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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. HolyCheese
    Oh okay! That's a shame really! Especially with your stax :)
    Ah well, other things are important too. 
  2. Coop
    I see we need to plan an intervention for the next meeting too.... [​IMG]
  3. laen

    Oh, wow, we do. I'm trying hard to understand a Stax owner giving up on hi-fi, but I'm failing. I wonder what happened [​IMG].
  4. HolyCheese
    I guess he's very sick. But he'll get over it. :D
  5. hifimanrookie
    Yeah..when is next meet? :D
  6. Negakinu
    With Tilpo? Anime happened. [​IMG]
  7. Tilpo

    I've been watching anime since around the start of my hi-fi journey, so I don't think that's the cause.

    The major reason is perhaps the realization that it costs way much more money than I can justify, and also learning to understand that with lower fidelity (but still good) one's brain start to adjust and it becomes just as good as higher fidelity. Add that to the fact that I'm a poor student now, whereas before I was just a high school toddler, I didn't really see the point in continuing this hobby.
  8. hifimanrookie
    I understand what ur saying...
  9. Ultrainferno
    On one hand this is considered a hobby for the more fortunate but on the other hand, there is lots of budget gear that is really really good. You don't need piles of money to enjoy good sound anymore. example is the Stoner UD100D DAC which costs $52 shipping included. Of course for some a 300$ headphone or a $100 headphone stand is peanuts while other have to save up for a year to buy it.
    Personally I don't feel confident buying audio gear with my main salary so I just earn some money on the side and use that cash for this hobby. It's all about priorities and how bad you want it :wink:
    Edit, especially for Nega: Yes, the O2/ODAC combo could have been another example as it is cheap indeed, but I was talking about good sounding gear :D
  10. HolyCheese
    You really hate the O2.ODAC combo don't you? :p
    I'm looking at buying the aune t1 for my newly aquired x1. Would that be a good choice? It is said to be better then the dragonfly and it looks really great. In the end I want a Audiolabs m-dac but that is going to take too much time to save up for. I can't really satisfy my cravings that long.
    I can get it for 150. Will it be a upgrade to my E10?
    I can't seem to embed the image. Here's the link. http://cdn.head-fi.org/a/ac/900x900px-LL-ace905f9_AUNE_T1_2.jpeg
  11. Negakinu
    He's just acting tough. We all know he secretely takes them to bed. 
  12. Ultrainferno
    I actually use the O2, and I am serious, as a battery charger for my 9V batteries.
  13. Tilpo

    I sometimes do the same thing with my mini3
  14. laen
    Some things you mentioned, Tilpo, is why I'm still with just the Clip+ (35 euro), Fiio E6 (30 euro) and B2's (the most expensive thing I've got).
    Little explanation in between.. I'm a bit different to most of the folks here I noticed, I don't really appreciate gear enough that makes stuff sound nice and warmer (tubes, some DAC's), it's as if I'm using an EQ to make stuff sound nicer, I don't want stuff to sound nicer. If the production of a piece of audio quality was crap, I'd like to hear it as crap. I'm more of an NwAvGuy-believer (the hated and banned person on head-fi for using measurements instead of feelings, responsible for gear like the O2/DAC), when it comes to stuff.
    Now, when it comes to my gear.. the source.. cheap-ass Clip+ but an almost perfect flat output, considered by some here as "not audiophile enough" ..whatever; cheap-ass Fiio E6 as it was measured to put out what it gets in as it is good enough.. and the headphones? They're not perfect, exactly how I'd actually prefer it as IMHO there can't be a single headphone working perfect for everything, and that's fine. So, am I done? Nope, but whatever I'll add won't be anything costing >200.. as Coop for example showed me, he bought some 45 euro (or something) IEM's that sounded literally superb (as in: it has awesome qualities for certain moods/music and is a perfect all-rounder). Stuff doesn't need to cost a lot to be good, I simply don't buy that :wink:.
    Looking at the gear you've got however, you've got the warm sounding stuff (IE80), the superb highs (Stax), the perfect matching (HD650), the fast and the slow processing, new and the old stuff.. soooo much choice compared to what I've got, so many ways to enjoy whatever audio you'd want to listen to and what mood you're in.. You've still got diamonds right there, and the main thing in my honest opinion again, is to enjoy them for what qualities they have and for what they are and start loving them, with that gear I'd personally wouldn't see the need to add more.
    Does that make you less of a hi-fi person? Nope, because as you said.. even the low-fi stuff will eventually sound nice for what it is.. everything and even the reaaaally cheap stuff has its qualities the things to love about it. Then, are you done with hi-fi? Nope, because you're just done buying, you've already got extremely enjoyable stuff.
    Now go enjoy, and I'd love for you to come to a next meeting as well, just to listen to other funky stuff for whatever good and bad sides it has, I'm doing the same :).
  15. Tilpo
    I never said I was done with hi-fi, just that I'm done with this hobby. Done with discussing amps, DAC's and headphones; done with buying new gear. I really appreciate what I have, and don't plan on selling it any time soon either. However, I really don't feel the need nor interest in getting higher end gear.
    If there's a meet, of course I'll go. And of course I'd love to hear new headphones. Just don't expect me to buy anything in the coming years. :wink:
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