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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. twister6 Contributor

    Exactly! ADEL tech was invented and patented by Asius Technology, and hopefully it will appear in more iems/ciems. Regarding 64 Audio, their new monitors are no longer feature ADEL and no longer backwards compatible with it. Instead they replaced it with their own interpretation of Asius patented ADEL technology.
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  2. flinkenick
    Should be quite a massive lawsuit at hand[​IMG]
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  3. twister6 Contributor
    Not sure what is your audio source, noticed from your profile that you sold AK380 and only have Plenue D (which is not exactly hi-res), but you can consider yourself and your wallet to be VERY lucky if you have one of the top $2k+ high res micro-detailed monitors such as Zeus-R and can't hear a difference between cheap stock cable and upgraded silver plated BTG starlight cable.  Definitely, there is no need for you to spend more money investing into premium $500-$1k cables, it will be beyond diminishing returns in your case.
    Really don't want this to turn into another cable discussion/rant, we have dedicated threads for that, and honestly there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to people who do and don't hear the difference.  But you might find THIS read interesting where in the intro I went into a few of my personal thoughts about upgrade cables and how I view it.
  4. jmills8
    He does have a Mojo and a couple of great amps. I have tried out some cables that didnt improve nor did it change the overall sound.
  5. gordec

    ​I'm probably getting the R too but have been intrigued by the ADEL. Too be honest I do not like companies claiming their headphone reduce hearing loss when there has not been a single proper study. I even researched the guy who developed ADEL technology. He published an abstract with Vanderbilt University. It had no patient data at all. When you read reviews from 64 ears users, there is going to be strong "investment bias." Not saying they don't sound good.
  6. gordec
    You have Zeus-R now. Are you planning on reviewing it? How do you compare it to ES60? I'm leaning towards the R as my next purchase.
  7. Sound Eq
    thanks very nice review
    i have fiio x7 and mojo as well
    no need to have a debate about if cables have an effect or not, that is what I stated above, all i care about is to be directed to the right cable that will me feel satisfied with spending over 300 usd on a cable and notice its upgrade effect on the iem sq
    i am leaning to the x8 from reading your review as it looks good and priced good
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  8. Sound Eq
    did u try plus sound cables and compared them to the YYpro
  9. jmills8
  10. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, starting to work on the review next, and for sure ES60 is in comparison.  You will be very happy with your next purchase [​IMG]
  11. Spamateur
    Sweet. Looking forward to this review, particularly your comparisons. Any hints on which DAP pairings you liked the best?
  12. Canyon Runner
    There's alot of published results out there. We went over a lot of the whitepapges on the ADEL thread a few months back, as well as skype sessions with users asking questions about the study and kinda just general questions. 
    It the last one was a Spreecast and when they went out of business, their hosting of the aired conversation got lunched. I don't know if we backed it up on our own machines are not (probably not).
  13. gordec
    Looks like they usually run 20% off during Black Friday. Need to start think of ways to explain to my wife again.
  14. FlySweep
    I know all the rage is the Zeus/Zeus-R as of late.. but I've had the Spartan-IV (custom version) for a short while now and I find it nothing short of fantastic.  It possesses a near perfect blend of the tonal profile and technicalities I prioritize.  Tied with the UERM, the Spartan is probably my favorite custom IEM to date (I like it more than the CFA Andromeda, too).  In fact, I'm almost certain I like it more than the EE's own Apollo-X custom that I used to have.  It's not as technically adept as the Apollo-X in some area.. but in more than a few areas (in accordance to my preferences), the Spartan excels.  I'll have more thoughts on the Spartan soon.. but so far, I'm too busy enjoying it to type about it.
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  15. davidcotton
    The Spartan seems to be one that most users recommend for rock music lovers.  Potentially inter

    Nice, it's not always about totl but what fits with your system and sound signature.  How about some pics of your spartan to liven things up a bit? 
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