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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. cogsand gears
    My musical tastes vary a fair bit... I prefer the sig of the Fishers over the 4A.i. To me, they sound more neutral than the Heir's do. Not a particularly popular opininon in the 4A.i appreciation thread....
    Totally agree! Although... Im using a DIY Toxic Cables silver / gold cable with mine, which has given me a bit more out of them.
    Auditioning the 4A.i and 3A.i was a bit of a revelation for me. I had been looking around for something more than I currently had, as I guess most of us on headfi are. To me, the Fa-3e always sounded great, but I always assumed there would be much better out there for a bit more money. If they were so good, then loads of people would be using them, and there would be more reviews right?
    After trying something I had read so many good things about, and finding I prefered what I already had, where to go next? I heard very good things about the Fit Ear TO GO! So, for my budget, there is no going forward for the forseable future.
    To cut short, it made me appreciate the Fa-3e a whole lot more, and reminded me to stop being a gear head, and sit down to enjoy the music! Surely there is more out there for my particular sound sig tastes, but at what price? I have been doing the whole upgrade / tweak / audition thing for 2 years now, and at this point in time, im sticking with what I have, which is pretty damn good to my ears.
    Sorry to take this off topic, and for my ramblings. And sorry for referancing the 4A.i so much, but its the most recent thing I have auditioned.
  2. Ultrazino
    ^ Don't worry, I'll back you up. I posted the same in ze Tscherman forumz. The FA-3E is probably the best sounding BA IEM I know. Best timbre, uncolored and with a tiny touch musicality (I think it's a slight punch kick and voice presence elevation). I do think that the Heir might be a bit more neutral, but in this case it's worse. The Heir has an obvious house sound - maybe bright and veiled (really the worst way to describe it). The Fischer does not.
    Both, UE900 and 4.Ai have a bit better extension and resolution, which I especially noticed in the highs.
    However, as a default main use IEM I'd pick the FA-3E any day.
    Did you know they just released the FA-3E XB with extra sub-bass? It has to be the better TF10!
  3. cogsand gears
    In my limited experience, its the best BA IEM I have tried. If in not using these, I have the GR07 mk2's in my ears. Cant beat that DD rumble!
    I did see the Fa-3e XB had been released - lovely blue colour! When I initially asked Sephino about the Fischer's he said they beat his custom reshelled TF10's - SQ wise. Speaking of TF10's, thanks for the helpfull comment you posted on my classified listing. Strangely enough, no takers as yet ;D
  4. cogsand gears
    Too much?
  5. Ultrazino
    Want me to remove it? I can, but I can't change the facts. :wink: You should try selling the cable separately.
  6. cogsand gears
    No, of course not. I had no idea to be honest. I probably will sell the cable seperately when I get around to it. Then bin the TF10's....
  7. Negakinu
    So when are we having the next one? :wink:
  8. Coop
    I was thinking the same thing :wink:
  9. HolyCheese
    I'd love to try the odac/amp with my newly aquired x1/00
  10. Coop
    Cool! I'd love to try the x1/00 with my newly aquired odac/objective2 amp...
  11. Ultrainferno
    cool! I'd love to eat those cookies again Nega had put on my table.
    I don't have any new gear besides the StonerAcoustics UD100, so I would bring just that. It's heavy enough as it is.
  12. laen
    Cool! I would love to try those big headphones (Madman, LCD2, or something). Not to forget some good amp tests. Plus.. not sure. It was just really interesting and would certainly come the next, even though I indeed, have no new gear either :wink:.
  13. Tilpo
    Me neither.

    I'm even selling my unfinished Beta22; a step in the opposite direction.
  14. HolyCheese
    Hey Tilpo. Have you considered driving your stax with one of those T-amps? It is said that these have a wonderfull sound (on speakers) but I wonder how it will sound on some headphones. It might just me alot better then that 70's amp you currently have. Altough I must say that thing looked pretty cool.
    I have one right here which has no real function atm. You could borrow it to test things out if you'd like.
  15. Tilpo
    Thank you for the offer, but no thanks.

    I don't really care about hi-fi anymore. Nowadays I do almost all my music listening via speakers, and only use my headphones when watching anime.

    And it's from the 80s!
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