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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. rudi0504

    Congrats you Choose The right ones , i have UARP First than buy UAPP :D
  2. midnightwalker
    Is there any other way that we do not need to install the apps but the USB Dac still work? I do not need to install any app for the Glacier but its DAC works fine with Android devices such as Samsung S3/4, HTC One...or even the Ipad 3 or higher via CCK.
  3. Ultrainferno
    My A200P/AK10 also works fine straight from the phone with the standard music player. thats specific for Cypher Labs
  4. rudi0504

    No , With Theorem you need third Party app like USB Audio Player Pro or USB Audio Recorder Pro
  5. rudi0504
    Theorem best pair With iPhone 5 S USA or Ausie version

    Source : iPhone 5 S USA version
    Dac / Amp : Cypher Labs Theorem 720
    Headphone : V Moda M 100
    Cable : Cypher Labs Stock lightning to mini USB
    Music file : WAV

    High : very Clear and clean sounding High With very Good detail
    Mid : sweet and Clear mid, you can hear trompet like real
    Bass : very Good and Deep bass impact, With Fast bass Speed
    Separation : very Good that i can detect The music placement very Good
    Soundstage : Wide and very Good Depth

    Overal : This Theorem set Up With iPhone 5 S are The best Synergy For portable set Up , you can pair With many headphone sound qyality very Good , This is My allrounder One box dac/amp set Up


  6. singleended58
    Rudi, what about pairing up the Theorem with GS4 since the SQ of GS4 is not bad at all? Will try them and let you know.
  7. rudi0504

    Did you Mean Samsung S 4 ?
  8. rudi0504
    I want Share My personal comparison between
    Theorem dac / amp vs Theorem as Dac use line out + Duet

    Source : iPhone 5 s
    Dac / Amp : Theorem as Dac and amp
    Theorem as dac Only
    Amp : Duet
    Headphone : VModa M 100

    Theorem as dac / Amp :
    High : more Crisp and Clear
    Mid : more Clear but not as thick plus Duet
    Bass : is tighter and cleaner compare plus DUET , bass more Boomy
    Separation : better Theorem as stand Alone
    Soundstage : Theorem as stand Alone is better more Wide and Depth .
    Plus Duet soundstage so narrow

    Overall : Theorem plus Duet has not so Good Synergy

    It is better Theorem as stand Alone dac/ amp or

    Cypher Class solo dB / Class solo original + Duet


  9. singleended58

  10. rudi0504

    Please Share Your impression With S4 Here I Dont have S4
  11. singleended58

    Rudi, I suppose to receive my copper Theorem by tomorrow and try to listen with Samsung S4 then let you know.
  12. kusanagi119
    Dear all,
    I want to make mini balanced cable to use with Theorem. Anyone can share the link that sell mini balanced connector. Thanks all
  13. Cotnijoe
    Theyre Kobiconn connectors
  14. singleended58
  15. Cotnijoe
    Go with what he said then haha ^
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