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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Uncle_Leon
    Hi all,

    Happy owner of a Plenue D and really enjoying the much better sound than my previous player Sony NW-A45. I have owned several different Cowon players in the past, like the D2 and C2.

    One slightly annoying problem though. By searching this topic and using google I have found 2 other people with this problem, but no solution. I put a folder with a relatively large number of tracks on the Penue D. Now it has created all kinds of folders and files in that folder with filenames containing strange characters. I've read that this is because the Plenue D doesn't recognize certain special characters. I tried removing those files and folders but it doesn't work. Anyone experienced this and knows how to solve it? Thanks.
  2. jwbrent
    I put 2,650 songs in the Music folder (not a folder in a folder), and no such problem.

    I believe there is a way to do a reset on the D, my memory could be off on this.
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  3. Knightsfan11
    I've had my Plenue D for a couple of years now, after upgrading from a J3. During the latest Amazon sales, I bought an Sony NW-A55, mainly for the Bluetooth connectivity as I also ordered a pair of Nuraloops. After using the Sony for a while, you really do appreciate just how great the Plenue D is with sound quality & EQ's.
  4. PaganDL
    Hi @Uncle_Leon,

    I have nearly 2,000 songs on my PD with no extra files.
    It works fine with onboard memory as well as SD card.

    While I haven't experienced the issue you have on my PD, I have encountered this on other DAPs, sometimes it is the firmware, more often it's the metadata on your music files being screwy so I suggest using a music player program like foobar & editing the song track metadata there & that should fix something.
    In general, I have also found PD doesn't like certain recordings, eg some biaural, certain music & sound effects, etc though this tends to be uncommon to rare so that may contribute to your issue as well.
    Also try not using a dedicated folder, just dump all music files in the PD's own music directory.

    One last thing, make sure whatever SD card you're using is in FAT32 format too.

    Hope this makes sense.


    Hard reset for all Cowon DAPs is hold down both buttons on the volume button.

    Hope you both have a great day !
  5. jwbrent
    Thank you!
  6. Uncle_Leon
    Yeah, after a few months of using the NW-A45 I found that, although the sound is quite clear, it is also quite lifeless. The EQ only added frequencies that didn't sound very natural to me, and the ClearAudio feature did add some 'punch' to the sound but also made it sound weirdly compressed. I don't consider myself an audiophile or anything, but I was quite sure I just didn't like the sound of it. I started to miss the Cowon sound :p
  7. Uncle_Leon
    Thanks for your answer.

    I don't use an external SD card. I guess it must be the metadata screwing things up, but the tracks in this folder don't have a lot of really strange characters beyond the occasional parentheses or hyphen. I'm a little surprised it can't handle those, never had that problem on previous Cowon models. I don't like to dump tracks directly in the Music directory because it would mess up my folder structure. But if that would solve the problem I will give it a try. First I guess I'll have to reset the player to get rid of the files I can't delete.
  8. jwbrent
    I agree the metadata is likely your issue. I recall years ago when I bought a Colorfly C4 Pro, it was very particular about metadata. Good luck on that!
  9. PaganDL

    No problem, @Uncle_Leon,

    Happy to help.

    Well, at least you have no SD card to blame which is both good & bad...

    As said, more often than not, it's usually the metadata which as some problem or another, not the various grammatical expressions themselves being culprit but how the various songs &/or albums are entered in the metadata when said songs &/albums were created.

    Usually, DAPs do have their own folder structure to some extent so unless DAPs start coming out accepting custom folder structures, I'd stick to straight copy across your music as that usually gives you & the DAP less headaches.

    Be interested to see how things work out for you so post again regardless whether your issue is solved or no.

    Hope you have a great day !
  10. ElKabong
    I use MP3Tag to get my files in order, i copy to an sd card, my folder structure is simple, Artist name & album name, just drag & drop. I've had my PD for quite some time, all the music that is on it are flac converted to mp3, as we are very restricted on internal & external space, but the battery life is something else again.
  11. N.Mendes
    It might upset some people here, but i heard guys claiming that the Plenue D has plastic edges and that only the back and the top were made out of metal, is that true?
    If yes, is that also the case with the Plenue D2?

    To be honest, it's kind of a deal breaker to me.. Thanks in advance for your replies all!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  12. mdtolic
    If someone said that they must not own one. The PD is an all-aluminum body.
  13. PaganDL

    @agree with @mdtolic,

    Definitely non owners have said this.

    Both PD & PD2 are full body aluminum.

    @N.Mendes, I suggest doing your own research if you haven't already, cowonglobal.com is the official world site.

    Hope you both have a great day !
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
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  14. N.Mendes
    @mdtolic and @PaganDL , Thank you guys!

    I did some deep researchs actually and i came across two French articles that were claiming this "plastic" fact :

    The first one says : "Placé dans une coque en plastique habillée de quelques panneaux de métal/aluminium très bien réalisée"
    Meaning "Placed in a plastic shell covered with a few metal/aluminium panels very well made"

    And the second one says : (Translation)
    "The housing is made of plastic and metal. This case is so well finished that it is very difficult to know what it is really made of.
    The line between plastic and metal has never been so thin. A lot of people say it would be "all metal", personally I think only
    the top and back face are made of metal, the rest of the case is made of plastic. A very good quality plastic with a metallic effect. (EDIT: after having
    reviewed the Plenue D page on the Cowon site, it is the top and back that are made of metal).

    I then went to the Cowon website, they say about the Plenue D :
    "In terms of design, the top edge of the PLENUE D was divided into a perfect ratio from an isometric view for a minimalist design of perfect proportions. The high-quality aluminum body was finished through CNC machining and diamond-cutting."

    But it was not clear to me that this is a "Full metal body", as the edges seem to be made from a material different than the one used for the back..
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  15. PaganDL


    Cest ne pas probleme,

    I've actually read those articles a while ago & honestly, wouldn't put much stock into them...

    Anyway, as I own both PD & PD 2 & rotate between them almost everyday for the past 3 + years, they are definitely all metal, just not one whole piece so it is easy to get confused, not to mention, nowadays this doesn't even factor in people don't understand different material properties.
    It's like when people put a thin aluminum smart phone in the back pocket & wonder why it bends.

    The metal on the sides may seem different to you is likely due to being finshed differently & thinner than the back so it is easy to get potentially confused.
    It looks & feels different in real life & actual use.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Hope you have a great day !
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