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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. surfgeorge
    Seem like @james444 can say something about these two:
    Post #320
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  2. CobraMan
    Hey there @CEE TEE - any news yet on whether a balanced 2.5mm (or 4.4mm I suppose) connector could be made optional? It's been about a month since I asked and now we are just about 2 months from shipping so I thought I would reach out again.

  3. warbles
    Hello everybody.. Can I ask if it will be possible to purchase the Drop pre-modified HA-FDX1 from anywhere in the near future? Seems that other mods they've done in league with manufacturers have ended up all over eBay (EG thinking Hifiman planar), and hoped that might be the case with these too? Or is that not known at this juncture?
  4. rkw
    Yes of course. People buy things from Drop, decide they don't want It, and unload on eBay.
  5. warbles
    Okay. So aside from the eventually
    erm.. rejected ones, there are none on sale that you know of anywhere?
  6. rkw
    The Drop release doesn't even ship until late December. You have to wait until after people receive theirs and start to put them up for sale.
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  7. milescheng
    The FD-01 is one of my target IEM, so I almost placed the order of FDX1. But I found that the materials of nozzles are different from the FD-01, I feel a little bit disappointed about this...
  8. rkw
    Don't be disappointed, because the FD-01 nozzles sound so alike that they are very difficult to tell apart (I own the FD-01 and many reviewers came to the same conclusion). You can find measured response curves online that show the differences between nozzles to be insignificant.

    What's disappointing is that it was a missed opportunity for JVC to create a set of nozzles with truly distinctive tunings (well, I guess they did with the FD-X1 by including two versions of the James444 mod). It seems that the type of metal doesn't contribute much difference, and they could have made the nozzles more different by varying their size and shape.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Just letting everyone knows that @CEE TEE has left Massdrop in pursuit of other opportunity. Not sure whether other Massdrop personal will take over his role in HF or not, but he won't be able to answer any question regarding this or any other Massdrop project from now on
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  10. milescheng
    Thank you, my friend! Yeah, most of the reviewers said the nozzles made no difference. And the sponse curves also reflect the point. I am just waiting for the FDx1 release and check more reviews on Dec because I already missed the pre-order (yeah, this is the utterly disappointing) :triportsad:
  11. CEE TEE
    Thanks, @ClieOS . I just answered @CobraMan in PM.

    Drop does sell the MEE audio balanced cable and adapter set in MMCX that will work with the JVC and provide both connections that @CobraMan asked about.

    Cheers, everybody...enjoy the JVC when you get fhem!
  12. rantng
    Best of luck to you @CEE TEE Thanks for all your Massdrop contributions/projects!
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  13. jsmiller58
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  14. rkw
    The drop ended for the MMCX version (the 2-pin version is in stock). There were many complaints in the reviews that the MMCX connectors are too loose.

    @CEE TEE, you still have Drop in your signature.
    Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.30.08 PM.png
  15. CEE TEE
    ^Thanks @rkw . I’ll check in with Jude and Joe next week!
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