Empire Ears Legend X

General Information

Empire Ears Legend X:
  • 7-driver Hybrid IEM in Universal and Custom fit
  • 2x Dynamic Drivers (custom W9 drivers)
  • 5x Balanced Armature Drivers (proprietary drivers by Knowles and Sonion)
  • synX Advanced Crossover
  • A.R.C. Resonance Control Technology
  • Effect Audio Ares II pure copper cable

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Headphoneus Supremus
Empire Ears Legend X Review – The Definition of fun
Pros: Best sub bass in the business
Excellent dynamics
Cons: Bass might be too much for some
Needs a better iem case.
Technical Specifications

7 Proprietary Drivers, Hybrid Design

2 W9 Subwoofers, 2 Mid, 1 Mid-High, 1 High, 1 Super High

10-Way synX Crossover System

A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology

Impedance: 14 ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40kHz

Sensitivity: 102dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable, Handcrafted by Effect Audio


You can purchase them at Musicteck


This isn’t one of those iems where you have to “burn in '' to know why they’re great. Within the first 10 seconds, you know why lx is awesome. I primarily listen to about 70% hip hop and R&B and these are probably in the top 3 for those genres. Actually, if you listen to hip hop, it’s felonious not to try Legend x. This is as close as it gets to car audio and the club!

legend x is the only iem I've heard that does what it does. The skull cracking violent bass that feels like it might rip your ears from your skull. At the same time it has the ability to remain balanced depending on the song and or source, dap/dac. If i need that itch scratched i can only go to lx. Legend x will be complimentary to just about any other iem.

If you are among the discerning listeners looking for an exceptional experience with your audio devices, you must have lx. These iems are designed exclusively for said purpose and are considered expensive. Empire Ears, founded in 2015, now stands as a reputable and famous name among listeners always anxious about sound quality. This premium quality and high-end headphones may cost much, but is it worth it? This review may help you to make the right decision.

How I learned about lx

Of course I heard about lx a long time ago, but never purchased it because I thought I might not like it and thought the tech is too old to compete with today’s technology. But I was wrong!

I read a review comparing u18s to Legend x. The review mentioned lx and u18s sound similar but the lx has a bigger stage with better separation. So I decided to do more research.

After four years of release, lx hype is still alive and well.

On Headfi, you can’t read anything without someone talking about Traillii, z1r or Legend x. It’s like you can’t talk about tv without someone inevitably mentioning “The Wire” or “Breaking Bad”. It’s like they’re hypnotized or something when discussing them. Reminds me of this: Family guy Breaking bad (and The Wire) 1080P

On one hand, I should have listened to it a long time ago. On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t because I would’ve been too disappointed with alot of iems over the years.

I developed a method for making blind purchases and i take crin’s and bggar’s rankings into consideration mainly because they will admit when they don't like something and bggar listens to some of the same genres as I do. Because of them and other reviewers, I bought legend x.

Don’t let the age fool you!

Of course I heard about lx a long time ago, but never purchased it because I thought I might not like it and the tech is too old to compete with today’s technology.

The legend x is about four years old right now. However, it sounds better than the majority of new stuff I’ve tried. They sound like they were invented yesterday.

Empire Ears Legend X

Lx is one of the best HiFi earphones, offering high fidelity. These headphones will enable you to listen to a track or audio file as it was originally recorded. With no diminishing role to play in how you listen to your music, this company has been improving its quality and efficiency by launching improved products over the years. This company utilizes advanced high-tech units with various patents, including bone-conducting technologies.

Offering two collections, namely the EP series and the X series, Empire Ears takes care of all its customers. The EP series fulfills the need for professional uses, while the X series is a consumer-oriented product line. Both the range are manufactured to the most delicate designs and performance. In 2022 almost everyone will be familiar with the Empire Ears brand due to great communication, excellent product lineup, highly efficient and user-friendly website.

Quality and comfort

According to the drivers inside the Empire Ear legend X, the small size and fine quality fit in the ear with the right amount of pressure, enabling you to enjoy the sound at a suitable base and peak. Moreover, after long periods of use, it does not tire your ear.

Packaging and accessories

The packaging is a white box. I found this premium product in an all-black color scheme, and the classy packaging is the game. The beautiful case containing a smaller pouch, cleaning cloth, tool, and the dust bag having a large logo add to the product's specialty. The exquisite cable of your comes with your choice of connections, i.e., 2.5. 3.5 or 4.4 mm completes the premium look of the product. The attractive packaging contains everything stored securely and compactly. The accessories included are minimal but satisfactory.


The freedom to customize your Empire Ears according to your imagination makes it a good deal where you can find the largest variety of shell colors and faceplates. You can get an idea of what your final product will look like with the help of the designer tool. So, you can spend as much time as you want to finalize and fine-tune the shell, plate, and logo combos and get the final design satisfying your tastes and style. If you are not fond of designing much, then the universal version, which comes in all black and a golden logo, will work for you in all times and moods. The shell size of the Legend X is smaller than the Empire Ears Legend X Evo, making it smarter and easy to wear for long periods.

The smooth and seamless shell border with no bumps and irregularities provides the finest quality to its users. This compact product is manufactured with superb technology of integrating more drivers into smaller shells, making them leaders in their field. With the outstanding fit and finish of the Empire Ears Legend X having no misaligned parts or sharp edges, it gives you the ultimate comfort and style you are looking for in a valuable headphone. The stainless steel nozzle prevents dirt and debris from entering the headphone. The carbon fiber and gold foil face panels create a beautiful look in the ear cavities. The upgraded metal vents manage better air pressure management, improving the driver units' performance. The dead gorgeous thick and weighty strand of the balanced cable increases the fantasy of the look.

Sound Quality

The Empire Ears describes the X series as a gadget to overwhelm the auditory senses with a vigorous spirit and energy of a live performance. That's what I wanted in my music: emotion and spirit. I was eager to find out whether Empire Ears legend x provides this experience. This product proved to satisfy its claim giving an excellent listening experience with the booming beat and energy. The noise isolation of Empire Ears is splendid. Dynamic drivers need some venting; therefore, some outside noise is expected, but they are great compared to their competitors. The impactful and thrilling response of the sound quality gives you satisfying, rich textures with clarity and sharp articulation, which creates a great resonance. This in-ear monitor's newly developed dual sides bone conduction driver provides transparent and clean sound output.

With a great bass, this headphone has a balanced sound where the mids are clear and present while the highs are not compromised. The legend X does a great job presenting distinct elements of any song while keeping everything cohesive, i.e., maracas, back vocals, etc.; the songs feel so powerful that even the space opening notes are packed like a punch.

It creates a great weight to vocals and instruments, playing them with a lively vibration. This energy level on the sound makes it addictive to listen to. These HiFi headphones maintain a strict level of fidelity, making the Empire Ears Legend X one of a kind. It captures me totally in its soundscape, and I feel immersed in a different world or universe.

Empire Ears legend X stands among the best new audiophile earphones in the market with excellent sound and refined design. Empire ears Legend X combines comfort with style with appropriate nozzle length and natural angle. The appropriate weight distribution makes the earphones comfortable for long periods without any issues.

Customer service

The customer service of the empire ears is outstanding, and they go above and beyond to facilitate and entertain their customers.


Empire ears legend X is one of the top-of-the-line earphones with a complete package of good quality and smooth sound with superior technologies and tuning capacities. Its premium material and refined design make it a top-tier offering for people too conscious about sound quality. These earphones make more than a worthy choice for those searching for an earphone of high quality.
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What was the customer service experience(s) you had, that were so good? And what was the entertainment they provided(free of charge, I assume)?

If LX is a 10/10, what do you rate MEST MKII?

The cable appears to be non-modular. Is this correct?
Lx and mest is complimentary IMHO. They're about equal in quality. I would say the mest has better separation and more technical. Better sub bass timber.

But the lx has better coherency and dynamics. Of course lx assumes the heart of every song is bass.

Just depends on somewhat what I'm listening to but more likely the mood I'm in will determine whether I reach for the mest or lx. But they're a great combination IMHO
I have both.
They're tuned very differently and there's no substitute for LX bass.

The LX is the GOAT of bass. The LX SE has less bass, a mids bump and a treble resonance peak fix but effectively not worth the extra money for 95% the same tuning. The EVO has less bass but intros wide band BCD (mest is only low end), so you get a whole diff experience of the same flavor for 1,100 more.

Legend X new is still summit fi, it's just the rest of the industry went nuts breaking 3,4,5, and 6000 marks on in ears for prestige sake.... but it can also be had for an excellent second hand price (just call up Norcross and verify serial).
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Reviewer: Audio Rabbit Hole
Pros: Coherent hybrid, decadent sub-bass
Cons: Price, possibly size
Empire Ears Legend X


Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X Universal – Universal Legend X
Empire Ears Legend X CIEM – Custom Legend X

A Little Technical Stuff:


· 7 Proprietary Drivers, Hybrid Design

· 2 W9 Subwoofers, 2 Mid, 1 Mid-High, 1 High, 1 Super High

· 10-Way synX Crossover System

· A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology

· Impedance: 14 ohms @ 1kHz

· Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40kHz

· Sensitivity: 102dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

· 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable, Handcrafted by Effect Audio

-MRSP: Universal/Custom-fit $2299.00

3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png

Empire Ears an American Company based out of Norcross, Ga. Norcross is not one of those cities that comes to mind when you think of audiophile juggernaut, such as Empire Ears. The population of Norcross can’t be more than 20K inhabitants, but I guess it is close enough to Atlanta, Ga. if you want to travel to the big city excitement, but far enough to not be in the hustle and bustle. Jack & Dean Vang and Team call Norcross home, at least Empire Ears the company does. The list of artists and churches that have drunk the Empire Ears Kool-Aid are too numerous to list here. Empire Ears is super progressive with their development but very methodical with their releases. As a matter of fact, they have recently announced a couple of new offerings a year after the X, one being TOTL.

Almost a year ago, I had the privilege of purchasing the Legend X Universal, acknowledging the high price of admission, I went Universal, for resell purposes. Without the opportunity to demo the Legend X, it could have been a high priced experiment gone wrong, fortunately that was not the case. I have demonstrated great restraint in not writing this review for a year. I knew the X was unique on first listen, but also knowing that it was a hybrid, utilizing DD’s, I knew it would season and improve with age, and my assumptions were correct. It is a pity many consumers only have an opportunity to experience a short audition. The X is not a short audition IEM. In fact, if I had written my review a year ago, it would be a different review with a different outcome.

I wrote a review on the Zeus XR and heralded its extreme clarity, transparency, and layering. It is unmatched in that type of signature. Jack uses the following excerpt from my review on their home page, “You will have a hard time finding an IEM that does everything as well as the Zeus XR. Truly difficult to find better.” The Zeus XR is a marvel and best in class if you are seeking transparency. Still, I enjoy a fuller, warmer signature and I remember Jack communicating with me saying they were releasing a couple of IEM’s that would be more towards my preferred signature. One of those products was the Legend X.

The Legend X is at the technical pinnacle of my collection, past or present. The IEM checks 95% of my boxes. Nothing is perfect, but to my ears, it raises the bar and sets the new hybrid benchmark. That said, I have heard many TOTL IEM’s and not one of them sucks. It all comes down to your personal preference in signature. The bass may be a bit too much for some, and to others, such as myself, it is a beautiful bassy indulgence. I can only stress enough, my X’s were adequately seasoned. Once the DD’s settle in and your brain aligns, I think you will find this to be one of the most technically proficient IEM’s to date.

A Little Marketing Hype from their site:

At long last, the Legend has returned to the throne to push the limits of in-ear monitor performance to its highest point ever. Experience a world-class prestige IEM and a new era of uncompromising design and performance. From its arsenal of 7 proprietary drivers (including twin sequential W9 subwoofers) to its industry leading, state-of-the-art 10-way synX crossover network, the Legend X is the culmination of everything extraordinary we do at Empire.

Designer's Notes

“While neutral in tone and a balanced signature throughout, an addictive treble energizes the music, while simultaneously remaining smooth. But our greatest challenge yet was incorporating the low-reaching, impactful bass of the W9 subwoofers, with technical performance rivaling any in-ear monitor on the market; a challenge we can proudly proclaim we have overcome. Offering top-tier levels of transparency and separation, as well as one of the widest sound stages in the industry, our flagship has earned its position at the top of the lineup: a Legend is reborn.”

Every aspect of the Legend X was conceived, designed, and crafted to faithfully reproduce what the artist had intended. With the expertise of producers and mix engineers, including 7x GRAMMY Award winner, Jeremiah Adkins, we were able to understand firsthand what they require from in-ear monitors.

synX Crossover Technology

synX is a supercharged crossover design that designates more individual audio bands per driver than any other crossover technology currently in existence. By creating an ultra-wide, multi-channel highway our engineers can manipulate specific parts of the frequency range in order to precision craft the target response and eliminate any signs of phase incoherence between the drivers. Alternatively, mix engineers and audiophiles will have full control of the drivers when equalizing through a mixing console or digital audio player. synX is the industry’s most advanced IEM crossover technology with each model featuring its own uniquely designed synX network.

Hybrid Technology

The Empire X series model features a combination of both proprietary balanced armature speakers and dynamic range W9 subwoofers in order to deliver maximum clarity while achieving a powerful low end response. Each model is further tuned with a specially designed synX crossover network to achieve studio monitor levels of audio reproduction effortlessly and faithfully. After nearly 2 years of relentless R&D Empire is proud to announce the Weapon IX (W9), a proprietary 9mm rare-earth magnet subwoofer with the ability to deliver extreme output, accurate dynamics and sublime sound quality all at the same time. The keys to these performance capabilities lie at the very core of its design, where the woofer is enclosed in a tuned bass-reflex system with a front-firing sound port and rear-firing vent for maximum efficiency. Conventional dynamic drivers and passive radiators (a speaker without the magnet and coil) often suffer in low octave frequencies and are heavily dependent on internal shell enclosures for volume, limiting form factor and vastly reducing efficiency with limited extension. The W9 is superior in its custom port tuned design, reaching frequencies even lower than its target response while mitigating distortion as the woofer isn’t required to move as far near resonance frequency.

Every W9 subwoofer is hand assembled to our exacting quality standards in our Norcross, Georgia laboratory.


· In Ear Monitor

· Empire Aegis Case

· Empire Cleaning Cloth

· Empire Cleaning Tool

· A cloth logo bag for the Aegis case

· A smaller cloth logo bag to carry IEM’s

· Various size Final Audio “E” type tips

· Pamphlet

Unboxing and Accessories:


One thing you can count on from Empire Ears is that when you receive your product, opening it is like Christmas morning when you were a child. EE believes in providing not only what you need, but many things you don’t. Their packaging, as well as the included pack-ins, exude class. I am a sucker for all black and EE appears to feel the same. The Aegis case is an excellent, protective, hard stock case. Not only does it protect, but it can be personalized with an engraved nameplate. A wonderful touch! I do not opt for an engraved nameplate because if I ever sell, I am sure the buyer would rather have Legend X on the plate than my personalization.


Since this is a Universal model, it includes a package of Final Audio “E” type tips. Obviously, a Custom design would not need the eartips.

The Legend X includes an Effect Audio Ares II cable. I actually purchased an Ares II before receiving the X, so I can attest to the fact that it is a quality cable to include as stock. You can request the termination of your choice, 3.5m, 2.5mm, and so on. It is a top-quality 2-pin cable, and to include it as stock makes you realize what a premium package you are actually receiving with the Legend X.


To be honest, I am okay with few pack-ins or many. For the consumer that like goodies Empire Ears will always satisfy.

I will include photos of the unboxing as opposed to describing, in detail, the inclusions.

Build Quality and Fit:


My Universal came in all Black emblazoned with the Gold Wing logos on the left and right. The build is smooth, flawless, and ergonomic. The shells are large, and I could see where they could be annoying in small ears. I had no problems once I selected the proper eartips. They are comfortable, but to my ears the EarSonics Grace is a more comfortable universal fit. The X is also very lightweight, so it’s beefy frame only fills your ear in volume but not in weight. The X is available in Custom as well, so fit should not be a reason to experience the X. I went on a tip rolling expedition upon initially receiving the X, and waffled between the JVC Spiral Dots and the included Final Audio e tips. For seal and sound quality, I landed on the wide bore Spiral Dots, and a year later, I haven’t found any other tips that deliver the experience I achieve with the Spiral Dots.


One criticism of the build is the short nozzle and the fact that Empire Ears does not provide a lip on the end of the nozzle to help hold an ear tip in place. This also renders my Custom Art custom tips impractical because they won’t stay in place on the nozzle.


Review Setup:

The review was written utilizing multiple sources. I listened using multiple aftermarket cables to include the Ares II 4-wire and the Ares II 8-wire Bespoke cable, as I found both paired really well. My sample music consisted of 320kb, FLAC, 16 and 24bit, as well as streaming Tidal Masters, Qobuz.

Moving on to the sound section….

The sound section is the part of this review that makes me so glad I did not rush right out and review the Legend X. If you notice, there is a pattern to the early reviews. The initial, out of the gate reviews, discuss how the bass is overpowering. While the bass may set a new standard for audiophiles, proving that you can have molar rattling sub-bass and clarity and detail in one complete package. Legend X is the most comprehensive tuning I have heard in an IEM. The reviews that have come out after the initial wave all seem to point to the fact that the X is not the same IEM after plenty of seasoning. I am part of the second group after a year into my journey with Legend X.

Commonplace among the bassier IEMs is a V-shaped signature. Developers use the treble lift to dilute overwhelming bass. The Legend X is not a V-shaped signature, it has a unique tuning, actually more balanced than a quick listen can reveal. The mids do take a little step to the rear, maybe you could say it is more U shaped than anything. However, it is an impactful listen. While the experience you get from EDM or Hip-Hop is sublime, if you listen to acoustic Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven, you can actually hear/feel the vibration of his acoustic guitar strings. This is the first IEM to offer me that sensation, all of the while, providing me the detail and clarity throughout the upper registers of the frequencies.

The soundstage will instantly impress you with its L/R separation and width. The X may not be a holographic experience with notes floating around your head, but there is pin-point preciseness that makes is super easy to locate the percussion in Latin infused music, the percussion attacks your brain from all points in the stage. Logical thought would tell you that copious amounts of bass would muddy the preciseness of the signature, but it delivers its precision surgically. The stage lends itself to showcase the ability of X’s imaging. Stellar imaging, spaciousness, and accuracy, what’s not to love.

The sub-bass of the Legend X takes almost every IEM to task, it is guttural. You can feel the rumblings, and the sensation is awe-inspiring. It reaches down with spectacular depth. Amid the quantity is a level of quality in all of its technical glory. The Legend X demonstrates what a bass showcase IEM should be. Jack and Dean have pulled off an incredible feat.

The mids of the X warrant attention but are not often recognized because the bass is so delicious. They have an organic feel and a smooth overtone. They are strategically placed in the mix, creating an artistic blend and cohesion with their older sibling, the bass. The mids provide warmth but are natural and neutral when compared to the bass. The mids may be slightly pulled back, all the while allowing details to shine with clarity. Vocals are displayed exceptionally with a natural tone and energy, but a warmth that blends with the signature, not standing alone. All instruments are displayed with weight and heft and richness. Notes have air, which is provided by the upper mids. The upper mids have a hint of shine and sparkle which allows female vocals to have a sexy rendering.

The level of symbiosis between the bass and mids is five-star, considering this is a hybrid. I have heard many hybrid arrays, and they can come off as incoherent or unblended. The overall cohesion in the Legend X proves that the time spent in R&D paid off.

The treble carries on the tradition of blending into the mix. The treble extends and has a hint of sparkle, but never would offend the listener. There is about the right amount of energy, never sharp or offensive. The overall treble could be described as a bit laid back, but man does it blend oh so well. I really think Empire Ears wish was to play it safe with the treble, because it goes to the edge, at times, but allows the showcase to be the sub-bass and mids. The amount of air around notes was a pleasant surprise for a bass focused IEM. Again, I am not sure how Jack and Dean made this signature encompass everything. They have, and it deserves the accolades I am giving it. Clean, full, and guttural sums up the signature. Super technical and a tuning wonder.



I have found that the Legend X pairs well with any of the sources that I drove the Legend X with. Knowing that the signature is rich, it would probably be best for the listener to avoid a warmer source. For a hybrid IEM, it is relatively easy to drive, although my preference is to generally use the 2.5mm balanced output of most of my sources, which is usually going to provide plenty of power for most IEM’s. The QP2R was one of my favorite pairings and the ability to showcase the bass of the X was fully demonstrated.

The QA361 and the Kann Cube also provided an excellent listening experience allowing for the stage and details to shine through.

The three sources mentioned could all be considered some of the best performers in the business at their perspective price point s and level of performance. I can only assume that you would achieve the same level of performance from the likes of a Cayin n6ii or iBasso DX200.


EarSonics Grace

The Grace is aptly named as it delivers its signature with maturity and grace. The bass of the Legend X is deeper and more pronounced, especially in the sub-bass region. The X is a hybrid, containing DD and BA drivers and the Grace is strictly BA, so considering that the Grace has a very technical bass with beautiful layering and transparency. The Grace has punch and speed with rapid decay overall, but the Grace lacks the snap that the Legend X has in the midbass and doesn’t extend as low as the X.

To my ears, the Legend X really isn’t warmer than the Grace; it just adds more rumble. The Grace holds it’s own really well against the Legend X.


The F6 is strictly BA, so consider that. Honestly, the bass of the F6 holds its own reasonably well compared to the DD bass of the X.

Overall the F6 is a smoother listen. The X has a much better treble extension, and while neither IEM is offensive in it’s treble, the amount of sparkle in the Legend X allows the spectrum to extend further. In the mids, the X can reach into a song and extract more detail from the music. Both are very full in the mid-range, but technically the X showcases more detail, and the F6 smooths out the sound. I prefer DD bass, but the bass level and tone that Piotr and team can achieve with this BA offering is undoubtedly impressive. The X is more layered and has quicker transients while the F6 is more warm, smooth, and organic.

You might want to own this IEM if:

+ You want Incredible bass which balances out with proper seasoning

+ You prefer a full, indulgent signature that rumbles

+ You are sensitive to treble peaks and sibilance, as this is super smooth

+ You like a coherent, pinpoint accurate stage

+ You want TOTL technical abilities


In Closing

The Empire Ears Legend X is not perfect. It is not a single listen IEM, or designed for a quick listen. The Legend X has sub-bass, it is a basshead audiophile listen. The critical component to fully appreciating the Legend X is giving it seasoning time. This allows your brain to become accustomed to the signature as well as the DD bass time to balance out. There are only a couple of IEM’s I own/owned that I feel benefit from seasoning time and the Legend X is one of those.

As stated many times in this review, the X is super synergistic for a hybrid IEM. The accuracy of the stage is noteworthy, as well.

I have only had the opportunity to hear two Empire Ears offerings, but both have been Top Tier. I would enjoy hearing the tunings of some of their lower price offerings; who knows maybe I will make that happen.

To wrap this review up, I can only say that the Empire Ears Legend X is one of the most technically proficient hybrid IEM’s I have heard and decadent sub-bass to be felt as well as heard.
Will a balanced cable from Norne that was made with end terminations for the LCDi4 also work in the Legend X? From all the images I have seen, it definitely looks like the terminations may fit.
excellent analysis
Great review!! Thanks for sharing


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Bass head dream
Cons: Soundstage limited
mids recessed
Bought these with my own money. Not sponsored in anyway and no vested interests.
As with all my reviews short and to the point

Campfire Audio Andromeda
Sony IER Z1R

Hiby R5

Bass response: Drake MIA, Ed Sheeran South of Boarder
Mid response: Ed Sheeran South of the boarder, Toto Africa, Sam smith How do you sleep
Treble response: sam smith How do you sleep, Dj snake You know you like it

Decent, on par with Campfire.
Sony beats it with ease. And to be honest dissapointing given the $3500 AUD price point for a new pair

Good build quality, metal would've been even better, but i understand why acrylic needs to be used.
The customization options are really cool.

Very good. Better than the Z1R and andromeda

Tip selection
Only included are final E tips, which are fine, but not the best for bringing out the sound
I found comply foams work the best for the LX

  • Bass: This is the easiest one, very very very good. Too good at times. It causes the stage on the LX to be smaller.
  • Mids: recessed. Quite markedly so, most out of the Andro and Z1R. Andro's have the best Mids in terms of details are accuracy.
  • Treble: Very well done. In terms of clarity and detail behind the Andros and Z1R, however it was never silibant or harsh like the other 2. I preferred the LX treble out of the 3.
  • Stage: Hmm... All the instruments are there, all the frequencies are there, it's congested though. The bass definitely bleeds into the mids, but that was expected, this is a basshead IEM without a doubt.
  • Instrument seperation: I think it's a very close tie up between the Andro and Z1R here. I don't find the seperation on the LX overly impressive and as i stated above it is almost 'restricted'.
  • Reproduction accuracy: Z1R easily wins here, most natural sounding (however the highs are harsh). Next would be Andros and then LX.
A very capable set of IEMs. My only gripe is the mids, even though they are well represented, the stage is crowded and they do not have a chance to shine. It competes very well against the Z1R and wins out in certain aspects, overall i would say the Z1R is a side-grade if anything (as i don't like the fit and the harshness in treble).

I am rating as 3.5, as had the bass and mid seperation been a bit better, it would easily be 5/5.
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100+ Head-Fier
I just received my legend x. They are a dream come true. The best iem I have ever owned, and I have several. Insanely good. I’ve been looking for this iem for 10 years. I’m so happy!! Where can I buy more of the final e tips these come with? Also anyone know what spinfits and comply work with these? I want to buy some tips for them, I have the universal obviously.