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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. rudi0504
    Theorem 720 dac amp pair with Earsonic S - EM6 = excellent SQ

    Source : IPhone 4s
    Dac / Amp : Cyberlabs Theorem 720 dac
    Iem : Earsonic S - EM 6
    Cable : moon audio silver dragon v1 mini USB to Lod

  2. marcusd
    Whats the DB and ohm rating on the Earsonic S - EM6?
  3. rudi0504



    The revolution is underway. The S-EM6 became the world’s first universal earphones using 6 drivers and 3 way crossover. Based on EM6 technology, it’s the first time that universal earphones propose the sound quality and finish of a flagship custom in-ear monitors.


    The sound and listening sensation are simply amazing. A ready to listen high quality EarSonics sound…

    3WAY / 6 DRIVERS

    The revolution is underway. The world’s first 6 drivers universal earphones. The amazing new sound experience.

    Sensitivity: 124 dB/mW
    Frequency response : 10 Hz -20 kHz
    Impédance: 60 ohms
    Driver: 6 balanced armature drivers (2 lows, 2mediums, 2 highs), 3-way passive crossover.
  4. Ultrainferno
    My 8pin to USB mini-A cable just died on me and I can't seem to find a replacement.
    Any tips?
  5. rudi0504

    Please try Moon Audio Silver Dragon v1 , SQ is very good
  6. Ultrainferno
    I was thinking of spending $10. But thanks :wink:
  7. Ultrainferno
    Found it from TTVJ
  8. kepler28nm
    Will I achieve lower hissing when I use balanced out with my iem?
  9. rudi0504


    I heard slightly lesser hiss if I use balance hp out in my Theorem

  10. rmilewsk
    I don't know about lower but I used balanced out and the hissing was very noticeable. 
  11. kepler28nm
    Dang! this hissing is a deal breaker for me. [​IMG]
  12. midnightwalker
    Which earphone are you using?
  13. midnightwalker
    Lemme check with my UE11 and get back to you soon.
  14. rmilewsk
    JH Audio 13 pro. See my review earlier in this thread for more info.
  15. Hawaiiancerveza
    Nice!  Please do.  Thanks!
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