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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. TrueLight
    Hi i would like to ask, if using phone to drive( lg g7), u would recommend fdx1 or t800?

    In term.of fitting which better ?
    Most of the time using outside, go and back from work, so phone is my primary driver, and fiting important to me too.
  2. cn11
    Hey there -- it's hard to say for your particular phone, as the output spec may be different that with my Note 8. I can just tell you that the T800 was an absolute no-go with my phone. It needs more careful source matching. It is good with my Sony WM1A. As for the FDX1, I tried it briefly with my phone as well but it was underpowered, and I switched to using it from my Sony's balanced output too. Unfortunately I can't answer which of the two would be better for your phone. I suspect that both of these IEMs reward more with higher end sources.
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  3. TrueLight
    Noted, thanks for your review.
  4. rhpot1991
    I bit, price point is good compared to what I paid for my 850s or what current gen woodies are going for. Thanks for the forum quotes.
  5. RikudouGoku
    Alright I am interested in these now. Do these have the same amount of highs as the Audiosense T800 has? because it is a bit too much for me and my favourite IEM right now is the Moondrop KXXS with its harman target sound. anyone have the KXXS and these fdx1? Seems most of you like these more than the tanchjim oxygen too.
  6. crinacle
  7. RikudouGoku
    Any comparisons with KXXS or Oxygen?
  8. nealh
    Thank for the review. wow you gave it an A-. That seems almost incredible given the price point and the other IEMs in your rating scale. Are they really this good?
  9. lgcubana
    "The FDX1 is not an IEM I’d reach for when I’m feeling like listening to Sinatra or some of my cello-heavy orchestral tracks for instance, not really conveying the sense of weight in the notes that these tracks require for my definition of the full experience", what would your preferred genres be, for the FDX1 ?
  10. surfgeorge
    Excellent review and impressive ranking!
    Thanks @crinacle love your work and site! It‘s my go to guide through the IEM jungle.

    As an owner of the EX800ST and a modded FD02 (filter + cable) the statement that the JVC lacks note weight and could use a slightly slower decay was a surprise. I don‘t know what JVC changed on the FDX1 but to me the modded FD02 sounds richer and smoother than the EX800.
    That, and my preference for a moderately boosted sub bass and smooth treble makes me prefer the modded FD02 over the EX800.
    I pick up the EX800 when I want a neutral reference sound, the FD02 when I just want to enjoy the music. Interestingly I find them especially good for vocals and strings.

    EDIT: After listening to some Bruch pieces played by Friedrich Kleinhapl (cello) I have to amend/correct my statement above, the EX800 indeed gives the Cello more weight, the FD02 emphasizes the upper frequencies and makes the cello sound thinner. Mea culpa! Again a valuable lesson learned thanks to Crinacle!
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  11. james444 Contributor
    Well, to add my humble 2c, the EX800 are stage monitoring IEMs, and as such intentionally tuned down a bit in the upper range to make them less fatiguing.

    While the FD01/02 remain indeed a tad boosted in upper mids post mod, I feel that their deviation from realistic note weight towards thinness is actually smaller than the EX800's deviation towards thickness.

    Ultimately, this comes of course down to personal preference, and there's just no generally agreed upon definition of accuracy for IEMs. But I just wanted to point out that the EX800 / MDR-7550 have been marketed by Sony as live stage monitors, and that, contrary to studio monitors, live stage monitors are usually tuned a little warmer / fuller / darker than neutral.

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  12. redrol
    Vocal stage monitor at that.
  13. surfgeorge
    Nice review!
    Based on my 6 months with a modded FD02, the brother of the FDX1, your summary nails it:


    The Drop + JVC HA-FDX01 are not perfect, but they are getting close. As a recreational listener, I first hear the wonderful tonal balance and accuracy. As an analytical reviewing listener I first hear the good technicalities. What could be improved? Well, resolution and soundstage, possibly, but the timbre alone makes this earphone worthwhile. The Drop + JVC HA-FDX01 is not only an instant classic, it also will be an instant collector’s item.

    I think there's one little mistake in the green opener box stating that it's a dual dynamic driver IEM, unless you mean that there are 2 drivers, one in the right and one in the left ear piece :ksc75smile:

    BTW - I think you should give the JVC FW10000 a listen when you get a chance. You might like them :L3000:
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  14. Nabillion_786
    Nice review! Btw which single DD that you have heard have more forward mids then these? Why I ask is because having slightly recessed mids is a concern. Vocals need to stand out for me rather then sounding drowned in the action like the t800's did.
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