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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. LoneRanger
  2. Nebucatnetzer
    Hmm slimmer is for sure a good idea. I'm curios what the battery life will be.
    The UI seems to be exactly the same however. They should really throw that out of the window and create something more useful...
  3. Orac
    Spec sheet says 53 hrs 128 kbps & 27 hrs flac (24bit, 96kHz.)

    Also, there is a Plenue J thread, but not much other info is known as yet: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-model-cowon-plenue-j.864025/
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  4. Orac
    Came back to review the info here and embarrassingly it seems I missed replying to your comment. Better late than never? Anyway I tried asking a store (amp3) about replacing a battery, but they never replied. So I'm pretty much as I was before. Now waiting to see the final price & performance of the new J model, and then looking to see if the D will be EOL'd with a deep discount.

    Thanks for you help @LCMusicLover
  5. microphonic
    Hey y'all - just joined. Recently bought a PD on the strength of the glowing reviews on this thread. As a daily player for commuting it is really everything I wanted.

    A tip for PD owners I stumbled across by accident: If you are looking for a cheap but solid carrying case - the PD is exactly the same dimensions (length / width) as the Samsung T5 portable SSD - for which there are a bunch of cheap hard cases on Amazon. Fit is perfect!


    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  6. Dumbleroar
    Does the Plenue D play audible files? I can see cowon is on the list of devices on the audible manager app, unless its only for older players?
  7. technobear
    Aren't Audible files just MP3's?
  8. Dumbleroar
    Possibly, but they are drm protected. So in order to get them on a player, the audible manager needs to support it. So then you can transfer it onto the device. Of course you could convert. I was just wondering if you could put them on.
  9. microphonic
    Yes, you should be able to if you have the Audible manager installed on your computer. If you have a micro SD card in your PD then the file manager should just see it as a FAT32 card it can write to.

  10. gibletpie
    Hi, everyone. Just picked up a Plenue D last week and I am really liking it. Great little device.

    It took me some time to get playlists set up properly, though. I found some advice elsewhere in this thread, but it didn't...work the way I wanted my playlists to work. So poked around until I found something I like better, and I wanted to share it here in case someone else may find it useful.

    I use MusicBee, so my instructions will be tailored to that program, but you should be able to map it to your favorite music manager, as long as it supports the proper playlist format (Extended M3U).

    Okay, in MusicBee, you can access the settings for the Plenue D by clicking on the MusicBee title in the upper left-hand corner and selecting Edit>Preferences>Devices>Plenue D and clicking the Configure button. Or you can find it in the bottom of your Library Explorer panel under Devices (if you use the Library Explorer Panel). Using this method, you would select the Plenue D and click Settings. If you want to work with the SD card, you will find it listed according to the drive letter it shows up as under Preferences>Devices, or as Removable Disk (with a drive letter) under the Library Explorer.

    Now, where it says music files:, set it to however you like all of your music organized. I use Music\<Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> - <Title> but really, set it however you like. Further down, where it says playlists path, set it to wherever you want your playlists stored. You can do Playlists\ if you like, but I don't like to create unnecessary folders, so I use Music\ so that they are stored in the root of my Music folder. Again, go with whatever scheme you like. Beneath that, you will find create a subfolder for each playlist and its tracks. Leave this box unchecked. For save as format choose M3U(#EXT) from the dropdown. path prefix for tracks should be set to a single backslash: \ Finally, use relative file paths is also unchecked.

    If you use an sd card, make sure the settings for that drive are exactly the same.

    Now you can transfer playlists to the device by right clicking the playlist and selecting Send to>Device>Plenue D (or Removable Drive--you can use either or both). The music files will be organized in the way that you have selected, no matter what list they are on. The playlists will go where you have selected as well. When finished, right click the Plenue D in the Library Explorer and select safely remove (or do this through your OS).

    You can now select your playlists from the music selection toolbar on the Plenue D. While browsing, click the back arrow until you can't go back any further and the toolbar appears near the top of the window. The one that lets you browse by Folders, Artists, Albums, etc. Scroll all the way to the right and the last icon on the right will look like a piece of paper with a musical note. Select that. This is where your playlists will show up. They will all appear here together, no matter where you have stored them.

    And that's it! One of the benefits of this method is that your files are only stored once on your device, no matter how many playlists they appear in. (I should amend this to say: if you have the same file listed in multiple playlists on one drive, that file will only be copied once to that drive. If you have playlists on both the internal storage and an sd card that reference the same file, that file will be copied once to each drive via this method. If this is a concern for you, you may want to keep all playlists on one drive or the other. I am not aware of any workaround which allows a single playlist to reference files on both drives. If anyone knows how the Plenue D internally references these different drives, a workaround may be possible; maybe not.)

    Hope someone finds this useful. Many thanks to all for all the tips and advice. Hoping this will go some way toward giving back.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
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  11. Hagar

    Thanks, I ordered one from Noreve back in early Oct 09, and just got an email today Nov 20,2017 it was just sent! Kept getting emails from them saying sorry for the delay, others took more precedence. Not happy with them Think I'll send it back and get this.
  12. Fungus
    Wish it had line out
  13. Sebasistan
    Got myself one of these after years and years of smartphone use. Great little device. Not quite as great as my old X5, but I've accepted that through the haze of nostalgia and all, nothing will ever sound as good.
    But anyway, I did get myself a 200gb microSD card for the thing after reading somewhere (I guess it was here, I just googled around what size SD card fits the thing) that it takes up to 200gb now.
    Which, well it does. But the caveat / issue I'm having now is that seemingly at random individual albums appear in the file browser on the device, but it can't find the files.
    Now my question is: is this due to me having way too many files on there with the file limit being what, 16.000? Or is it because the card is simply too big / the size of my library is too big since the device can only work up to 128GB SDcards?
    Would it work for me to reduce my library down to 16.000 files? Or should I go and get a 128GB card (and then make sure not to go over the file limit?)
    It's not really THAT big of an issue, just a little annoying...
  14. Weaves
    Not sure where you saw that. Here are their official specs (still 128gb):

  15. technobear
    Whilst the Plenue D won't break if fed a 200GB or 256 GB card, only the first 128GB or so can actually be played. This has been pointed out many times in this thread.
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