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Crack;Bottlehead OTL

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ironbut, Mar 9, 2010.
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  1. attmci
    Clean the pins with the DeoxIt. If that doesn't help, get rid of it and move on.
  2. bloodhawk
    La Figarro sure, but not the Mjolnir 2. But that could just be me. I really dont like a neutral analytical signature.
  3. Doc B.
    It's usually considered good form to clarify whether or not you have any association with the seller when posting this kind of thing.
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  4. attmci
    Now I am pretty sure these amps are not assembled by the Bottlehead.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
  5. Doc B.
    Your comment may be adding some confusion. Those are our kits. We did not assemble them. I don't know why anyone would assume that we did.
    None of that is my point. Generally accepted good netiquette is that someone clarifies when they post enthusiasm about something for sale whether they have any association with the seller or not. I was just suggesting that such a clarification might be appropriate here.
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  6. Paladin79
    Nice builds but I assumed there was an association myself. Most folks are proud of their own builds, it is part of the experience.

    I should clarify, an association between the seller and commentor seemed logical. Bottlehead just sells a very well documented kit.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
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  7. deserat
    MJ2 isn't that much better. I have the MJ2 and the Crack + Speedball. Crack I'd put somewhere between the Lyr2 and the MJ2 on most things, but the MJ2 is really is harsh and tubes don't help that much, Crack vs MJ2 at least for me is really a question of what you prefer. Ya loose some detail with Crack, but gain musicality. Neither amp will put you in the room with the performer, but I'd say the Crack gets closer. Some of this will of course come down to what you are driving with the amp, can't run my Ethers off the Crack. My point is it's not as clear cut as suggested.
  8. Quadfather
    Who knows the model numbers for "big Russian" and "little Russian" tubes? What are the best crack tubes for use with HD650?
  9. FunyunBreath
    There really is no "best", all the higher end tubes are a balance of trade-offs really. That being said, I prefer the Siemens Chrome Plate for the driver most of the time. And for power tubes I rotate between the 5998, Mullard 6080, and Tung Sol 6as7G

    If you've heard the Valhalla 2 with your 650's, the SIemens + 5998 will give you a very close sound signature, with maybe a touch of added warmth.
  10. Paladin79
    I like some Russian 6as7g's I bought NOS, they are the larger tube of course. I do not have an amp in front of me but I am fairly certain that is the tube number. I used four of them in this configuration.

  11. bloodhawk
    My pair of choice is the Tung Sol 5998 + Mullard 12AU7 (Or Amperex Bugle Boy, Tungsgram E80CC , Amperex 7119 PQ -> Crack needs modifications to run the latter 2)
  12. Paladin79
    The question was about Russian tubes but I have run Tung Sol etc. and own a Valhalla 2, IMHO the Crack is warmer sounding with most any combination I have tried. The Valhalla is a little tough to discern from solid state or maybe I have not varied my tube rolling in it enough to approximate a Crack.
  13. bloodhawk
    You need to try the Tungsgram E80CC. It really livens up the signature. But the plate load resistors will need to be swapped for it work effectively.
  14. buldogge
    I answered your question in the other thread you posted in.

    -Mark in St. Louis
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  15. Demoninja
    Just to clarify, my comment was in the context of spending $650 for a prebuilt Crack with speedball, no other mods involved. Given that price bracket I think the MJ2 offers a lot more for a majority of people. I agree it's mostly a matter of preference and I typically tend towards the more utilitarian choice.
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