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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. Hawaiiancerveza
    But the hiss with IEMs.... I wouldn't want it hissing with my UE11 nor my soon UERM....
  2. Ultrainferno
    Mine hisses, my friend says his unit doesn't. Strange world.
  3. rudi0504

    Like I said before , my Theorem hiss if I pair with BA driver like :

    On the left side :
    JH 16 pro old version
    Fit Ear MH 335 DW
    UM Miracle

    No hiss for 4 Iems like :

    In the middle :
    Tralucent Audio 1+2 with UBER cable

    On the right side :
    UM 3 DD
    Earsonic SM 64 v1
    Phonak 232

    Note : the hiss is constant from Zero to Max Volume control .



  4. marcusd
    My UM Merlin's checked out ok on low gain for low or no noticeable hiss but cheaper IEM's at 10db sensitivity higher hissed pretty darn good. FYI Merlins came in at 108db and the cheaper ones at 118db.
  5. rudi0504

    Merlin is like Tralucent Audio1+2 hybrid iem, it is no hiss with Theorem
  6. Ultrainferno
    I'll be receiving my 1964 V6 Stage soon, I'll report back but I'm not expecting miracles with 22Ohm and 115db
  7. rudi0504

    I have heard my friend 1964 V6 Stage with Theorem, the result is hiss like Jh 16 pro , fit ear MH 335 DW , UM Miracle .
  8. LFC_SL
    Headfonia and Headfonics reviews up
    No-one seems to have done a Hifi-M8 comparison as yet
  9. IceClass
    Colour me disappointed about the hiss.
    The 720 is pretty close to perfect for me ... if it weren't for the noise floor.
  10. Hawaiiancerveza
    Oh... hmmm take a gamble...lol. IDK.  I'll wait for more reviews.  Let them work out the bugs. 
  11. Ultrainferno
    For some reason I don't connect with his reviews. After reading I'm often still clueless to how something really sounds. I just read the Theorem review and probably it's just me but I got bored reading it
    No offence to Headfonics, must be my weird working brain.
  12. marcusd
    Sadly because I dont have the M8 yet - supposed to arrive sometime this month though - fingers crossed :) Michael is a busy boy with all your orders hehe.
  13. marcusd
    None taken :)
  14. Ultrainferno
    Sorry man :)
  15. marcusd
    hehe honestly its cool :)
    Anyone out there with a T70P is going to love the 720.
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