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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. Ultrainferno
    I prefer the Theorem over the Hifi m8, more refined and smaller
  2. big mac
    do you own theorem 720 and what headphone do own.
  3. Ultrainferno
    of course and about 30 [​IMG]
  4. rudi0504
    Comparison between iPhone 5s vs Samsung note 3 use USB Audio Player Pro

    Source : IPhone 5s
    Samsung Note 3 use USB Audio Player Pro
    Dac / Amp : Theorem 720
    Headphone : Ultrasone Signature PRO
    Music file for all : WAV
    Gain in Theorem : medium
    Equalizer : NO

    Connection via USB :
    iPhone 5s use lightning to mini USB : no problem all the time
    Samsung Note 3 use micro USB to mini USB : I must try
    Many times to have connection

    Sound Quality :
    iPhone 5s
    High : more crisp than Note 3
    Mid : clear and clear and not so forward like note 3
    Note 3 has fuller sound less clarity compare to iPhone 5 s
    Bass : better detail and clean bass , but note 3 has better bass impact and better bass body
    Separation : iPhone 5s has better separation
    Soundstage : iPhone 5s has wider , Note 3 has better depth

    Overall :

    Samsung note 3 with USB Audio Player Pro has fuller sound than iPhone 5 s ,
    iPhone 5 s has better clarity and better music separation

    These two have their strong and weak point

    I prefer Iphone 5s than Samsung Note 3 , because I love
    Detail and clarity , for long term music hear Note 3 can make my ear fast fatigue , because More forward and less clarity


  5. Ultrainferno
    Guys, I just got a Samsung S4 with the latest update. what do I have to do to make it work with my Theorem?
    I don't know too much about phones as DAPs. Thank you for the help
  6. midnightwalker
    You can check below for the instruction:
  7. Ultrainferno
    thank you very much for that. So you always need to buy the software to make it work. Appreciate the effort.
  8. patrickgerry
    Can someone recommend good IEMs for the Theorem around $200-$300.  I am very much enjoying the theorems with full headphones but would want to try IEMS.
  9. Scorpion667
    The Theorem tends to have quite a bit of background noise with IEM's. I've yet to find an IEM where there's no background noise when used with Theorem 720. I can't be bothered as I prefer full size cans but I did try some Shure SE535's, Atrio M7's, Hippo VB's, some Westone's (forget the name) and they all hiss more or less (obviously on lowest gain setting).
  10. midnightwalker
    Did you try it with the Earsonics SM64?
  11. Scorpion667

    My local headphone shop has some. I'll see if he has a pair on display that I can try out. Going there tomorrow so I will let you know.
  12. singleended58
    I have ordered a Theorem 720 copper and will pair with GS4/DX50/RWA ipod 5.5G and use the following can and IEMs:
    1) he-400/RSA balanced Norse audio Sculd 4.
    2) Heir 4ai via Toxic Cable SP SE
    3) UM Miracle via Toxic Cable SW SE
    4) Either Heir 4ai or UM Miracleb via Toxic Cable SW RSA balanced
    5) Shure SE535 clear.
  13. rudi0504

    It is better please buy from The same company : USB Audio Player Pro
    UAPP is The best USB audio Player yet , has The best SQ and has better UI than USB Audio Recorder Pro

  14. rudi0504

    HI All
    It is not so many iems that not so much hiss pair With Theorem,
    Below are iems that less hiss With Theorem

    Earsonic SM 64 v1 has 112 Ohm and v2 has 90 Ohm
    Etymotic Er 4 B 100 Ohm
    High End iem
    Tralucent Audio 1+2
    Note :
    It is very important Dont buy Only BA driver With Low impedance ,For sure got hiss

    So Far This Two are very Good pair With Theorem With almost zero hiss
    Earsonic like Midnightwalker already recomand

  15. Ultrainferno
    In the mean time I have this installed
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