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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. jwbrent
    I just posted my review for the FDX1 ...
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  2. nealh
    I saw your review said there is a 30 day return policy? I did not see that on the Drop. Did I miss it?
  3. jwbrent
    Thank you for pointing this out. I had recalled that Drop refunds items from its Studio category, and since the FDX1 is in that category, I made an assumption. I just finished reviewing Drop’s refund policy, and though my recollection was correct, on closer reading, some Studio items are not refundable. The FDX1 is not refundable unless there is a problem with delivery.

    My apologies to all on my oversight, and I now need to edit my just posted review.
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  4. nealh
    Thank you for clarifying that.
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  5. durwood
    Any chance anybody who has heard either the modded FD01 or the FDX1 have also heard the Toneking Nine Tail? they seem to be fairly close in signature given the graphs provided by @crabdog. I know we cannot compare the different measurement systems and it only tells a partial story anyway...which is why I am asking this question for the subjective comparison.

    The silver nozzle + blue rear seems darn close with a touch more bass (ignoring >10Khz because it is not reliable anyway)
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  6. Otto Motor
    Note: Only graphs measured on the same rig should be compared. I used a simple tube coupler (details).

    The $60 Hifi Walker A1 mod was suggested by @james444 last year and, according to him (at the time), offers 90% of the modded JVC FD1's sound quality. But what is striking is the missing upper midrange in the $600 Senns...which is sonically very obvious as it causes dullness and congestion.

  7. pr0b3r
    Has anybody here tried the Acoustune HS1551cu? What can you say about the bass vs the FDX1?

    For additional reference:
  8. surfgeorge
    Great review! Love how you describe the characteristics with specific examples.

    I commented on your review and my observations of cable influence on a modded FD02, which IMO quite significantly improves the handling of congested music.

    Thanks again! I’m really looking forward to the FDX1
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  9. DJtheAudiophile
    Huge fan of vintage JVC turntables and stereo receivers. I’m currently shopping around for new iems, and then I saw this thread. How would these headphone pair against RHA T20 and CL750?
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  10. DJtheAudiophile
    Anyone who reviewed it willing to chime in?
  11. Otto Motor
    Don't know how they compare against the other models but these JVCs are interesting for two particular reasons: 1) they are excellent (got a review loaner pair), and 2) they are a strictly limited edition.
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  12. nealh
    Have you heard these?

    Any thoughts on how they compare to a Lyra2???
  13. Otto Motor
    Don't know the Lyra2.
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  14. rhpot1991
    I have a pair of HA-FX850, how do these compare to the wooden ones?
  15. james444 Contributor
    Maybe you'll find these posts helpful. The FX850 are pretty similar to the FW01 woodies I'm referring to (just a little more v-shaped with more pronounced bass and treble). The FDX1 are considerably more balanced and refined.

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