empire ears
  1. leaky74

    Wanted: Empire Ears LX for Possible Trade

    Anyone interested in trading their LX for Valkyrie plus cash? Preferably UK/Europe?
  2. rantng

    FS - Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus

    Excellent condition - smoke free, pet free home. Original owner, purchased in October, I've put maybe 10 hours on them. Could never get a good fit; the nozzles are too thick for my small ear canals. I had planned to get them re-shelled, but with the current situation these plans are on the back...
  3. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Empire Ears Wraith

    Hi, I’m selling my Empire Ears Wraith IEMs. They are in excellent condition and come with all of the original accessories including the Effect Audio Cleopatra cable terminated in 2.5 MM. On the carrying case there are two very small nicks on the top of the case, I’ve included a photo that...
  4. gc335

    (SOLD) WTS: Empire Ears Legend X with 2.5 Effect Audio Cleopatara (4 wire) Cable

    I currently have a custom Bravado, Valkyrie and Nemesis. The LX is the last universal I have and I don't have enough head-time to justify having it around. I want to free up some funds to upgrade my home DAC. They are in outstanding shape. I don't have any tips with it so you would need to...
  5. Empire Ears Valkyrie

    Empire Ears Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie is the energy of a live performance distilled into an in ear monitor. A rich and tight low end drives a listening experience akin to being in a crowded arena with your favorite band. The crisp and detailed highs are airy with enormous treble extension while the mids are lush and...
  6. H

    [SOLD] Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus Universal IEM

    Condition: Like-new Usage: Original owner. Light usage, less than 10 hours Included Accessories: All stock accessories included in like-new conditions except for the carrying case, which has scratches on the top (picture below). Original packaging included with shipping wear (does not affect...
  7. mashuto

    SOLD: Empire Ears Valkyrie (Universal)

    Hi all. For sale is a pair of Universal Empire Ears Valkyrie. These are a pretty new pair, but I am the second owner. Purchased initially to round out my collection, but I found that they were already kind of redundant based on some of the other IEMs I already own. My ears are also weird and...
  8. MikeRight

    Empire Ears ZEUS XR XIV custom + ADEL A1, B1, O1

    [FOR SALE] FULL SET Empire Ears ZEUS XR XIV ADEL custom + ADEL Modules A1, B1, O1 Condition + Purchased in April 2017 + Fully cleaned and reviewed by Empire Ears in Abril 2019 (not used after that) Package contents + Custom IEM Empire Ears XR XIV ADEL + Whiplash balanced cable with 2.5mm...
  9. Sunstealer

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference Universal - PRICE DROP!

    Rarely seen for sale here on Headfi so get them while you can. I acquired these from a fellow headfier after being captured by their sound at a London Canjam. They are in good condition. A slightly warm but overall balanced signature that holds its own against the Andromeda (IMO). Works well...
  10. LuciusB

    Sell Empire Ears Spartan

    Sell my Spartan 200€ Good condition With box, cable, tips Ship Europe, USA, etc...
  11. Empire Ears Wraith

    Empire Ears Wraith

  12. trex998

    Earwerkz Legend Omega CIEM For Sale

    I am selling my Earwerkz Legend Omega in mint condition. Bought them brand new directly from Earwerkz (now rebranded as Empire Ears). I'd conservatively give them a 9.5/10 in condition, and that half point of deduction is only because they aren't brand new. Sitting in the drawer most of the...
  13. HarlanDraka81

    SOLD: Empire Ears Legend X Universal Mint condition (Europe only)

    For sale Empire Ears Legend X Universal with Box, case, tips, accessories and original Ares II 3.5 cable included. Everything in mint condition, no scratches, blemishes etc. Purchased from another headfier, I have too many IEMs and I don’t give enough listening time to these jewels. Sale...
  14. CrocodileDundee

    Noble Audio Tux5 (Almost new)

    Selling my almost new Tux5 (1 month old) as this one has a sound signature similar to my Custom and I can't sell my custom. Tux5 (1DD 4BA) is one of the newest additions to Noble's line up and uses the same drivers as the Khan, but without the Stat driver, so no sparkling highs, instead a...
  15. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Custom Phantom + Ares II Bespoke 4.4mm SOld

    Hi I am selling my beloved custom empire ears phantoms with my ares II 8wires cable. The cable is terminated to 4.4mm balanced sony pentacon with carbon fiber plug. Reason of sell, with all my audiophile pathe I acquired newer higher end gear. My hearing has reached a new lvl of evolution in...
  16. Adnan Firoze

    [Not Available Anymore] MASSDROP X EMPIRE EARS ZEUS (Practically Brand New - 12 days old)

    Hi I got this with some gift money but I currently have too many IEMs. This was bought 2 weeks ago on Nov 22, 2019 (receipt is in the pictures) directly from Massdrop (I just can't get to call them Drop). It was bought brand new and if probably has 2 hours on it. Since it is like less than 14...
  17. royneo

    [€900 off!] Jomo Audio Trinity Brass + 3.5mm OFC Cable [Free Shipping Worldwide]

    [Looking for SS variant? See my Signature below] Hi all, I'm selling off a very well-maintained Jomo Audio Trinity Brass. Condition is pretty much a 10/10, it's in impeccable condition. There are no cosmetic flaws such as blemishes, scratches, etc on the IEM housing. Please note that this is a...
  18. ajyagle

    Empire Ears Black Friday Sale

    Hello everyone! Empire Ears is excited to announce our 2019 Specials for Black Friday! Starting at 11:59 Thursday night, you can take advantage these incredible savings on all of our models. This is the first time we are running a discount on our Wraith and Valkyrie models! The sale will be...
  19. davidmolliere

    [SOLD] Custom Empire Ears Phantom + Ares II 2.5 - 450€

    Up for sell are my Phantom CIEM, in mint condition and for I believe a good price. Reshell is quoted at 200$ at Naga Audio or Ambient. Accepting PayPal for payment, PayPal friends or additional 4% to the listed price. Shipping fees will be calculated based on destination, I only use express...
  20. alavenue

    Empire Ears Phantom equipment recommendations

    I am fairly new to IEM's and after doing a lot of research I decided to upgrade my Sennheiser ie800s and purchased Empire Ears Phantom. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these or similar iem and could recommend a cable and dac that pairs well with them. My goal is to find something...
  21. W

    [FS] Empire Ears Universal Legend X *mint*

    Selling my EE universal Legend X that has been barely used at all (<10h total play time) Pretty much brand new; no scratches. Comes with all original accessories and stock Ares II cable in 2.5mm It also includes a bespoke cable from Effect Audio: Thor Silver II 8 wires (original cost $1050)...
  22. T1000

    WTB: Empire Ears Legend X universal

    I am interested in buying a universal Empire Ears Legend X. Please only in EU. Thanks.
  23. leaky74

    IEMs FS/FT

    Interest check for trades/sale on these IEMs: - oBravo erib-1a - oBravo Cupid - For the right trade, I could look at including my Cayin ‘N6ii I am particularly interested in Fearless Roland, pretty much any Empire Ears, 64audio U12t, TOTL QDCs, Hyla TE-5B, JH Roxanne, Sony IER-Z1R/M9, CA...
  24. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Please close

    In Excellent Condition with Ares II 1/4" Balanced cable. Includes: - EE Universal - All Original Packaging - Original Accessories - Ares II w/4.4mm TRRS - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fee I will consider international shipping if requested in your initial PM.
  25. CrocodileDundee

    FS: QDC Anole VX -- TRADED

    Hello All, Got a QDC Anole VX and found out it would be a contender to my A12t (Custom). So I am selling the QDC like new. Bought in Jul/2019. (Pictures to be uploaded soon)