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Equalizer- is it essential?

  1. Bluecactus123
    So I have my EE ZEUS XR, whose sound signature is just dreadfully bad. I downloaded the Neutron Music Player which offers up to 32 band equalizer, and I transformed my zeus into V-shape monsters. Now they sound so much better, they sound perfect. Anyone has a similar experience with their own headphones/iems? Is it possible that I managed to fix my iems or am I missing on something?
  2. megabigeye
    I don't think you're missing anything. If it sounds better to you now, what does it really matter if have or haven't managed to "fix" your headphones?
    For what it's worth, I've also EQ'd my Oppo PM-3 from being rather dull and boring to being a headphone I rather enjoy. I think there are plenty of people that EQ their headphones (and probably speaker systems, too), given that both Schiit and JDS Labs offer hardware equalizers.

    Also, don't forget to EQ down, not up. E.G., if you want a 5dB more bass, don't boost the bass; instead cut mids and treble by 5 dB and then turn up the volume to compensate. This way you're less likely to run into clipping, etc.
  3. RRod
    I also have the PM-3 and EQ them. Everyone's ears will couple with a given headphone in a slightly different way, so EQ makes sense to have around, even if the measurements on a dummy head look 'ideal'.

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