1. MusicTeck

    Celebrating Satin Audio's 5th Anniversary with 15% off ALL CABLES!

    That's right, 15% off all Satin Audio cables. Yes, even on the newly released Perseus 👀 From 7/18 to 8/18, use code MZ2ET0PTBG96 at checkout to unlock your 15% discount. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚨 New product alert! 🚨...
  2. Satin Audio Zeus

    Satin Audio Zeus

    The brand-new Satin Audio Zeus cable is a tribute to the King of all other Gods of Mount Olympus. Resembling the ancient Greek Mythology, the Zeus is the most outstanding cable in the Olympus Series. It features the finest materials and designs ever been applied on the cables, which are the...
  3. Bluecactus123

    Equalizer- is it essential?

    So I have my EE ZEUS XR, whose sound signature is just dreadfully bad. I downloaded the Neutron Music Player which offers up to 32 band equalizer, and I transformed my zeus into V-shape monsters. Now they sound so much better, they sound perfect. Anyone has a similar experience with their own...
  4. klaimzlgd

    VE5 & Zeus XIV Vocals?

    I was reading through head-fi and found that VE5 has a godly midrange, but none of the review compared it to the Zeus XIV, would anyone with listening experience on both compare it please?
  5. Jack Vang

    Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)