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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. Cotnijoe
    tell us how it goes! im still very much interested in the theorem despite being an iem guy
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  2. Poimandres
    I just received the clas db and glacier combo from TTVJ, I must say Todd is definitely another great guy to deal with.  There is no hiss whatsoever with the combo and my 4R's...I forgot how great the Glacier sounds and adding the db I dont believe I am missing anything from the Theorem except for an all in one device and of course the hiss.
  3. midnightwalker
    Congratz, it is a great combo.
  4. fiascogarcia
    Good to know.  I never thought the W4's were all that sensitive, and I know we all have different levels of tolerance. Still, might wait to see if CL creates any revisions as they did with the DB.
  5. Poimandres
    I was emailing David before making my decision to send the Theorem back and they are not offering a mod or planning a revision anytime soon iirc.
  6. midnightwalker
    Why don't you try the impedance adapter, instead?
  7. Poimandres
    I realize that it is supposed to help the 4r however I really only use iems and may order the jh13fps soon and I do not wish to utilize an impedance adapter on all iems that may effect the sound just to get rid of the hiss. Besides I really like the glacier and the overall size is smaller than the Theorem.
  8. rudi0504
    To night i found another best portable Set Up , that really can drive My Abyss 1266 to excellent sound quality and have Power full to drive My Abyss 1266 and No distorsion , these Two best set Up are coming from Cypher Labs product

    First set Up is :

    Source : iPhone 4s mod
    Dac : Cypher Labs Class Solo tactical design
    Amp : ALO Rx 3 B


    Second set Up is :

    Source : iPhone 4s mod
    Dac / Amp : Theorem 730 In This set Up as My dac
    Amp : RSA The Intruder


    These Two best set Up are runcing In Balance RSA
    Abyss 3 Pin Balance > 3 Pin Female balance to male 4 balance > 4 Pin Balance To rsa going to My Intruder or Alo Rx 3 B

    Overall : SQ are like desktop Amps With Powerful SQ wothout distorsion .
    Until now these Two are My best set Up to drive Abyss 1266

  9. rudi0504

    Please try
    Audio Technica ESW 11 ltd
    Ultrasone Sig Pro over the ear portable Heaphone

    These two are excellent with my Theorem 720
  10. rudi0504

    With BA driver like
    Fit Ear MH 335 DW
    JH 16 pro
    UM Miracle

    My Theorem got hiss

    With BA plus Dynamic Driver
    Tralucent 1+2 I heard minimal hiss
    UM 3 DD I heard minimal hiss

    When the music play this hiss does not disturb my enjoy with Theorem
    The hiss is not as laud from my ALO Rx 3 B

  11. rudi0504

    I tried with my 75 ohm adapter for my ER 4 P , the result is no hiss anymore
    But I font like to use 75 ohm Adapter , the SQ is not as good without adapter
    I hear everything like compress and not so free
  12. Cotnijoe
    thanks for the input! Helps a lot
  13. sean76
    Got my Theorem 720 today.  It was a demo model and had been broken in already.  The DAC is very good.  The sound stage is excellent.  It is definitely a big improvement over my Fiio 07K.  In fact, it reminded me a lot of my home audio DAC, such as my Theta Va.  The amplifier has very clean sounding.  It is neutral with lots of details.
    I had to install driver on my Windows 8 machine.  I tried several headphones (Audio Technica, Senn 380/600) and did not hear any hiss.  At high gain, I could hear a bit of noise but barely.
  14. sean76
    Thanks for the recommendations of the Audio Technica ESW 11 ltd and Ultrasone Sig Pro.  I am not sure if there are any local dealers that carry them.  I was at Magnolia (Best Buy) today and noticed they have lots of quality headphones, including the PSB and B&W P7.  I will see if I can bring my setup there to test drive them.
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    To everyone reading this thread: 
    You will NOT hear any hiss with any normal HiFi headphones. You will only hear hiss with sensitive to medium-senstive earphones and some sensitive portable headphones. If you could hear noise through a Sennheiser H600, your amp would either be damaged or the most storied audio creation this side of Single Power. No one would listen to it. Theorem has similar levels of noise as the ALO Rx MKIII, meaning it is palatable with most sensitive earphones but audible.
    It is a highly resolving amp- perhaps the highest resolving amp currently out there. The best part is that its DAC is great and allows you to skip the player's internal DAC. Plug and play with most computers, and some Android devices and pretty much all current iDevices. Better yet: all that great sound from a great interface like the iPhone. Killer hardware application? You bet. One of the best? Yessir. Best? Very possible. Putting up with a bit of noise is well worth it in my books.
    The only thing I wish Cypher would fix is the volume pot. Volume control is best when the entire travel is used rather than just a portion. That would help eliminate L/R balance at low volumes, too. If that can be addressed, the 720 will simply be unstoppable and probably THE benchmark for years- or until Cypher debut 1440! (BTW, 1440 is a joke. I have no idea what will happen in the future.)
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