Owludio

    Legend X Universal bought 2 month ago $1700

    Bought from Empire Ears store new. Never used cable or any of accessories. Edit: Sold
  11. zuber

    SOLD - Empire Ears Legend X

    Hi, I have got EE Legend X for sale. It is one week old, I simply dont like it much. These are customs and can be reshelled by Naga Audio here: http://store.treoo.com/naga-audio-reshell-service-for-balanced-armature-iem-to-custom-iem.html Edit: These are for sale again! Could be re-shelled by...
  12. aaf evo

    [FS] - Empire Ears Legend X custom IEMs + Pandora case

    For sale are my EE Legend X custom IEMs. These get virtually 0 playing time now that I have the A18t so I am looking to recoup some costs and shift these amazing IEMs to someone who would use them more than I do. These CANNOT be reshelled via Empire Ears and a third party service is required...
  13. N

    Legend x 3.5m empire ears for sale

    Legendx for sale. 1800 USD. Purchased 1 year ago, Brand new and I haven’t used it a lot since I am more into headphones. It comes with the original box and including all the accessories. Shipping available worldwide Note: you can reshell it at...
  14. N

    SOLD! Updated ONCE AGAIN! Empire Ears Legend X + Campfire Audio Leather Case + Final Audio Eartips

    I have taken excellent care of these IEMS. They come with the box and case they came in. Additionally, they come with the Ares II cable. I barely used the cable because I upgraded to a Eros II+ 8-wire. The Campfire case is in black leather. It is also in excellent condition. The Final Audio tips...
  15. DrumSeb

    Empire Ears legend X

    Sold !!!!!! Empire ears Legend X, still under warranty t’ill end of April. Best iem have heard so far.. I have to letting goes these, no put money somewhere else. Come with Original box etc.. and effect audio copper cable. For question just ask ! Thank you I also have a Pw audio 1960s...
  16. Sound~Patriot

    [SOLD!!] Empire Ears - LEGEND X + Effect Audio Lionheart 2.5 mm - Bundle//MINT!

    [SOLD !!]
  17. E

    choice of high end IEMs Legend x vs KHAN vs a18t

    Hi sir I am planning to choose between Empire Ears Legend-x, Noble KHAN and 64 audio B-STOCK A18t, I use it for daily listening and fun. Could you please let me know what you would pick for the above said purpose.
  18. DrumSeb

    Effect Audio 8 wires Leo+Thor

    SOLD !!!!!!! PRICE DROP !! Effect Audio cable special edition, 4 wires Leonidas+ 4 wires Thor Silver cable, total of 8 wires.. Beautiful piece of cable.... The cable is 4.4mm 2pins, and come with moon-audio Silver adapter to 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male. Im the second owner for about a...
  19. Kenneth Galang

    Empire Ears Legend X Universal SELL OR TRADE FOR SOLARIS

    9/10 Condition: Micro abrasions Comes with: Everything included when bought retail. Cable is 3.5mm First time seller, Bought April 28, 2018 Selling for some funds and the want of an alloy IEM. As a student, I'm out and about pretty frequently and me stuffing my IEM's in my bag multiple times...
  20. DarginMahkum

    FOUND: EE Legend X in Europe

    I am interested in buying a universal EE Legend X. Please only in EU.
  21. DrummerLeo

    FS: *Price Dropped* Empire Ears Legend X

    For sale is one of my favorite IEM EE LX. They are in flawless, like new condition, with all original accessories. The stock cable is almost new. Looking for $1900 with everything covered(shipping and fees)! Only ship within the US. One suggestion, for you to reach the best experience with LX...
  22. John0405

    Wanted : Legend X Universal

    Wanted Legend X universal. Thanks to all
  23. SLC1966

    *SOLD*: Empire Ears Legend X

    In perfect condition. Purchased from a very reputable fellow Head-fier @ceeloChamp They are Universals and come with the stock Effect Audio Ares II Cable with 3.5 termination. These reviews IMHO are accurate and an enjoyable read...
  24. aaf evo

    FS - Empire Ears Legend X

    Just got these yesterday from another Head-Fi'er. LOVE these so much I decided I wanted to go custom. These are in mint condition and come with the box and all original accessories. The Ares cable is terminated to 3.5mm The original owner is here...
  25. ceeloChamp


    Hey All, The Legend X I bought used the guy I bought it from bought it to demo before ordering a custom and rather then return and pay restocking fees sold it to me for $1950 (after PayPal fees) they have been used for probably around 25 maybe 30 hours. I am not going to haggle as this is a...