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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. fiascogarcia
    Got it.  I have mild tinnitus, and you basically described what I hear in near or total silence.  The slightest sound overrides it and it is not noticeable.
  2. Poimandres
    My Theorem should be here tomorrow, would there be any benefits to purchase a balanced cable for my westone 4r?
  3. rudi0504

    Yes With balance you can get more detail, wider soundstage and Fuller sound than single ended
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    There are some provisos to the above statement, but generally balanced improves signals. Balanced armature drivers aren't designed like dynamic drivers to accept different polarities necessary for wiring for balanced input, and the overall frequency can be distorted quite a bit from the original manufacturer-intended sound. Today, most BA earphones are not designed from the ground up to accept balanced signals and therefore will sound far different to their intended sound. You may like that but it is far more likely that the earphone will not perform 'better' as will a dynamic driver wired for balanced signals. It will sound different and you may like it. If you can check, check before buying.
    The Theorem is a wonderful amp for both singe and balanced; it's your output device (earphone or headphone) that will determine if the signal improves or merely sounds different.
  5. AlanYWM
    Hi Shigzeo,
    Firstly, thanks for explaining on the balance thingy with iems. I heard some folks mention that you will get better result using balanced cable with headphones than with iems. What is your opinion on this? Thanks in advance for your input, if any.
  6. fiascogarcia
    I think he just did, BA drivers being what's in most iem's.  Right?
  7. Poimandres
    I just got home to find that my wife had already opened my usps package from TTVJ, needless to say she wasn't happy when she discovered the bill. 
    That aside I am very impressed that the package is sealed, every other amp that I have purchased has not been sealed, it is also of high tensile strength and took some effort to remove.  The box slides out and I expected to see the Theorem nestled in some sort of foam to absorb shock (I am sure that USPS/FedEx/UPS do not care for the package the way that they should), although prior to opening the packaging I could feel it sliding around so I knew that this was not the case.
    This aside every aspect of the Theorem oozes quality it easily surpasses any of the previous amps that I have owned.  It is currently charging and I am having a hard time waiting for the charge to complete. 
    My Theorem actually came with the power switch on (no led so the battery was depleted) and I turned it off before charging, do all Theorems come this way?
  8. AlanYWM
    I understand the part about BA and iem. But does that naturally mean headphones will benefit from balanced?
    I would be surprised if that is so. I think it is usually switched off. Most amps I have encountered out of the box have at least 1/3 power left in them. I could be wrong with the Theorem.
  9. midnightwalker
    As long as still in plastic wrapped, it should be fine. Mine came with power off.
  10. Poimandres
    Hmmm it makes me wonder...everything was sealed externally and the theorem itself was sealed. Anyone else have their theorem come with the switch on?
  11. Poimandres
    I wonder if this will cause any issues to the battery or anything else. My serial number is also low 280 I believe.
  12. Poimandres
    It is certainly the best combo unit I have heard to date, however I am not sure if I will be able to get past the hiss. It reminds of low level analog hiss from a cassette or 8 track, not really as bad as from a vinyl imo. The hiss isnt loud however you can certainly hear it all the time if you listen for it which so far is the main thing that I try not to focus on however ultimately do. Maybe the best route to go would be the db with the glacier (TTVJ's deal is hard to pass up), port (the low battery life kind of nukes that) or maybe another amp. Or if it is the luck of the draw I could request another Theorem and pray it doesnt hiss.
  13. rmilewsk
    Any theorem you get will hiss exactly the same as the one you have now. If you don't want hiss buy the RSA intruder or the ALO international.
  14. Poimandres
    I was considering the ALO however isnt the output z around 43 ohms?

    Shigzeo what are your opinions on the Theorem versus the International?
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    The International is ALO's most comprehensive portable. It doesn't perform as well as the Theorem does but it is a very very good machine. It is also the first ALO portable amp to not hiss much. But again, if ultimate performance is your thing, the 720 is it. Both have very powerful outputs for high ohm headphones but the Theorem extends way into the earphone level which is harder to drive for resolution.
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