1. Satin Audio Zeus

    Satin Audio Zeus

    The brand-new Satin Audio Zeus cable is a tribute to the King of all other Gods of Mount Olympus. Resembling the ancient Greek Mythology, the Zeus is the most outstanding cable in the Olympus Series. It features the finest materials and designs ever been applied on the cables, which are the...
  2. CDavis1999

    SOLD!!! Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus w/ TANCHJIM T202 2.5mm Cable and iFi EarBuddy

    Looking to sell my favorite IEM because my project car is sucking down more money than anticipated. Everything is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Price is $635 Shipped CONUS. If purchased item will be shipped same/next day via USPS Priority. Have 15 confirmed trades on r/Hardwareswap...
  3. Colors

    Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus

    Hi, Selling a Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus. Very good IEM with excellent vocals, imaging and transparency. Excellent condition, 9/10. Don't commute as much as I use to anymore, hence the reason for selling. Also priced to sell at $500 + 3% for PayPal fees, shipped in US or CA. Message me...
  4. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus

    Excellent condition - smoke free, pet free home. Original owner, purchased in October, I've put maybe 10 hours on them. Could never get a good fit; the nozzles are too thick for my small ear canals. I had planned to get them re-shelled, but with the current situation these plans are on the back...
  5. H

    [SOLD] Massdrop x Empire Ears Zeus Universal IEM

    Condition: Like-new Usage: Original owner. Light usage, less than 10 hours Included Accessories: All stock accessories included in like-new conditions except for the carrying case, which has scratches on the top (picture below). Original packaging included with shipping wear (does not affect...
  6. Erfan Elahi

    SOLD: Empire Ears Zeus (massdrop)

    USD 700 including PAYPAL fees. Free shipping worldwide by post (15-21 days); but need to add extra if Fedex / DHL or UPS preferred. KEPT ONLY FOR RESALE, LOCAL USA SHIPPING PREFERED
  7. Dingding123

    Empire Ears Zeus XRA CIEM

  8. Bluecactus123

    EE Zeus XR Custom Reshell+Warranty available by Empire Ears

    I'm selling my EE Zeus XR Custom for around 1100$, price can be discussed, with Effect Audio Ares II cable. Empire Ears agreed to do the transfer of ownership and keep the warranty, as an exception. Reshell costs 590$, therefore you'll save 400$. I can provide pictures in DM.
  9. Bluecactus123

    Equalizer- is it essential?

    So I have my EE ZEUS XR, whose sound signature is just dreadfully bad. I downloaded the Neutron Music Player which offers up to 32 band equalizer, and I transformed my zeus into V-shape monsters. Now they sound so much better, they sound perfect. Anyone has a similar experience with their own...
  10. klaimzlgd

    VE5 & Zeus XIV Vocals?

    I was reading through head-fi and found that VE5 has a godly midrange, but none of the review compared it to the Zeus XIV, would anyone with listening experience on both compare it please?
  11. Deezel177

    [SOLD] FS: Empire Ears Zeus-XR CIEM (non-ADEL)

    Selling a near-mint set of Empire Ears Zeus-XR custom IEMs. These were initially purchased from Music Sanctuary in March 2017; there's still over a year left on the warranty. I’m selling the pair at a slightly negotiable price of USD 1000. Factoring in international shipping to Empire Ears (USD...
  12. Bluecactus123

    Empire Ears Zeus XR Custom

    Up for sale is my EE Zeus XR custom. The condition is perfect, not a single scratch(can provide more photos). Also the whiplash cable is included. I'm selling it due to personal reasons, I will need some money in the near future. Price does not include reshell, EE themselves told me reshelling...
  13. Houba

    SOLD - Empire Ears Zeus XIV

    Free normal shipping and Paypal fee included (if you want faster express shipping you'll have to add the cost) 1. Empire Ears Zeus XIV w/stock cable $1000 In perfect condition 10/10 with all accs and extra premium eartips Trades are welcome
  14. flipper203

    [FS] Zeus XRA for reshell

    I am selling my Zeus XRA with B1 and O1 modules. Price of reshell is $300 per side, reshell to universal should be possible. Excellent condition, sold with btg audio cable and original case. So total price is 1400€ + $600
  15. MikeRight

    (CHANGED) EMPIRE EARS ZEUS XRA custom + ADEL B1/G1 modules (MINT 10/10) new price!

    I am helping a good friend to sell his ZEUS XRA custom with B1 and G1 ADEL modules. He bought the CIEMs three months ago to Empire Ears (first owner) but he is not able to use them because a problem in his ears. Content + EMPIRE EARS ZEUS XRA custom + Whiplash balanced cable for AK (2.5mm) + B1...
  16. audiophilehelp

    Want to buy: Zeus-R (Universal)!

    Looking to buy your Zeus-R (UNIVERSAL) for $1100! PM me offers!
  17. Jack Vang

    Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)