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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. midnightwalker
    Hiss occurs when I am pairing the 720 with my UE11. (with the 75ohm adaptor, almost no hiss)
    The 720 is off at 4:30. But when I turn it to 7:00. I hear no hiss as no music is loud enough to cover the hiss. Low gain btw.
  2. Hawaiiancerveza
    Nice find.  Where did you get the 75ohm adapter?
  3. midnightwalker
  4. Hawaiiancerveza
  5. shigzeo Contributor
    My long-overdue review is finally up, and unfortunately, very long. I'm of the opinion that this is the best performing all-in-one device I've laid ears on. Its amp is simply phenomenal (despite problems with background noise). If that and the slight imbalanced problem at low volumes were fixed, there simply would be no stopping the 720 DAC. 
    I've been using it for about a month and been amazed that I've had to charge it only three times. I use it on the mains some times (when with computer) but on the go I've never drained its battery. When I get home I've charged it only after several days out with it. 
    I brought it to a shoot I did for Mac Audio and everyone loved it. I think they will be writing about it, too. The other reviewers were ecstatic, one of them couldn't stop talking about it. 
  6. marcusd
    Good review Shigzeo :)
    I have to agree with you now that on balance it is inherently neutral. My initial cans for testing were the Beyer T70P I found them to be just a little less sharp and far better PraT than other amps but since then everything seems to come in pretty much on the money neutral. 
    What I would like to see though is a front plate led to tell you if it is on or not and a few times I have forgotten to turn it off at night and come in to find it flat and the ipod positively bursting with energy.
  7. Ultrainferno
    Really? The blue led on the back lights up my whole bedroom, it's hard to not notice when it's still on.  [​IMG]
  8. shigzeo Contributor
    You are definitely right about the front plate indicator. It would be nice. I've seen some great incorporated LEDs here and there that flick behind the pot. They are mostly used here in Japan. A single unit like the 720 that controls off/on positions and volume really befits a hidden LED circle or something similar. The T70P and 720 is a good fit isn't it? What is your favourite combo? Earphones, mine actually is the AX60 and 720. Headphones… hard to say as there are so many very very good choices, but I love the ES10/720.
  9. marcusd
    Hehe I dont take it to bed with me much as I would like to [​IMG]
  10. marcusd
    So far the UM Merlin and the 720 and the T70P and the 720 but the Vorzuge duoamp is running it hard for the top sounding amp of the year for me that I have heard. Some IEM's didnt work out at all well on the 720.
    The technicalities of the 720 beyond amping though are just stupendous. 
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    The Vorz is an incredible amp. I agree fully with you. It however isn't quite as good at driving for full resolution as the 720 is and its gain is even more aggressive. I found it a little harder to keep up with with very sensitive earphones like the SA7.
  12. marcusd
    yeah the gain is a monster at 10db for the bass - use for bass light cans only and not for IEM's.
    The duoamp for me is about musicality and matching - it can take almost any average impedance can and just layer it in some warmth and smoothness with minimal effort. It is a good vibes amp whereas the 720 feels more serious - and should be since it costs almost twice the price.
  13. LFC_SL
    What do you make of (1) Clas -dB + amp vs Theorem
    And (2) Theorem vs Theorem + amp
  14. shigzeo Contributor
    LFC, to be very honest, the 720 outperforms in almost any way possible most stacks. Its only weakness is what I yammered on about: volume pot issues:
    1. balance at low volumes
    2. control at high volumes (90% of the volume is decided by about a quarter turn of the pot)
    If you can get by those two things, the amp in the 720 hasn't really an equal. A few will take certain headphones louder with slightly better signals, but if you are not a HE-6 owner, the 720 is probably tip tip in every way. I love Clas -DB Love it. I use it all the time as DAC for my computer. But I'm not a big stack person and for people like me the 720 changed things-
    Yes others existed, but honestly the performance of the 720's nearest neighbours (again I've not spent enough time with the M8 to give a good comparison) is ridiculously one-sided. 
    Oh yes, and that battery life. Holy crikey the thing lasts forever.
    LFC_SL likes this.
  15. Cotnijoe
    does anyone have the ASG-2 that can try pairing it with the theorem 720? or could i pretty much assume there's a pretty obvious hiss?
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