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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Rekkxar
    Sleep mode takes 6% of the charge every 15 hours, takes a lot of data to see that happen tho.
    The PD is always unplugged from the headphones if not in use.
    And no, what I meant was, that VERY FIRST TIME you charged, did it play as long as it does now? Can it be remembered?
    Also, I'm pretty sure in keeping mine forever and will use this till it's totally dead, which I hope it's more than 4 years.
  2. mdtolic
    I cannot remember back to when I charged it the first time :older_man:
  3. Eggs is eggs
    I recommend updating the firmware. The responsiveness of the UI is improved, the dark mode is cool. Actually I'm not even sure if you can go back to the non-dark mode.
  4. Rekkxar
    Ah well, it's just a very very good little device. At times I forget it's electronic, it doesn't need to be charged and it's not plugged to the wall...

    Once in a blue moon, the Cowon Plenue D remembers that it works on electricity.
  5. taffy2207
    You can change the skin back to the old ones in 'player skin'.
  6. Eggs is eggs
    Changing the skin doesn't change the colour scheme of the menu. It used to be a white background with black text and now it's a black background with white text. Going through skins A, B and C change the style of the "now playing" view but doesn't affect the menu when you go through all your artists and albums.
  7. taffy2207
    I had no idea what you meant my 'mode' I thought you was talking about the skins. It's way better in Black anyway. They should have done this update ages ago. A lot of people who sold the D did so because of the lag. Maybe they'll be buying it back again now :stuck_out_tongue:
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  8. ElKabong
    It pays to keep up on the threads here, wouldn't have considered a firmware update, what with the D being an older dap, happy with both my D and Plenue R, got to love jet effects.
  9. nyceyes
    Hello Friends:

    I just upgraded my Plenue D to v1.20 firmware.
    Sadly, I now can't figure out how to get to the system settings area. I'm tapping various areas of the screen but can't seem to find the trick to get to settings.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
    Appreciated :blush:
  10. El Gringo
    Just beneath the battery life, you tap the kind of wheel, then the wrench on top right.

    My feed back on the new fw : nothing foolish...I was hoping the database update would disappear everytime you switch on, I was hoping I could change the size of the font, I was hoping I could rename the user settings.
    Ok they just change the design of some icons and turn the white into black...Very dissapointed by cowon
  11. nalyom9
    How does unplugged headphones help battery life if the player is off?
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  12. nalyom9
    But mine starts so much faster now the database update is only about 2 seconds anb then I'm in. Where as before it could be 15+ sevonds.
  13. nalyom9
    Yeah me too I'm in an EU country but selected non and volume warning is gone. Hurray!
    mdtolic likes this.
  14. nalyom9
    Does anyone know how to change fonts? I've tried many times but still doesn't work.
  15. nalyom9
    Thanks so much for this info. I gave up on an update ever coming out. It's like a new player!
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