1. tlite

    Any impressions of Power Cables from Emotiva, Ice Age, or VH Audio?

    Here's links to the sites: I was looking at the Bottlehead Crack power cable upgrade, but thinking I might make a few more than just one so buying bulk would be cool- and...
  2. pichu

    I have $4,500 for a full headphone setup

    So I have $4,500 to spend on a pair of headphones, an amp and a dac. I’ve messed around with a bunch of low fi and midfi and want to go all the way this time. I was planning on going with the Autuer Teak from ZMF with a Soekris 1541. I feel that this may be pointless as I would most likely shoot...
  3. Senn Life

    Audio receiver to use as dac for my headphone amp

    Hi guys n gals! I play music from my computer (the built in DAC makes noise) and would like to somehow run sound through my speakers receiver (for the DAC) and then to my headphone amp. I have no idea if this is possible or what receiver i would need to buy to make this possible. Btw my...
  4. Senn Life

    DAC to pair with Bottlehead Crack

    Hey guys n gals! I'm running with the HD 650's, Bottlehead Crack + Speedball and currently using my computers onboard DAC. I notice that it's not 100% quiet and I feel like it's holding me back a bit... So I'm thinking I could spend about 100-200 dollars on a separate DAC, what do you think?
  5. CarlosUnchained

    BottleHead Crack Mod

    Hello, I'm new to DIY world so I'd like to start with a kit, the Crack caught my eye. Since is an OTL amp It does not pair well with my LCD-X. I'm looking for advice on what parts change/add/remove to make it more powerful on the 20 ohm region. Also I'd like to add a second pair of RCA...
  6. zach915m

    Portland - Oregon Head-Fi Meet, May 7th 9:30am - 3:30 pm Mt Scott Community Center

    Location:   Mt Scott Community Center and Pool 5530 SE 72nd Ave   Map:,-122.5907121,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5495a019ed7dc449:0xa0c6796651370431   Time:   Saturday May 7th, 2016   9:00am -...
  7. Schizeophonic

    Lego Bottlehead Crack Base - Share your creation!

    So, I recently purchased a Bottlehead Crack from a fellow head-fier and wanted to do some work on the provided wooden base. The conundrum is that I wanted to listen to it while working on the base. The only thing I had laying around was........ LEGOS!! I confess... once I started, I couldn't...
  8. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  9. Asr

    Factory Tour: Bottlehead Corp

    Not an official "guided factory tour" per se, but here are pics that I took of Bottlehead's facilities from the recent Seattle-area meet on 8/4. Relevant links back to the meet itself: - Impressions thread:
  10. c540

    All Aluminum Bottlehead Amp....

     I © 2012   I know there is a big thread about the Bottle Head Amp. I thought I would post this one, it's the last project I made before I became too ill with what a neuromuscular problem, so it may be my last project like this. I already had the board from another Bottle Head Crack with...
  11. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  12. disastermouse

    Just looked at the Bottlehead amps and...

    how hard are they to build and what tools do you need? If you have no tools, would it be cheaper to have one pre-assembled?
  13. FunyunBreath

    Bottlehead Crack Group buy Discount

    Hey All   Just putting the word out for those who haven't heard yet but Doc over at Bottlehead is giving 15% off crack+speedball orders if he can get 10 or more in by this sunday. Currently he's got 7 orders in and I'm going to be ordering one as well so if you've been thinking about trying...
  14. timoteus

    Bottlehead prototype?

    Here's a little blurb about the Bottlehead headphone amp. Slowly but surely.
  15. hobojoelikepie

    ~$300 Amp for DT 990/600 ohm

    So this is my first post here on Head-Fi, but I have been a lurker for quite some time now. Anyways, about two months ago I took a plunge and bought my first "serious" setup, which consisted of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 600 ohm version and an Audinst HUD-MX1.    Thus far, I have been happy...
  16. rorymacneill09

    Bottlehead + LCD2

    Hi, has anyone tried a bottlehead amplifier with LCD2's? Do they sell anything that drives them well?   Thanks...
  17. milosz

    Interesting comments on Bottlehead forum re: Bottlehead amps & LCD-2/HE-6 planar headphones

  18. inburrito

    DIY Hi Fi "Chazz 2" vs Bottlehead S.E.X. vs. Woo Audio 3

    Have the Bottlehead now, which I built a few years ago.  Very nice headphone amp.  Overkill, though, in terms of power (2W).  Am considering trying the Chazz and/or the Woo 3.  Anyone heard 2 or even 3 of these?   My cans are AT 900 Ltd and AKG 701s.   I am probably going to order the...
  19. punkaroo

    Highly upgraded Bottlehead S.E.X. amp = AWESOME!

    I just took possession of a very fine amp, built by the Doc himself! Upgraded later by a friend of the seller's...I can't believe I now own an amp with the word 'sex' in it's name, LOL I've listened to numerous amps with my much loved HF-2s but I've always been looking for the 'perfect' amp...
  20. WyldRage

    Review of my 5 DIY amplifiers. 2012/03/21: Bottlehead Smack and new analyses

    Edits 2012/03/21: Added new analyses 2012/03/20: Added Bottlehead Smack 2011/02/12: Added Speedball Crack with 5998A tube in audio analyses, modified the headphone analyses to add the new measures. 2011/02/11: EHHA vs Castanet with the Grado HF-2, audio analysis for the k601 and...
  21. ironbut

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Maybe the subject heading is a little confusing for folks that aren't used to Doc Bottlehead's tendency for naming his DIY kits a little differently than the run of the mill audio company. Doc's just announced a new OTL headphone kit called "Crack". If you've ever been interested in...