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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. HolyCheese
    Hahah absolutely! Same for me. 
    That'd be a nice profile pic for facebook [​IMG]
  2. Ultrainferno
    I did use my LCD2 yes. The LCD headphones just do better with a good SS. Unless you happen to have an extremely good tube amp (haven't heared one yet with the LCD2) . Of course you can listen to the LCDs on all amps but once you've heard the top amps, you'll notice what they're capable of. I have 5 other tube amps at home for the moment (I only took the Crack for the Senn guys) and to be honest it just is best with SS. The HE500 for that matter is excellent on the 339 with the right tubes but that's about the only ortho. just my $0.02
  3. Negakinu
    Hahaha sure! I'll upload some more pictures soon! 
  4. hifimanrookie

    thanks for ur honest opinion....and am glad i have the he500 myself [​IMG]..i am going to experiment with different tubes in due time...but ur right..to get the best out of a lcd 2/3  and he6 u need at least a <1000 euros amp...
    what tubes u use on ur 339 that goes so well with the he500?
  5. Ultrainferno
    the rca 6AS7G, they're known for their smooth warm sound and excellent bass. your input tubes are pretty good!
  6. Coop
  7. hifimanrookie

    thanks..the guy who sold me the amp actually had a matched pair of NOS RCA 6AS7G for me to sell...80 euros..i am curious if they sound better then the svetlana 6as7g  i have now as powertubes as pair to my tung sol 6sj7gt signal tubes
    and a pair of NOS philips miniwatt from australia 1950ties mullard fabriek (from australia) and a pair of NOS sylvania (chrome top) from 1940
    what is ur opinion about these?
    i already contacted him for the RCA's though..their mine [​IMG]
    he can also get me telefunken EF80  but i understand u need some kind of converter? as those are known to be excellent also?
  8. Ultrainferno
  9. Ultrainferno
    Miniwats I have in my WA2, i like them. I'm not a fan of the shriller sounding Sylvanias.
    80€ is a lot of money for those, I bought mine for 36€, matched pair a year or 2 ago. You can also try the cheap Chatham 6AS7G
  10. Negakinu
    He means "the boy" since I was obviously the most attractive one there. [​IMG] Although Ultrazino had that whole Herr Flick thing going on, which is pretty hot as well ofcourse. 
  11. Ultrazino
    LOL, Flick you! [​IMG]
    *I actually had to google "Herr Flick"
  12. Negakinu
    Really?? You had to Google Flick?? Oh man... 'Allo 'Allo! is a cult classic! :D Go watch it, it's great!
  13. Coop
    Now with that little modification of my text and that winking smiley I'd almost think you're trying to send me a message.
    I'm really sorry, but I'm already spoken for.... We can still be friends though...
  14. Negakinu
    Updated the second post with my impressions of the day! There are still a lot of people who haven't posted theirs. I'm very curious to your experiences and opinions about the meet so please let me know. :) 
  15. HolyCheese
    Well, my (short) impressions:
    It was very much fun! I had a great time and it was great to finaly meet some people who share the hobby as I do. Of course I didn't have as much interesting gear as other people but that gave me a chance to try out alot of stuff. I learned alot of thing, I learned that I love tubes, I really loved the Audio Labs M-DAC + Woo Audio WA6. That even fixed the very anoying shrill 7khz peak. 
    It was very much fun to hear some stax, it sounds very impressive! 
    I didn't really like the Darkvoice 337, It wasn't as smooth sounding as the Woo Audio WA6. Or at least in my opinion.
    I'm a bit of a noob so my impressions must be taken with a grain of salt. :D
    I had much fun that was the most important thing for me!
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