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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. KuroKitsu
    The reason I rush order for my customs. A week with no music is hard enough as is, never mind 3!

    It does, but I suspect there's a tuning aspect as to why Empire has done away with Adel.
  2. Vitaly2017
    Aaaahh if you only could ease my pain with kind words hehe.
    I am stuck listening to my truck stereo and boy its no near good. Just an idea bose qc 35 sounds better lol.

    All I do is stair at my 1z and imagining how music is playing in my ears lmao

    About adel and tuning i dont know. If they got away from it i trust empire ears on this then there must have been a reason for it.

    To be honest EE is the first brand among all on the market that suits so well to my preferred sound signature love it. These days its so hard to find things that are really good. Once you find your perfect little haven try to enjoy it as much you can.
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  3. mwhals
    Empire Ears could not get the sound they wanted in the EP and X lines either Adel, so they dropped it.
  4. CANiSLAYu
    Jude talks about Valkyrie and Wraith in the CanJam London preview video (@41 mins).
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  5. TheOracle
    @ajyagle It was nice meeting you at yesterday's Summer NAMM show. You and the rest of the Empire reps (Head-Fi's @Dellwolf, Josh and the last guy whose name I forgot, my apologies, so I will call him "Cool Mustache Dude") were a pleasure.

    Just to throw in some simple impressions of the Valkyrie and Wraith for anyone interested. I personally found the Valkyrie too dark for my tastes, so my audition was extremely brief. To my ears, it is nicely detailed but the darker tone makes everything sound too mellow. Others have commented that it is like a cross between Phantom and Legend X. I've never heard Phantom, but I did own the Legend X. I can see at least from one side where that impression would come from. I do think Legend X is brighter and has more sparkle up top than the Valkyrie.

    On the other hand, the Wraith is absolutely awesome. Coming from a Zeus-R guy, the Wraith is indeed the spiritual successor. The crystal clarity of the Zeus with a noticeable but not overly done uptick in bass. However, I personally did not think the Cleopatra cable was the best option. IMO, the Aries cable was a better match. Cleo made it a little too bright and slightly thin. Aries tamed the brightness just enough and slightly thickened the overall sound. Ultimately, the Wraith is excellent with either cable.

    I had a hard time debating whether to go with the Wraith as my next purchase or the Clear Tunes Da Vinci X. It was a tough call. Sound quality alone, the Wraith was my pick, but the Da Vinci X is not too far behind. The price difference had me waffling. Congrats, Empire Ears, you guys win...
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  6. Vitaly2017

    That is very good news for me )
    Darker valkyrie and slightly less sparkles then lx but more then phantom also a spot on for me to.
    Could you share some impression on the w9 weapon from valk vs lx? Please

    I actually didnt find lx w9 tuning to my liking and phantom was more defined and precise to vs lx dd. Well some might disagree but thats how it was for me. I love phantom way more then lx.
    When I learned valk is a tri hybrid and in between phantom and lx I had an immediate alarm this gota be the jewel of sounds this is it! I found it!

    Thanks for the impressions @TheOracle
  7. KuroKitsu
    Dark = good, that is all. The Wraith's bass worries me still.
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  8. singleended5863
    When listening to a Wraight at CanJam SoCal 2019 I immediately stopped listening after half of the songs guess what there is little bass compared to Valkyrie which took me awhile to listen. Then I fall in love with Valkyrie right after that. :smile_phones:
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  9. TheOracle
    I wish I could give you a more accurate impression, but it has been a while since I owned the LX and my audition of the Valkyrie was brief. The best explanation I could give is the LX has a V-shaped sound. Take the ends of the V, turn them down a few notches (the treble more than the bass) and you have my impression of the Valkyrie.

    In the process of tuning down the bass and treble, I don't, however, get the impression the midrange is any more forward on the Valkyrie than it was on the LX.

    I hope that helps to some extent.
  10. TheOracle
    The Wraith is definitely not for you :)
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  11. Vitaly2017

    Its pretty good Its sounds more and more like a super refined phantom tuning then anything else frankly.
    Lx was not my top preferred.

    Ohhh yes phantom is super dark and thick like a molasses haha then valkyrie should be very nice in that regard.

    Maybe I should stick with my ares 2 bespoke since it will add even more caramely thickness to valks ) you know it never gets warm enough for me haha
  12. singleended5863
    Because there are too much bass and dark sound I switched Ares II 8wire to Eros II 8wire my Phantom has opened up more in the high and midrange with details and separation of instruments when listening to DX229. :smile_phones:
  13. Vitaly2017

    Lets see how it opens even more when the dx220 max comes out muhahah )

    Maybe changing to silver cable do bring air and brighten things up a bit. But definitely dont wanna lose that phantoms bass uh uh no no ) its really fast and velocitive it can dive pretty deep and fast decay. When in trznce mode with edm music holly molly things fly fast every direction.
  14. cho8
    Would you be able to compare them to Zeus R? I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind something with a bit more bass but sounds like the Valkyrie is a bit too much?

    Might not make canjam London so getting impressions here if possible.

    Also, custom or universal. I’ve always had customs
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  15. proedros
    Legend X is v-shaped (that's what another person said)
    Phantom is thick and lacks air on top
    Valkyrie seems like a mini Legend
    Wraith costs an arm and a leg

    Good news for us without money to burn , Zeus XR is still just fine
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