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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. N.Mendes
    Thank you my friend!

    I just get an answer from Cowon France (Sorry, i'm French.. :wink: )
    And they just said to me : (Translation)
    "The body of Plenue D/D2 is made of high quality reinforced Aluminium processed with a CNC machine"
    So you're totally right, Thank you!

    As for the sound, i came across this D2 review that talked about the PD (1st gen) :

    The man said at 2mn : "The D (1st gen) did not output as much power as it really should, in fact, there wasn't much more power than a typical iPhone 4".
    Does that mean that i'll get no improved sound from the PD compared to an iPhone 4?

    That will be my first DAP ever, sorry for my newb questions..

    I wish you a great day!!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  2. mdtolic
    I just pulled my PD from it's leather case and now I'll second guessing myself. I am no longer certain the sides and bottom are not plastic. :flushed:

    @N.Mendes, even if this is the case I would not let it be a deal breaker. The PD feels incredibly well built, and so solid in your hand, for such a small player. It's the perfect size for portability, the battery life is staggering, Jet Effect is phenomenal, and the sound from this little wonder makes me simile every single day. It seems you've done your research so all this probably isn't news to you. I'm just saying don't pass on this player just because the sides may or may not be aluminum.

  3. PaganDL


    Once again, cest ne pas probleme...

    I speak a little but read a lot of French so it's not an issue in either English or French, just happy to help.
    Regardless whether one is new to this hobby or not, it is always good to ask questions & do as much research as possible, as only experience & your own ears will help YOU make an informed, hopefully good, decison, for you & you alone.

    Honestly, personally & subjectively, I have had not issues with the sound quality where power output is concerned on the PD & I find comparisons with phone sound quality ridiculous as both use different amplification, circuits & technology.
    Also, the person in the video you linked is over concerned with features & measurements compared to actual real world usage & complains about things which are largely irrelevant to said daily usage.
    Not to mention, most confuse volume with power and the real difference between sound levels & said volume in audio.

    Sure, having lots of power in an audio device is always nice, this doesn't mean it is necessarily good where detail & clarity are concerned as it will also depend on implementation along with how good the following are but not limited on said device, be it phone or DAP :

    (Noise Floor, higher is better, anything above 120 db is good to exceptional)

    (Meaningless where overall human hearing is concerned as both high & low frequencies is outside human hearing though any value with lower than .0004% is good though subjective as it is related to some extent to SNR & overall DB sensitivity)

    (Determines how easy or difficult the audio signal will travel to & from device to head gear, think how a tap or dam restricts or increases water flow, lower value means it will take less turn on the volume knob to be an audible volume where detail & clarity can be easily heard)

    Also, Sound Tuning is another variable which is tricky to account for as everyone has hears things differently, with physical attributes like head shape, ear & ear canal shape adding to the overall perception how sound is conveyed to said listener.

    Even in the last few years, no matter how good phone sound quality has gotten, it is unlikely ever to subjectively 'beat' a DAP where overall sound quality is concerned as SNR on a phone is usually quite low so for example, if you use a sensitive IEM or headphone, then without any sound playing, you will hear a hissing sound.

    Now I have explained that, back to the topic at hand, where PD/PD 2 is concerned, I have managed to run head gear, especially high impedence headphone reasonably to quite well with either DAP alone though where high impedence is concerned, it is still better to use a head amp though not really necessary, especially if you're on the go.
    Sometimes, personally & subjectively, I find PD more powerful than PD 2 where sound levels are concerned.
    Honestly, as stated above regarding the video you linked to, I would be wary of anyone who potentially takes things out of context & relies on measurements.
    There is also no clear presentation in what they are really speaking about but overall, sounds very negative on the PD though he states it is actually his reference player.
    I'm sure this will confuse some if not most who listen to him who have no idea about either PD or PD2 in the first place.
    But this is just my humble opinion...

    Anyway, hope this makes sense, feel free to ask more if you need.

    Hope you have a great day !
  4. Uncle_Leon
    Does anyone know how to do a hard reset even if the player hasn't frozen? I want to tackle the issue that I've posted about before (files with strange characters that I can't delete) by resetting the device, but holding both volume buttons doesn't reset my device, it just turns it off.
  5. vas-tomsk
    How to write to COWON programmers to supplement PLENUE D firmware? I want the player’s menu to show microSD card information also. In firmware 1.20, the player’s menu shows data of internal memory only.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  6. J Kelley
    I haven' had any problems with my Plenue D on 1.20 firmware. Some times, if the battery dies and card is not read, I have to remove the card - start the player - turn it off - reinsert the card and restart.
    PaganDL likes this.
  7. HearSunRise
    Had this for a month and it's pretty stellar.
    Jet5 is pretty interesting but i'm a little old school and think good earphones/headphones cover most shortfalls. Guess I'm not a basshead :o2smile:

    I saw it mentioned earlier but the lack of discnumber support was annoying and often caught me out.
    I could play via the folder but that defeats the purpose of having all your music tagged properly. Appending cd(x) is inelegant so what to do?

    Prepend the discnumber to the tracknumber.
    Yes you have track 422 (disc 4, track 22), but this makes full use of the tags and you can't really see the track number easily anyway.
    One caveat, if you have a cd disc with over 100 tracks... then you better prepend 10 to the track number
  8. Weaves
    I don't mean to be rude, but why are you still using disc numbers in 2019?
  9. HearSunRise
    Force of habit really.
    Been ripping my own cds for a long time. Once you have a system in place with devices that support that system you don't need to change.

    This Plenue is the first device i've had that doesn't handle disc numbers so it seems to be the odd man out compared to other players?
  10. Acmee3DS
    Since this time, what's your evaluation of how the new Acmee 01 contrasts with it in sound quality?
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