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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Rei87

    Throw in the onyx chamber, and the overall signature (and worst of all, clarity) would be affected. Plus, you never know how the mutiple driver frequencies would interfere with each other (JH FreqPhase) if the crossover isnt done properly. 
  2. Spamateur
    I do want to emphasize that the Zeus-R is not bright by any means. It's warmer than neutral, and the treble has a lot of detail, but it's certainly not bright. I'm fairly treble sensitive and can't stand bright headphones. The overall signature reminds me of a more engaging LCD-X with better upper mids.
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  3. Sound Eq
    i second that, i am very sensitive to treble and harsh iems, the zeus r is nothing like that. its perfect in the highs, its the only iem i adore when it come to  listening to metal and rock, and everyone knows how metal and rock genres can sound on bad iems. The zeus r has nailed it in the highs and listening to metal or rock is a great joy
    i am listening now to def leppard hysteria and its simply like re-discovering that great album, i am enjoying it so much that i for the  first time listen to notes in the music i did not pay attention to before as everything is so well laid out. i can't believe that album was recorded in the 1987
  4. boomtube
    I ordered Zeus-R Sunday...they shipped yesterday...very anxious to hear them. Curious about what type of cables Zeus-R owners are using?...with what effect on the overall sound?
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  5. justrest
    My next purchase will definetly Zeus-R. I listened 3-4 times and I am quite impressed. It has amazing resolution and clarity. You can easily hear every detail in the music. Like S-EM9 but one step better.
  6. fixated
    Had a listen to Athena, Apollo and Zeus-R and I must say I liked the Zeus-R amongst the three just based on what I heard.
    I found the Athena too mid-centric for my taste, while the Apollo did have the bass response that I was looking for I found that it was lacking in the mid-range. When I got to the Zeus-R I really liked what I heard, for a lack of a better word I found that the it had great representation across the whole spectrum (atleast to my ears) and also the detail retrieval was breathtaking.
    Also as a side note, tried all three with the AK380 and Cowon Plenue S. I actually found the Cowon Plenue S to have a better pairing with the Zeus-R as compared to the AK380, the sound just feels more natural to me coming from the Cowon Plenue S.
    All in all, I might be getting the Zeus-R but still can't decide to go custom or universal since I was having a hard time finding a good fit with the universal but that could be fixed with a different pair of tips.
  7. Spamateur
    Congrats, man! I'm a fan of Effect Audio cables, specifically the Eros hybrid 4-wire. It was the best of both worlds with the smoothness of copper and the detail retrieval of silver. The best part is it's not insanely expensive and Effect Audio has a fast turnaround time even shipped to the US. My only issue with it is that the copper seems to be oxidizing a bit, but that doesn't affect the sound so I'm not going to worry about it.
  8. boomtube
    Nice to hear about the Plenue S and Zeus-R...I just got the S and love it. I heard the Zeus-R for prob. 10 min. @ a local meet and my jaw hit the floor. The guy that had them had a different cable than the one that came with (I can't remember what it was/metal composition?) Anyhow, I have a couple DAP's and amps waiting with open arms for Zeus-R.
  9. boomtube
    I see...I did hear them for a tad at a local meet...the guy had an RWAK240 and a different cable than the stock cable, but I can't remember what it was or what kind of metal/wire it was. I just picked up the Plenue S and love it and it's nice to hear it pairs well with Zeus-R. I'm a firm believer in 'burn-in', so after a 100 hrs or so I'll be able to drop my 2 cents.
  10. ibbreezy
    In regards to the Effect Audio Eros line, they are releasing ErosII and Eros II+ soon. Might be worth waiting. And grats on your Zeus-R :)
  11. Sound Eq
    i myself want to buy a cable for the zeus r, but i learned one thing not to follow any hype for items that barely can make a difference in improving sound quality or spend money on something will be difficult to quantify as improving sound quality or perception
    But that does not mean at all that I am not open to the idea of buying a cable but if  i pay 300 USD or above on a cable then I expect that I will hear a difference and an obvious difference. I am open to the fact that cables would make a difference that i easily heard when changing cables but I need to be guided to the right cable 
    for example I have 3 cables around me
    1- the cheap stock cable from EE that i got with my savage 5
    2- BTG starlight cable that came with Zeus R
    3- pure copper cable from Headlounge from Ted
    do i hear any difference among them, honestly I do not hear a difference and if there is a difference then its so minute that i can not distinguish that difference, the good thing is the cables above are not expensive
    so if i pay 300 USD or above then please recommend something that really will allow me to hear a clear difference
    my preference is warm, big bass, big sound stage, full mids, and keep treble as is with zeus r, as I do not like harsh or cold sounding signatures
  12. amature101
    anyone can confirm if EE will have adel technology? If yes, will will wait for it, if not i will get it soon.
  13. Rin1990
    I don't think the Empire Ears will have them since it seemed to be patented by 64 Ears unless I am badly misinformed. lol
  14. flinkenick
    ADEL is a technology patented by Asius, the former partner of 64 Audio. They didn't develop it, they came up with their 'new' tech to replace ADEL instead. 
  15. Rin1990
    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. =)
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