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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. Deep Funk
    To quote Bill Hicks: "Did I miss a meeting?"
    Regardless of all the planning I just had bad luck on the 17th and 18th thus I couldn't make it. 
    Coop, the Fiio E10 works as a headphone amplifier but is better as a cheap stand-alone DAC sending out the signal via the line-out for a simple travel system. I used the E10 until I compared its output with the Pico Dac and that was the end of it.
    I am looking forward for more impressions...
  2. Ultrainferno
    It was on the 18nd :wink:
  3. Deep Funk

    Sorry [​IMG]
  4. Ultrainferno
  5. Coop
    Heh... I thought he looked familiar... He looks less pale in real life...
  6. Negakinu
    14 new photos added to post nr. 2!  
  7. HolyCheese
    Hahaha absolutely awesome! Those are some nice pics you took Negakinu :wink: You managed to take sweet looking pics in between al that listening.
  8. laen
    Remember that my audiophile experience is limited to my B2's (through a Clip+ and Fiio E6, a choice merely based on what I've read at head-fi and other sites), this meet (and seeing all that gear) was the first time in my life, and I probably gave these items at average 5 minutes listening to them (2 minutes for the terrible, 15 for the better ones or so).

    Probably suck at describing the signature: consider this is the first time I did this, and the short time I gave each, what's written below isn't worth much if any at all. Lets hope I at least have the brands correct..
    Hisound Audio Studio V3
    Really had to know what all the rage and flaming on the Hisound Audio products on head-fi was about. The moment sepinho was kinda done unpacking, *grab*! It was gone in 60 seconds (it crashed, didn't want to turn off, not even the reset button helped). Some 30 minutes later, it had finally shut itself, and I have it another try.. didn't end up impressed. Yes, the treble and clarity of that was nice, but it sounded muddy from bass to mids, lacking detail and texture there, and that with the B2's.. the as some say "bass-lacking" yet clear-mids B2's. Anything else on this can only sound worse I guess. Result: ragers 0 - flamers 1.

    Westone UM1
    I couldn't get them to properly fit it seems; once they were in well enough, they didn't really impress me that much. They gave me a flat (while that may be good) sound, yet a boring feeling, not excelling in any area.. not even good at any factor I'd say. Gave up a bit fast on listening to these, though.

    Vsonic GR04
    As Coop pointed out later after I had listened to them, with which I completely agree: serious steal for the money they cost. Especially if you're into a bit warmer sound which works for almost any genre. Joy to listen to, the fun-factor stays with you all the time (I'd personally probably miss the analytical sound that would grab my constant attention - but I've never listened >3 hours to IEM's). Perfect fit. The GR04's really got me interested in Vsonic, can't wait to hear more.

    Westone UM3X
    Close to the sound signature of the Vsonic GR04, with the extra excel you'd expect from something that price. In the reaaaally short time I've gave them a listen, I'd say the signature is between the UM1 and Vsconic GR04 due to (and improving upon both with) the way better detail, good soundstage, good clarity although I was personally missing high's out front, and the bass texture was good but something was missing there. Probably a lot more to say for these, but like the UM1, couldn't get them to properly fit and gave up too fast. I don't seem to be a Westone-person, these didn't win me over or give me that *Woah*, unfortunately.

    Sennheiser IE7
    Not sure what they were smoking at the Sennheiser office when they designed these. Doubt even bass-heads will like these, everything is bass, and way way waaaaaaaay too much. Terrible, seriously terrible. It's like putting your head in a huge active subwoofer hole and capturing that sound in an IEM.

    JVC HA FX700
    Overheard some people talking about them, which sounded good, and I just had to try. Really reaaaally warm sound, and I didn't expect to like such a warm sound that much! Awesome mids (or timber or how is it called?), working perfectly well on things like voices and genres where the mids are wanted, with a nice clarity and highs, fed by the bass.. as that bass is heavy (but not in a way where it would ruin the target genres). It's all in all absolutely lovely for _certain_ genres to listen to, and even though I don't quite have much music for the target genre I'm hoping to see them at a next meet, cause I'm defenitly gonna hijack them for a one-hour listening session.. just to have that *I must be in Cuba*-feeling for that short moment again!
    Logitech UE 900
    The punch is soooo tight, yet no overdone bass at all.. I'd even go as far as saying it's a tight+light bass with a really good punch - sounded superb! Big airy soundstage for the few minutes I listened to them, superb clarity. Not too warm, extremely well details. Nothing like I expected, from a vendor called Logitech! Except for not lacking a fun-factor, of course, which seems to make 'em, in a perfect balance. I could go on and on, but this was just spot on, same for the fit. This was, I have to admit, the best IEM of all I tried.

    Stax SR307/407
    Electrostatics, just had to try them.. especially with my cravings for high's and detail. I've had the pleasure to listen to Martin Logan electrostatic speakers a few years ago, so I kinda knew what to expect. But having these so close to your ear only made it more yummy. Reading that the latest Stax headphones even pack some treble and bass is even more woah, but so is the pice! Now while you all go place terrible reviews all over the webz to plunge the price of the SR-009, I'll be setting apart the remaining money required.. thanks!
    So, am I still glad with my purchase of the Brainwavz B2's? Yes! Guess I'd have to thank head-fi for describing all the IEM's that well, as I have indeed found the sound signature my ears and brain prefer. Would I replace them with the "spot on" UE 900's? Probably.. not, as they would take all my excitement to search for additions to my collection for a way too long time. Not to forget about the pricetag. The hunt for the warm-sounding ear-pleasure is still on, the analytical wish has defenitly been fullfilled with the B2's.
  9. Ultrazino
    Nice to see somebody grabbed my gear too. I wouldn't notice with Audeze around. :D
    Yes, the bass of the FX700 is really ridiculously powerful by default (unless you come from less hifi in-ears) and it takes half a university degree to find the matching tips for your liking. There are some tips out there that have less grip without blocking the nozzle. If you make sure you find the correct size for your ears, then you have a dreamy sound with a slight v-shape that's not overpowering and has a punchy bass with nice texture. If you're lucky, you have the best timbre available. They will lose their warmth and still be further extended in both directions than your ears can perceive.
    I will agree with you on the UE900. I did a 4.Ai and FA-3E comparison (also having heard W4, SE535, TF10 and some more) and came to the same conclusion as you did *as a newer member*. Spot on!
  10. Coop
    Time to go shopping for a nice set of supra-/circumaurals? [​IMG]
    I checked them too... and agree with pretty much everything laen said :)
    But while I loved the UE900 for its technical aspects, it's sound signature didn't really match my taste. This made it pretty meh for me on most of my test tracks, but the ones I did like it for, boy did it excel at those... I think I need some more time with these for a better verdict.
    The FX700 was indeed quite warmish... As in skinnydipping in lava warmish. The bass on these is nearly absurd... Deep & clear but not lacking punch. With one of my more bass heavy test tracks, it kind of freaked my brain out, as in "What's going on??? Why is there no pressure on the chest while the eardrums register so much bass???".
  11. Negakinu
    I tried the UE900 as well. Really nice. Effortless and they have a real high end sound. Too bad they're so expensive! Custom territory. 
    Btw, I read this here:
    "If someone is interested in a neutral tonality from UE900, hook up a 100-ohm adapter, block the pinhole, and insert the IEM nice and deep. That will yield the flattest, and widest frequency response, on par with electrostatic headphones! Really? Try it for yourself!"
  12. laen

    I'm afraid so, even though I never expected that to happen! But well, I really don't want to put away the music 'n sound for a week every time this (wrecking my eardrums or whatever it is) happens.
    Fact is, right after I wrote my post above, I read the whole thread and my eye caught the info on the Koss PortaPro and Nega's review on the CD-340 which he bought for the price of € 35. So, I went and checked the Conrad site and what gives.. they're now € 15,99 [​IMG]. So I'm now pondering which one to buy.. the Koss PortaPro which looks ridiculously cool 'n nerdy, or the Renkforce CD-340. Can anyone comment on the difference (sound, quality, what would be the better one) of those (I've got no experience with supra-/circumaurals at all)?
    Or does anyone have a supra-/circumaural to throw into the mix.. like, a must-have for the price of € <150? Thanks!
  13. Ultrainferno
    DT770 PRO AE: 143€!!
  14. Negakinu
    The CD-340 is great for the price. It's not very comfortable though and needs some modification to the headband to seal properly. Without seal they sound very thin. The Portapro is just plain jane amazing. If you want to spend more, either the HD25-1 II, DT770 AE or a T50RP that you mod yourself. 
  15. Ultrainferno
    for me that is 770 AE > HD25 > T50RP
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