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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. Coop
    For the ultimate bang for the buck go with the portapro... You can get them for +/- €31 (and that includes shipping) from mymemory.co.uk
    Another option is the Koss KSC-75, which is a clip on, but is said to sound even better than the portapro. and is easily modded to a overhead setup as you can simply click the shells on a portapro or similar headband. Don't expect to make any fashion statements with a setup like this though... :)
  2. Negakinu
    For me it's "modded T50RP" > "DT770 AE" = "HD25-1 II" > stock T50RP. The HD25-1 II and DT770 AE both have their strengths and weaknesses. The HD25-1 II is more direct and visceral. The DT770 AE warmer and more relaxed. Both awesome though. :)
  3. Ultrazino
    *cough* I had a modded MDR-Z1000 laying on the table. If you tried this one and liked it, you can check out the MDR-ZX700, which is very similar but with fake leather and plastic instead of real leather and aluminum. It's lacking a bit of sub-bass but depending on your preferred genres it might be a very worthy bang-for-the-buck.
  4. laen
    Oh wow, all the research I need to do now, heh.
    So far I've found out that the DT770 Pro AE are loved by bassheads, not sure if that's my thing, but is still interesting (just not sure I can still get the AE). The Fostex T50RP ortho's sound like a nice fit for me with their sound signature, but I'm a little bit afraid of the treble roll off/treble laid backness (which I wouldn't want).. and my favorite shop (yay sepinho!) has them for around € 160. The HD-25 II are available for around € 190, which.. well their sound signature descriptions sound nice, but I'm a bit unsure if I should spend that much on them, IEM's will stay to in my focus after all, so don't want to go too crazy on caps.
    In terms of driving them, the only thing I'd need I guess is a Mini DAC and Nega has a really interesting one. My Technics Class-A amp behind it and I should be set.
    So, who's gonna mod the T50RP if I get them, then!? :p Edit: Having a headphone of which I'm able to tweak the signature to my liking and try all kinda stuff on does sound nice..
  5. Ultrainferno
    FYI: I paid 140 for the HD25 shipped from Holland :wink:
  6. Blackmore
    Nice to see you have a great time guys, thanks for sharing. I wasnt able to make this time, maybe the next one.
    I own KSC75 and Portapro's ( fully stock ), both are great value, but not the same sounding from the same amp/source. To me, both are keepers and everyone in the hobby must have these.
    For example, when I listen KSC75 through my Cary they become  totally different beast and perform, sure about it, at their best, but Portapro are nothing special at all, however when I listen Portapros through Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear, man, they are rocking, while KSC75 are not that special, so, all about the match and even from simple source they may sound muddy or to bright, with the right one it's not comparable at all[​IMG] 
    Also have HD 25 II Adidas version and while they are very good performer, especially with seal, they do need EQ to keep in control their very extended highs and mega bass. I am using them through my GoVibe Magnum with H impedance installed and the combo performs very good, but like I said, I customize EQ on my iAudio X5L player as well. Directly from out of player they are nothing special, at least to me. From my Cary and Graham they are terrible, low end I mean, its way to much.
  7. HolyCheese
    Why don't you go custom? [​IMG]
    My recently ordered customs cost me €110 incl shipping+€28 for impressions incl shipping. Add €18.65 and you have a BA instead of a dynamic, add another €18,65 and you have a 'twin' BA.
    Don't know how they sound yet and the dynamics probably aren't your thing either, but the BA might be..
    By the way don't we go a little of topic here? :)
  8. laen

    Nah, I was interested in the lower-priced headphones that were available at the meet, as mentioned in the reviews here, back to back :wink:.
  9. Negakinu
    Really missed you there Blackmore! I had the Arrow with me you sold to me. :) 
  10. Coop
    Reliving the moment... Drinking the 'Wolf' beer I brought home from the meet [​IMG]
  11. onyu
    Cheers, hope you like it. [​IMG]
  12. Blackmore
    For those who may interested http://www.bierenco.nl/uk/profile.htm
  13. Blackmore
    Thank you for kind words, me to, missed great company and many good systems. Glad you still enjoy your Arrow.
  14. Coop
    Thx Onyu! I sure did :)
  15. Ultrainferno
    there are way too little impressions in this thread compared to the number of participants
    4 big general ones and 1 IEM one
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