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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Rekkxar

    You're a lifesaver dude! Thanks a lot! Thanks to all those who helped too. I'm still testing this, and it's going just perfect, now more than ever!
  2. taffy2207
    Love the new Firmware, big improvement. It's pretty slick, not laggy at all, so far (all my Album Art is 500 x 500 though). I think Cowon did CPR and breathed new life into the D. I'm loving the new skin too. I'm just waiting for someone to say the sound has improved, someone always does :laughing:

    If they could do a Firmware Upgrade to conclusively allow the D to accept SD Cards up to 200GB (I'm not sure if they could do that or not) I think I'd be totally happy. I'm struggling to fit all the Music I want on it now, that's my only complaint.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  3. El Gringo
    Hey guys, thanks for the info about the new firmware. Didn t expect this after such a long time.
    What about the volume limitation ? Is there any?
  4. taffy2207
    Once installed it asks to select language and then EU or non EU. I put EU and it warns me about listening to high volume over long periods but you just click the tick and carry on listening. Easy to override.
  5. El Gringo
    ok thanks, if I remember well I choosed non UE for the former firmware and no warning. Should I do the same for this new firmware? I think Iread somewhere non UE may have some warnings too
  6. taffy2207
    Yeah, I just uninstalled 1.20 and went back to 1.17 then reinstalled 1.20 again. Choose English language and then Non EU and the warning disappears. The EU option doesn't limit volume but it does give a warning which you can override by selecting the tick on the touch screen.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  7. El Gringo
    Cool, I ll try later when my battery is fully charged:metal:
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  8. mdtolic
    @El Gringo I did "not EU" and un-ticked the box and for the first time I can go past 60 without that damn warning page.
  9. Centagon999
    I like the dark theme much better. Hoping it will stretch battery life just that much further.
  10. Rekkxar

    How long does it usually last? Any clue?
    It doesn't feel like 100 hours...
  11. mdtolic
    The battery is incredible. I can't even consider a different player as I try to charge my PD once a week and use it every weekday. Quite often I forget but rarely have I still not made it through whole second week without needing a charge.
  12. Rekkxar

    But was it like from the first charging? Mine seems to drop charge a bit faster.
    Though it didn't even go through a full cycle yet, which itself is something astonishing.
    And it has a lot of power too, long life and with power, they really did this right.

    And mine runs 14-18 hours daily, not even a week yet.
  13. mdtolic
    You mean does the battery level drop faster as the battery gets closer to needing a charge? I think that's normal. In general, after about a year, maybe two, I did notice the battery was losing charge faster. I often had to charge every week; occasionally sooner. That changed when I turned off Sleep Mode. It got even better when I started to unplug my 'phones when I wasn't using the player overnight. Those two things made a huge difference for mine.
  14. Centagon999
    Ya, i turned off the led, sleep mode, and anything else i don't need. Good idea unplugging phones.
  15. mdtolic
    I've honestly been shocked at how much further my battery goes just because of unplugging the phones.
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