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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. Hawaiiancerveza
    Ah ok I got ya.  haha I didn't think of that.  So no hissing then =) 
    Hmmm that makes me rethink where I got the hissing though...I think its because I was thinking of pairing the CLAS R/MKIII.  I think that the MKIII may be what may cause the background hiss.  I don't currently have these but I am reading around looking for something to use with my CIEMs.  
  2. rmilewsk
    I have had the theorem 720 for a couple of days now and have listened for a few hours with many different types of music. I have compared the sound quality with my RSA intruder amp/dac using the same IEMs. My IEMs are the JH Audio 13 pros. I am using my galaxy S4 as the source. I am connecting my JH audio 13's to both amp/dacs using moon audio silver dragon balanced connector. I have both the theorem and the intruder set to the low output setting. I am using poweramp pro to play music when connecting to the intruder and USB audio recorder pro when connecting to the theorem. I only tested 16/44.1 files. 
    The theorem 720 has a more neutral presentation than the intruder with more micro and macro detail with all types of music. The theorem fits the size of my galaxy s4 better especially for traveling. The intruder has a warmer fatter sound that covers up small details in the music. The theorem has a deeper soundstage that sounds more natural to me than the intruder. 
    The theorem is much larger and heavier than the intruder. With my source and IEMs there is no question there is noticeable hiss when listening to the theorem. The hiss is easily heard when connecting the IEM cable to the theorem and turning it on while keeping the volume at the lowest setting. The hiss is not as noticeable while listening to rock/pop music. Unfortunately I can easily discern the hiss while listening to any music that has quiet passages. The XRCD2 version of Hell Freezes Over has great dynamics with very quiet passages. The hiss is heard in all of the quiet passages. The hiss is loud enough to obscure background detail and outer detail especially in classical music. The theorem pops and clicks when connecting my galaxy S4 to the USB port using the moon audio silver dragon USB cable. It has no problems using the same type of cable that comes in the box with the theorem. 
    Overall I like the neutrality of the theorem better than intruder. However, the intruder is dead quiet with my IEMs. The better detail of the theorem is partially negated by the background hiss. The hiss covers over the very thing that makes the theorem so good - the greater detail. 
    If I had to choose, Which I do have to choose. I have to choose the intruder because of the lack of background hiss. 
  3. Hawaiiancerveza
    Thanks for the heads up.  I guess its not CIEM/IEM friendly...
  4. rudi0504
    My new Theorem 720 out the box pictures

    Source : iPhone 4 s
    Dac / Amp : Cyber labs Theorem 720
    Cable : moon audio silver dragon v1
    Iems :
    No hiss to low noise
    Earsonic Sm 64 v1.
    Unique Melody 3 DD universal
    Phonak Pfe 232

    Hiss without music play
    Demo 1964
    Fit Ear MH 335 DW
    Westone Um 3 x rc

    Headphone : LCD 2 rev 3 Zero Noise
    LCD 3 Zero Noise
    Fostex TH 900 can hear very low noise / hiss

    SQ out the box :

    I am under estimate from this dac amp Thorem 720
    SQ excellent if without hiss to BA iems
    Power : the biggest power from portable dac / amp
    Is bigger than my Alo RX 3 B
    It is definitely more for Headphones than iems

    Is you like clarity ,very good detail , very good separation, very excellent bass impact and speed and wide and tall soundstage than Cyberlabs Thorem is your choice

    I love out the box SQ

    My IMO






  5. rudi0504
    My another pictures with 2 iems :

    Source : iPhone 4 s
    Dac / Amp : Cyberlabs Thouren 720

    Iems : Unique Melody 3 DD
    Earsonic SM 64 v1
    Ciem 1964 demo unit



  6. rudi0504
    My another pair set up with new Theorem 720

    Source : iPhone 4 s
    Dac / Amp : Cyberlabs Theorem 720
    Headphone : Fostex TH 900
    Cable : cyberlabs stock cable mini USB to LOD

  7. rudi0504
    My another Therem 720 set up

    Source : iPhone 4S
    Dac / amp : Cyberlabs Theorem 720
    Headphone : LCD 2 rev 3

  8. LFC_SL
    Any point to the line output?
  9. rudi0504

    It is plus point , Theorem has line output like my IBasso HDP R10

    You can use your line out put as pure DAC from your Theorem .

    And connect to another external amp
  10. rudi0504
    Cyberlabs Theorem 720 as pure I Device DAC

    Source : IPhone 4 s
    Dac : Cyberlabs Theorem 720 as pure iDevice DAC
    Amp :Mass Ko Bo 385
    Iem : Unique Melody 3 DD

    SQ : heavenly Sound Quality


  11. rudi0504
    My Cyberlabs Theorem driving balance headphones

    Source : iPhone 4s
    Dac / Amp : Cyberlabs Theorem 720
    Headphones : LCD 2 rev 3 with Norse Audio balance RSA
    Sennheiser HD 800 with Whiplash customer made twag Twcu balance RSA
    Cable : mini USB to Lod stock cable from acyberlabs

    With balance cable you can get more balance in all frequencies

    I love my Theorem more and more :D


  12. rudi0504
    Ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium best synergy with a Theorem 720

    Source : IPhone 4 s
    Dac / Amp : Cyberlabs Theorem 720 DAC
    Headphone : Ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium
    Cable : Whiplash Audio Twag / Twcu hybrid cable v2 balance RSA

  13. Ultrainferno
    Picture Spam [​IMG]
  14. LFC_SL
    I was more getting at built-in versus external amp purely SQ
    Putting aside weight, size etc
  15. rudi0504

    You are right if pure portable what you prefer
    This Theorem can challenge one set of :Dmy 3 bricks with the same source my IPhone 4s :D
    That's why I am so happy now less 1 brick

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