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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    I don't have it but I would reckon that unless the ASG-2 has less than 100dB sensitivity and is over 80Ω, that it will. 
  2. Cotnijoe
    seems like it... seems like the only real solution is using impedance adapters... i just wonder what kind of effects and to what degree they'll have on the sound... the theorem 720 just seems perfect in so many ways... sigh
  3. shigzeo Contributor
    Well you have to remember that every single output device will have noise, some more than others, and some horrendous. I have a Walkman A828 that has more hiss than the 720 or MKIII, and a lot of people swear by it even with sensitive earphones. Same with the MKIII and 720. Just as I said in my review, it exists but most people will just get on with their music. 
    I used to be an absolute anti-hiss person, but then realised that every source has it. Even sources that don't hiss at all according to some people only need the right earphones and the right ears. Or… wrong I suppose. If you are worried, see if you can meet someone with the 720 or the MKIII, both of which have similar levels of hiss.
    Again, I don't think it will really bother a most audiophiles. 
  4. marcusd
    I will be able to tell you about that pairing either this Sunday or Dec 8th as a buddy of mine has the asg-2 and hope to meet him at a couple of events. 
  5. Cotnijoe

    Glad to hear it! I look forward to your impressions
  6. ken5334ever
    just i got delivered today[​IMG], and do a comparison to my old hp-p1.
  7. Cotnijoe
    any early impressions? [​IMG]
  8. Poimandres
    Looking forward to more impressions, thinking about picking one of these up.
  9. Ultrainferno
    I couldn't live without mine anymore. I use it on the go, in the office and sometimes at home as a full desktop DAC. It's brilliant. Sound is great of both amp and DAC and battery life is huge
  10. Poimandres
    Do you use it with iems? The mentioned hiss and travel of the volume pot are weighing on my decision.
  11. rudi0504
    My two best portable set up with Abyss 1266

    Source : IPhone 4 S mod
    Dac / Amp : Hi Fi M8 RSA version
    Cyberlabs Theorem 720 dac
    Cable : Lod to USB diy
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon v1

    SQ : these two are two beet dac amp for I device to drive my Abyss

    Note : Abyss is herd to drive headphone planar , it is harder than my LCD 3 , the best set up if I use my desktop set up , desktop set up can make Abyss to the max their SQ


  12. marcusd
    Looks like it will be dec 8th he didnt show up today :frowning2:
  13. marcusd
    They are doing a world wide comp via FB on a copper one as we speak.
  14. raelamb
    I've said this before and I'll say it again...it does NOT hiss with my JH-16's when listening to ALAC files ant that's with the gain in the medium setting. Now of course on analogue recordings I hear tape hiss but that's supposed to be there but in between songs it is black.
  15. Cotnijoe
    It really sounds like the hiss is pretty inconsistent and that its all in the luck of the draw...
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