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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. mdtolic
    Is this a firmware bug? I have heard this complaint before but mine does not behave like that. It only updates after adding new files.
  2. ledrover999
    Can someone tell me what is the best card to buy for the cowan plenue d?

    Thank you
  3. XP_98
    nalyom9 likes this.
  4. nalyom9
    Cool, thanks for your help! :smile_phones:
  5. nalyom9
  6. MinhNguyen
    Hello everyone.
    How is the battery after a year of using it ?
  7. mdtolic
    I have noticed a decrease in battery life after a year. However, I still only have to charge it once a week. For the amount of play time I put on it, that's pretty fantastic.
  8. MinhNguyen
    May I ask what is your actual playback time ? Mine is only 30-40hrs. (320 mp3)
  9. mdtolic
    Wow, are you critisising 40 hour battery life!? I haven't timed out mine specifically but I use it daily and I'm not close to dead when I charge over the weekend. There are times when I don't and still make it 2 weeks after a year. Like I said, it's not like the new battery but it's still fantastic. I think a lot of DAPs think 10 hr is good.
  10. MinhNguyen
    No, I meant it seems worse than the advertised 100 hours, not sure if it's just me or ad is just ad.
  11. Nebucatnetzer
    100 hours is IIRC only for MP3 files. Do you use FLAC or something similar?

    Even with the 40hours for lossless its still a lot more than the other products on the market offer. For me this is one of the killer features of the plenue d.
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  12. MinhNguyen
    Nah just lossy (320kbps .mp3 as I mentioned).
    Maybe somehow because of the EQ features ?
  13. technobear
    Could be inefficient headphones. How far do you have to turn it up? More efficient 'phones will make the battery go further.
  14. jhog
    Don’t suppose anyone has paired the PD with the Headstage Arrow 5TX, and could offer some feeedback?

    Fully aware that the PD doesn’t have a dedicated LO, but equally, I am uncertain if this would make any major audio difference and if the amp, which I love, would make a major difference to the sound, using relatively easy to drive cans and iems. (Fidelio x2 and LZ A4)

    I currently own a fiio x3ii, but as a former Cowon fanboy (s9, J3, C2) I miss the ridiculous battery life and fab equalizer. But I would want to amp, as the bass and treble switches on the Arrow are simply breathtaking
  15. XP_98
    Another pairing question : do you think the Plenue D can drive properly the Audio Technica ATH IM-04 ?
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