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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. Negakinu
    What Ultrainferno is trying to say, but what came out a little grumpy [​IMG], is: C'mon people! Fill this thread with your pictures and impressions! If you do, I can use this thread to show people how much fun we had and that way even more people will participate next time. 
  2. Ultrainferno
    And I wonder why people don't like me :D 
    <Nice Mode> Could you please add some more impressions guys, I really look forward to reading them <\Nice Mode>
  3. Coop
    Maybe we should organize another meet and include a mandatory seminar on the importance of posting impressions/pics...
  4. laen
    20121118_144816.jpg 20121118_144852-2.jpg
    ..the only two pictures I have taken, I was too busy looking around and just wanting to try and see and hear and talk :wink:.
  5. MuZo2
    Hey guys, how do I get info about this meet? I would like to join next time if possible.
  6. Ultrainferno
    subscribing to this thread would be a good start to get notified next year.
    Besides that, check the Local meetings thread regularly and be on headfi a lot :wink:
    Some of us are also in contact on FB or other social media, which always helps spreading the word
  7. laen

    Isn't it possible to create a NL/DE/BE thread, in Member's Lounge or something, where that single thread can contain anything one would like to talk about, or.. not specific about anything? That would help in knowing what's going on around one, and would help in getting more people excited about a meet. Or is there an IRC channel, Twitter group, Google Plus group, beside Facebook which I don't do and don't plan to?
    Shameless plug: laen@onedot.nl (Mail/MSN/Gtalk/XMPP) and Marvin Vek on G+.
  8. Coop
    Started a page on G+ for this... Not a clue what to do with it, but here's the link...
  9. Coop
    Aaaaaaaand.... I've set up an IRC channel too.... #DBGHeadphoneGeeks on the slashnet.org network
  10. Ultrazino
    ****, /me is not #Geek enough for mIRC or G+. :D
    I'm sure I won't miss the next meet anyway. Hope to bring either IE800 or CKW1000. #drool
  11. Coop
    Just use pirch, xchat, trillian or even mibbit.com then...  :)
  12. Deep Funk
    Yes, professional meet impressions and pictures for the public. Don't forget pictures of the consumed beverages to show off you 'professional' taste...
    (Regardless of my mockery, it's a good idea I guess[​IMG].)
  13. Coop
    Mockery being mocked... Well played sir! [​IMG]
  14. Tilpo

    I tried finding every soul on head-fi that could have been interested in the meet, but that's not always easy.

    Next year (if I come to help with the organization again), I'll send a PM to anyone who has posted in this thread (as well as all other related threads). So don't worry, if there'll be a next meet, I'll personally make sure that you're invited.
  15. laen
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