Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!
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My impressions
First off, I really want to thank all of you for coming. It was a wonderful meeting and it was wonderful meeting fellow headphone enthusiasts, especially since our little hobby is pretty damn unique and it's relatively hard to find people with the same passion for audio. It was great to talk about gear instead of type about it! I loved seeing everyone have a good time (and eating my soup). The whole experience was very rewarding.
A funny phenomenon I noticed was that words I am so used to writing down, like "sibilance" and "impedance", are words I don't think I ever actually pronounced in real life. Made for some hilarious pronunciation: "Dude these HE-6's are really sibilili... sibibib.. siblinan... those trebles are brutal!"
I ended up being way too busy with making sure everyone had everything they needed, getting everyone food, drinks and power cords to actually focus on listening to all the gear on show. There were some things that stood out for me though:
Hifiman HE-500
Just incredible. Lifelike, realistic, balanced, gorgeous design, heavy, solid, nothing to complain about. If it wasn't $700 I'd pick one up immediately. 
Hifiman HE-6
Disappointing. I tried it on several amps and sources, from tubes to SS, but it was just too harsh for me. It only sounded amazing with a few recordings but bright instruments like horns, trumpets, guitars etc actually hurt my ears. It's so brutally unforgiving and bright I didn't enjoy having it on my head. I would go as far to say it's not even musical. 
Audeze LCD-2
Not as much as an upgrade over something like a HD650 as I thought, I'd say a HD650 is about 85% of an LCD-2 (Bring on the flaming guys!). It's great though. Amazing bass and timbre. Very holographic yet intimate. Dark but not in a bad way. Forgiving! It sounded amazing with extreme genres like metal and harsh electronics. Audezes look ridiculous on my head by the way. See photos below. 

Audeze LCD-3
To me, it sounded like a fuller, more balanced and weightier LCD-2. Overall slightly more enjoyable than the LCD-2, almost perfect in it's execution of every genre you throw at it but not worth the huge price difference compared to the LCD-2. Again, the design is silly yet fascinating. You look like a total nerd with these on. One thing I felt was really strange was that the pads actually create a vacuum that sucks at my eardrums. It's a very uncomfortable feeling and I haven't had a headphone do this to me before. The LCD-3, literally, sucks. 
Mr. Speakers Mad Dog T50RP mod
In hindsight, this was my headphone of the day. First, the comfort was incredible. Definitely the most comfortable closed headphone I've ever listened to. Mr. Speakers' pad mod is flawless. Isolation is incredible too. Some of the best isolation I've experienced from a passive design really. Sound quality was stellar. Very realistic, weighty, punchy and holographic. Involving like nothing I've heard from a closed headphone. Everything was there and I couldn't fault it at all. If it didn't look like a modded T50RP (it's pretty rough around the edges with obvious glue marks and the printed branding looks a bit amateurish) I'd shell out the $350 instantly. 
One of those players I always wanted to check out but never got around to. Definitely not as bad as people make it seem. The UI is manageable. Flawed, but manageable. Sound was crisp and felt more detailed and wider than my Clip+. I'm going to try and see if someone wants to sell theirs to me. I actually enjoyed it! 
Beyerdynamic DT770 Anniversary Edition
This thing was everything Ultrainferno promised me. Such a fun headphone! When A/B'ing between that DT770 AE and my trusty HD25-1 I couldn't help but feel the HD25-1 II was lacking in that essential fun factor and toe-tapping involvement I'm looking for in my perfect portable rock/metal headphone. The HD25-1 was more direct though, with a more intimate soundstage and brighter sound. The HD25 positions you closer to the band. The DT770 AE was more relaxed and laid back but man, it has a lovely signature! Fun, warm, bassy without losing detail. The mids are much better than the HD25-1 II as well. I have a feeling I'm gonna pick this one up soon. 
V-Moda M80
I was looking forward to these but alas, they were rather ugly and definitely overrated. Much smaller than I thought as well. It's fairly polite in it's presentation, with a little kick to the bass when needed, but it's nothing special and absolutely not worth the hype. I would only recommend it to people who need ridonkulous looks but don't want a Skullcandy or Beats sound signature. Nice build quality though.
Hifiman RE0 compared to Hifiman RE-ZERO
Again, one of those things I always wanted to do/compare. Holy Cheese brought his RE-ZERO and he said he could instantly spot the differences between them. He felt like the RE-ZERO was sparklier and more detailed, where the RE0 had more bass. This goes to show how different our ears can be, since I felt they sounded almost identical, where the RE-ZERO had a little fuller mids and less sparkle on top than the RE0. I found them both equally bass-light. I think I'd have a hard time identifying them in a blind test. 
Awesome moment of the day
Numerous! But some of the best times were Sepinho wearing the Jecklin Ghetto Floats, Ultrazino banging his head to Machine Head and almost crying when listening to the LCD-3 and people, including me, not being able to blind test their way through a comparison between the $150 Objective2 and the $3500 Auralic Taurus. Think about it guys, what are we spending our money on? Soundconsult.nl for example, experimentally, drove a HE-500 with a CMOY and it sounded pretty damn great. This further proves, to me at least, that a great amplifier doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. The differences between them are just that; differences. Those differences aren't always upgrades or downgrades. 
The photos
Click the photos for larger images! 
The mighty Mr Speakers Mad Dog

Coop and his portable gadgets.

Headphone geeks in their natural habitat.

The same headphone geeks, the same habitat but a different angle. 

Ultrainferno and me have changed our stage name to The Audeze Twins.

Give Sepinho a Float and he turns into a viking. 

Soundconsult.nl's incredible rigs.

Cookies 'n Cans. 

Ardek (of Carach Angren fame) came for me but stayed for the Hifimans. 

We even had iPad rigs. I don't trust Apple though so I watched my back when passing this table. 

Headsound.de brought, among a lot of other gear, IEMs by Fischer Audio, Vsonic and Meelec. 

Sennheiser's Momentum and Amperior. God that Momentum was gorgeous. Those pads... <3

More Headsound.de goodies.

Sepinho talking to Soundconsult.nl about something funny. I think.

Ultrainferno's excellent Violectric V200

Ultrazino making love to the camera. 

Alex' beautiful WA6.

The mighty Darkvoice. 

Typical Dutch liquorice candy.

My ghetto headphone stand. 

Jecklin Tilpo.

Holy Cheese looking fab. 

More cable than a prison shower. 

Ultrainferno mercilessly judging the Mad Dog. 

The wonderful HE-500.

A recabled HD650.

And finally me looking like I'm never taking this Audeze off ever again. :wink: See you again next time guys! 

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I had an awesome time, people. Even though I don't plan to buy any new stuff in the near future and have lost contact will all parts of head-fi except for the Anime thread, I would love to do this again sometime.

Meet impressions:

Lambda Nova Signature
More smooth bass than the SR-202, but overall very similar. The headband is a lot more comfortable, I'll see if I can mod my SR-202 to use the same or similar headband.

Sounds very similar to the HD 25-1 II, but the annoying peak in the high mids is gone and it's a little more comfortable. Overall not worth the price gap.

Jecklin Float
Comfort is bad, sound lacks bass and has sharp treble, but dang this thing is cool (in terms of geekiness)

Very comfortable, though really heavy. Sound is very good. Mids feel a bit absent, but overall the sound is quite balanced. Bass is deep with nice impact, and has a good soundstage. This thing is wow. If it wouldn't cost so much, I'd definitely want one.

Mad Dog (modded T50RP)
The T50RP is more comfortable than I'd expect.
The Mad Dog itself has a good balanced sound, but is missing something in the soundstage. I think its sound signature is very fun, but a bit weak in terms of quality.

Dang, this thing needs gobs and gobs of power. Actually the 4W per channel Burson had trouble driving it to even normal listening volume.
Sound is very smooth, and I think I like it a bit more than the HE-500, but definitely not worth the price gap. Wow.

AKG K340
Sounds pretty good, but misses bass quite a bit. Soundstage is rather good.

Bassmonsters. Don't really like them, but the comfort is good. Soundstage is average.

Modded ATH-A500
Good overall sound, and incredible comfort. Bass is good, but I'm missing something in the treble.

Comfort OK, but a bit heavy. Pads feel nice.
Very balanced sound, and overall these sound really good. Soundstage is excellent.
I do think I prefer the HE-500 over this.

Koss DJ100
Way too dark and comfort is not that good. Overall still decent portables for the price.

AKG K702
A bit sharp, and lacking in the bass.
Soundstage is decent, but overall I dislike them

Big soundstage and airy sound. But also a bit too dark for my liking. Comfort is OK (like LCD-3).
Overall a very good headphone, and on about the same level as the HE-500
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First of all: Thanks Tilpo and especially Nega for the awesome meet and the excellent location. I didn't have any soup as I found out it was yours.
Mad Dog
Really clear sounding modded Fostex. Really balanced. I didn't like the lighter bass and the comfort to me wasn't that good. I expected more, especially for that price.
Very clear sounding with a great definition. More powerful as I expected. It was a pretty good match with my LCD2 yet I feel it could have used a bit more bass body. Great to see such a tiny amp with that performance. Price on the other hand is a bit steep imho.
Woo Audio 6
Lovely sound as we're used to from Woo Audio. Not as powerful as I'd hoped it would be. Smooth sound even though it isn't that tubey sounding, it's not as warm as an OTL or silky as the WA2. Lovely build quality as usual from Woo.
Wow this thing is bigger as I expected. I found the controls to be pretty slow and the navigation could have been better. For a portable DAP it could however power my HE500 pretty ok on low gain. Screen quality could have been better. I'm clearly not ready yet for a top level DAP
Didn't really have as much time with it as I would have liked. Detailed, clear, nice soundstage, maybe a bit more V shaped. The internal amp wasn't that spectacular, but I didn't expect that either. Weirdest thing with the Mdac was when using the DX100 as a source while switching songs, the Mdac couldn't keep up and songs got messed up. or was that DX100 related?
Superlux 651
Expected a whole lot but was majorly disappointed with its sound...even with its bass
Fidelio X1
Best Philips I have listened to so far. spectacular bass, great thick mids and wonderfull not to hot treble. Really warm and smooth. Loved it! The WA3 + Mdac + X1 was one of the best combos at the meet.
Burson soloist
The good old Burson Sound. Really (too?) heavy stepped attenuator. The Soloist sounded damn good with the LCD2. Very clear and rather neutral. lighter bass body. the LCD3 I didn't appreciate as much as the LCD2 with it. It wasn't powerful enough to power the HE6.
V200 (my own hahaha!)
As I said later in this thread (complicated enough?) the V200 to me was the best SS amp of the amps I tried at the meet. It had more as enough power for the LCD2/3 and even the HE6 sounded splendid! The V200 sound is warm and bass gets a "tad" boosted.
As said I was rather disappointed listening to the HE-6 on the Soloist. on the V200 it became a whole different headphone and I can only say it absolutely rocks. One of the best at the meet. typical ortho sound, great bass and mids but the treble, depending on the musical style, can get pretty hot. That's nothing new with the HE6 though
The LCD2 isn't my fav headphone I own and it was the first tile I listened to the LCD3. It seems as if they corrected everything I don't like of the LCD2. Bass is still good but especially the bigger mids and more laid back overall character did it for me. The softer pads are really comfy but together with their good seal and the "driver" movement they seemed to suck my eardrums out of my ears. Best of the meet!!
Having listened to quite a number of OTL amps I had to give the 337 a try too. So far this is the least tube sounding OTL I have listened to, it didn't sound OTL-like at all. Changing the tubes might help, I hope, unless you like the ss sound of course. I also have an amp with dual mono control but the 337 didn't have any volume markings so it was quite hard to get left and right perfectly aligned. I expected more of the 339 predecessor.
After all these years the Koss still delivers. Awesome sound for an awesome price. Everyone should own one!
Awesome build quality, very neutral sounding amp. I prefer a warmer sounding amplifier with good bass but you can't deny this is a great amp. Quite pricy, and after having failed to point out the Taurus in an A/B test at the end of the meet I wouldn't ever buy it :wink:
This one is especially for Nega. I own an O2 but it has been months since I listened to it. I rediscovered it here at the meet and have even been listening to it yesterday at home with the DT770Pro. It will defo get more listening time in the future.
I'm disappointed with this one. On headfi everyone keeps saying how great it is but honestly it was nothing special at all, mediocre to say the least. The raved about magic with the LCD? Didn't happen. I wouldn't want this in my collection ever. No offence to the happy owner :wink:
Great fit, no HD25 Death grip. Big bass. good mids, treble a bit hot for my taste but overall excellent on the go headphone for it's price point (sub 200$ I suppose). It does look horrible though!
Erik's mini Dac
Can't remember its name and to lazy to look it up. Only listened briefly but couldn't find any flaws. Very interesting! Too bad I couldn't compare it to the Dragonfly (not enough time)
iBasso D2 (I think)
Quickly wanted to compare it to my C421 but this one clearly isn't for me. thin sounding, too light, no power. only used the amp part
Headstage Arrow 2G
I liked this one very much. Warm sounding, punchy bass. You wouldn't need more for on the go. excellent size, can't remember its name.
RS1? Not sure
Finally a Grado on my ears. I expected these things to sound much worse after all what is written about them but they did make a quite nice headphone. Incredibly light and an overall good sound. Nothing really special either on the other hand. I enjoyed it but for that money I want much more.
As a result:
Top tier Headphones at the meet: LCD3>HE6>HE500>LCD2
Best value for money: Portapro
Most pleasant surprise: X1
Best cookie: the chocolate ones with the sugar on top
Biggest disappointment: LYR
Best Headphone: LCD3
Coolest cable: The X1 or the Norse
Best Dac: Mdac, almost everybody else, including me, only brought an E10 :)
Most impressive: Sebastian's luggage! Kidding, most impressive was how nice everyone was. awesome guys!
Looking forward to next year's meet!
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I really suck at describing sound, but I'll give writing down my sentiments on the gear I tried at the meet a go...

Sennheiser HD25-II VS. Amperior VS. Momentum
One of the things I'm looking to add to my collection, is a second portable headphone. I currently own the Audio Technica ATH-ES10, which is great, but it has a few 'flaws' that prevent me from really using it as a portable. Simply put, it's just too pretty and damages too easily. The earcups are easy to scratch and with it's nice leathers I wouldn't want to get caught outside in the rain while wearing it, as it is too big to quickly stuff in a pocket to protect it from the environment. I've listened to the Sennheiser trio a few times now, but this was the first time I had them all in one room at the same time.

The Momentum
I love the momentum for it's comfort. The first time ever I put it on my head, I was convinced that Sennheiser has a replica of my head somewhere in their factory and that they used it as the main development platform for the Momentum. This thing just fits perfectly and the earpads are soooooooo soft...
But sound-wise it doesn't have much advantage over the other two. And I'm afraid it will suffer from ES10-syndrome... It is just too pretty, I'd be much to afraid to get it damaged or wet etc...

The Amperior
As it is pretty much an uprated version of the HD25-II, and the HD25 is a well known head-fi hype victim, I had quite high expectations of the Amperior. And yes, it does do a good job at reducing the mid issues the HD25 has. But do the aluminium earcups and slightly different soundsignature justify the €100+ premium over the HD25? I don't think so. If I didn't have to worry about money, yes, I'd go with the Amperior, but as long as I'm not in that luxury position, the added value is just too little.

The HD25-II
Is the winner of this little 3-way comparison. Yes, it has that little mids-mishap going on, but I'm pretty sure I can smooth that out a bit by giving it a similar treatment as my A500. But other than that, it pretty much suits my portable needs on all fronts. The split headband makes it quite comfy, it is rugged enough to just stuff in a coat pocket or toss in a bag when the situation calls for it and if anything breaks, all parts are available separately. So, if anyone wants to sell their HD25-II, let me know, I'll gladly buy second hand so I wont have to make the 1st scratch or nick on it myself :)

(Trans)portable DAC
Another thing I'm looking for is a new (Trans)portable USB DAC to lug into the office everyday. Previously I had my iBasso D2+ for this, but for some strange reason, it doesn't want to play with my Samsung Ultrabook.
I'd like a DAC/Amp combo-device, but I'm looking at other options too.

Stoner Acoustics UD100
One of the most impressive pieces of gear at the meet was IMHO Negakinus Stoner Acoustics UD100. It's tiny, it's cheap and it sounds pretty darn good. But as it doesn't have a casing, it might be a bit fragile for what I want to use it for. On the other hand, some el cheapo ebay USB device would make a decent donor for a casing. I'd still need a separate amp though. But other than that a fascinating device, a great example of good gear not having to be complex and/or expensive.

Fiio E10
Looks great on paper, it's cheap, has DAC & Amp in a tiny box, but I found it kind of underwhelming. Maybe it was the pairing with my ES10 that didn't work out very well, but as that is the headphone I'll be using it with most, I see no point in buying this.

Fiio E17
Now that's weird, from what I've read here on head-fi, the E10 and E17 should be quite similar. That was not my experience. While the E10 didn't do much for me, I did like the E17 quite a lot. But somehow the E17 isn't really that attractive to me. I can't really put my finger on why this is. It has a boatload of features, sounds good, is nicely priced, so what could be the issue? Maybe it is just that. All those features are nice to have, but I probably won't use half of them. Maybe it is just that I'd like my DAC/Amp to be simple. Just a box with some holes to put connectors in, a volume knob and a couple of switches for power and gain... On my wishlist, but near the bottom.

Odac (& Objective2 amp)
Screw it, I want this... Both together in one box. All I'm wondering about is why the combo version is more expensive as buying them separately. I mean, if they save the expense of a 2nd enclosure & some batteries etc, shouldn't the combo version be cheaper than the separate components? Or is it really that difficult to hook 'em up to eachother and stuff them both in one box?
UE 900
While I loved the UE900 for its technical aspects, it's sound signature didn't really match my taste. This made it pretty meh for me on most of my test tracks, but the ones I did like it for, boy did it excel at those... I think I need some more time with these for a better verdict.
The FX700 was quite warmish... As in skinnydipping in lava warmish. The bass on these is nearly absurd... Deep & clear but not lacking punch. With one of my more bass heavy test tracks, it kind of freaked my brain out, as in "What's going on??? Why is there no pressure on the chest while the eardrums register so much bass???".

Fisher FA-3
I really liked these, to quote Ultrazino: "it just delivers music - nothing else. What else do you need?!".
Vsonic GR07 mkII
Did a A-B together with Sepinho between his GR07 mkII and my GR04 T.I.E.M.F.K.A.F.E. (The In Ear Monitor Formerly Known As Flagship Edition). Sound-wise, the GR07 was the clear winner here, better lows and it did seem to do everything so much more effortless than the GR04. That being said, the GR04 isn't bad, it's pretty damn hard to beat its value for money. I'd say it delivers about 80% of the SQ at 30% of the money, which in my book isn't a bad deal at all...
Full size cans
Brainwavz HM5 (or was it one of the other rebrands?)
Nothing special sound-wise, but holy clampingforce Batman!
Sennheiser HD650
I understand what all the fuss is about now (I was still a HD650-virgin). The only thing I didn't like about them was that the 'Sennheiser sound' was a bit too much present. I wish they toned that down by about 15-20%,
AKG Q701 (white version) VS. K702
Did a quick comparison on these 2. The K702 was much, much darker than the white Q701... In colour that is.... I really couldn't hear much of a difference between the 2. One thing I've learned from this comparison is to never hire Quincy Jones to tune the sound of my gear. It appears the man is a serious slacker...
Philips Fidelio X1
Only had a very short listen, but it was good. Good enough to make me consider buuying Philips headphones again. Something I haven't done since the SHE-9500 unchained a deep festering hate against the brand years ago.

High end cans
One of the things so great about these meets is that you get to try equipment that you'll never be able to afford unless you start selling organs, your soul or firstborn child. Yes, I'm talking about you Audeze & Hifiman... Like I said, I'm not very good at describing sound. So I'll just say that one of the Hifimans (was it the 500 or the 6? can't remember, it was kind of emotional) on the Darkvoice amp nearly had me in tears and the LCD-3 on a Burson amp nearly made me shat my pants and leave it at that...
A couple of pictures

Just a little overview

Negakinus' Hamper o' headphones...

The stuff I brought

Tilpos' Stax

Good to see at least someone dared to bring some vinyl

Another one I didn't get to try: the Schiit Lyr :frowning2:
More to come.....
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[converted] ? :D the little guy is a bit out of words :xf_eek: ..i dont know what to say..but i will put an impression here when i am in the mood later today..first i wanna see pics..i wanna see the naked truth of those sexy amps and headphones :D

Oh yeah..djo77 wasnt there..but i see him on ur list here! as he overslept and so couldnt carpool with me..a pity..he missed a surprisingly nice gathering of audio loving crazy people :D
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This was my first meet ever and I didn't come with any expectations. Basically I am happy with my gear and I did not plan to upgrade yet, just to see what else there is available. So instead of throwing myself over the abundance of earphones, I just picked a very few I actually listened to.
Fischer Amps FA-3 E
This little universal triple-BA armature IEM impressed me a lot. It does nothing fancy and looks purely functional in a dark grey transparent plastic casing that resembles custom molds a lot. I was amazed at how comfortable it was - more comfortable than UE900 and Heir 4.Ai. It definitely challenges many contenders in linearity and it just delivers music - nothing else. What else do you need?!
Plus, it gets a +1 sympathy bonus for being a German product.
Audeze LCD-2
I've read a lot about this one already - how could you not other than living under a tree? When I passed the stand blasting my favorite Metal album (Machine Head - Burn My Eyes) through the LCD-2 I just had to give it a shot for the sake of rocking out! And damn, the Audeze knows how to rock. This must be the best available experience for any Metal fan. It's dark, but creates an amazing atmosphere and is extremely immersive. The LCD-2 just pulls you in and puts you in the first row. Separation and soundstage are crazy impressive and I was just asking myself how can you possibly top this? Well, meet the...
Audeze LCD-3
Oh boy! I have to say sorry for sticking to this beast for so long, but I never ever wanted to take it off again. I tried all genres and then some. There is simply nothing that didn't sound the best ever like I have never experienced before. This is pure music. A detail monster that never distracts from the actual soul and energy.
One word: perfection!
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High end cans
One of the things so great about these meets is that you get to try equipment that you'll never be able to afford unless you start selling organs, your soul or firstborn child. Yes, I'm talking about you Audeze & Hifiman... Like I said, I'm not very good at describing sound. So I'll just say that one of the Hifimans (was it the 500 or the 6? can't remember, it was kind of emotional) on the Darkvoice amp nearly had me in tears and the LCD-3 on a Burson amp nearly made me shat my pants and leave it at that...

I found the LCDs (2+3) best on the V200 amp actually. The HE6 as well. I'll post my impressions later! The Soloist was pretty good for the 2 as well, the 3 not so
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High end cans

One of the things so great about these meets is that you get to try equipment that you'll never be able to afford unless you start selling organs, your soul or firstborn child. Yes, I'm talking about you Audeze & Hifiman... Like I said, I'm not very good at describing sound. So I'll just say that one of the Hifimans (was it the 500 or the 6? can't remember, it was kind of emotional) on the Darkvoice amp nearly had me in tears and the LCD-3 on a Burson amp nearly made me shat my pants and leave it at that...


It was a he500 coop ...i saw how big of a smile u had :D and no no selling kids or something :D just the things u dont see..like livers,lungs.i think i still have my heart though...hahaha :D!
Nov 19, 2012 at 2:23 PM Post #13 of 208
I found the LCDs (2+3) best on the V200 amp actually. The HE6 as well. I'll post my impressions later! The Soloist was pretty good for the 2 as well, the 3 not so

Did u listened to them on the darkvoice as well?
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Just a few pics

Negakinu's broch... headphone rack




Hendrix, Electric Ladyland. nuff said...

Also a big thanks for a superbly organized meet.
(For those who couldn't come: we got greeted warmly at the door, the tables had cookies on them and we got free drinks. And soup at noon
Everyone was so nice, helpful and respectful.
Cant wait for the next meet!

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