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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. Otto Motor
    I have not but @shotgunshane has written about them in this thread.
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  2. jwbrent
    Started my listening today after 3 days of burn-in. Initial impressions are good. I favor the green nozzle since the blue one took some air out of the upper frequencies. The DD bass is really good, not to the level of the FW01 or FX1100, but better textured.

    No question about it, the final E series tips with its smaller bore sound and fit better than the JVC tips, to my ears, anyway.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  3. nealh
    How would this compare to a campfire audio Lyra 2?

    More bass? Less bass?
    Wider and more airy 3D soundstage stage?
    Better vocals?
    Better highs?
  4. james444 Contributor
    I suspect the smaller bore Final E tips may cut down on treble a bit (reverse horn effect). Hence green nozzle + Final E tips might actually sound closer to blue nozzle + Spiral Dots.

    Just an assumption, but if I can find the time (and Final E tips), I'll do some measurements to confirm.
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  5. CEE TEE
    We have sold 400 of the 490 unit limit in only a few days.

    You got the word out and participated in our JVC launch...thank you, Community!

    JVC has also been excited and watching our progress.

    We asked JVC and they checked with their internal teams and factory to see if we could increase the pre-sale limit to 665 units.

    JVC has just confirmed today that they can increase the limit to 665 units WITHOUT affecting the ship date before Christmas.

    The limit has been raised, I’m very glad that many of you can enjoy these soon!
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  6. CobraMan
    Nice work!!!

    If there is any chance of getting JVC to offer a 2.5mm balanced cable option - that would be a fantastic bonus? If not - no big deal - I will just need to buy one separately (still trying to wade through the monumental number of options on that front).

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  7. ClieOS Contributor
    Wonder if there's any order from China? I started a thread over at erji.net as I know FD01 is quite well regarded over there and some of them might be interested in the FDX1 as well.
  8. CEE TEE
    Please let me check ClieOS and @CobraMan . Thank you @ClieOS for spreading the word!
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  9. james444 Contributor
    Here's the measured effect of Final E tips on my modded FD01. There's not a lot of difference from bass up to lower treble, but high treble extension is cut short due to smaller bore size (reverse horn effect).

    (brown = Spiral Dots, orange = Final E tips)
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  10. jwbrent
    Thanks for doing the measurement on the final tips. I’m glad my observation was confirmed, and not a figment of my imagination!
  11. lgcubana
    For anyone who has been fortunate enough to test the evaluation units. Is this the normal seating, this extended from the ear ?

  12. james444 Contributor
    Due to the 360 degrees rotatable nozzle, you can wear these in various ways. Inconspicuousness and comfort may depend on your ear size and shape, but I wear them like this:

    (Note that this is the FD01 with TRN BT20S true wireless adapter, but I wear the FDX1 with cables the same way)
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  13. rkw
    I think most people would not wear it that far out, but there is no "normal" seating. Each person will have their own individual fit and preference. For myself, I like to wear it with the cable down, not over the ear.
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  14. jwbrent
    The cable is actually a bit heavier than most, so I found wearing the FDX1 with the cables straight down made it easier to break the seal, especially during physical activity. Since the casing allows the front portion with the nozzle to rotate, I’ve never had an easier time fitting an IEM with the cable over the ear in a way that allows the best fit.

    My review will be posted tomorrow in the Head Gear area ...
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  15. scotvl
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