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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Sebasistan
    Thank you for indulging my amateurish questions.
    So, if I bring the library size down to 128GB everything will be fine? Or do I also need to bring it below 16.000 files?
  2. motorbit
    only 128 gb work? bummer :/
    anyway, i *think* the file limit is only for the database. i think it should play them in folder mode. not 100% sure tho, have not reached that limit yet.

    another question: i learned that the player will show lyrics stored in the "UNSYNCED LYRICS" tag. hwoever, it only works for me if i use mp3 files, not with ogg or flac. is there a trick or is this a hard limitation?
    also, wtb cheap slave to tag all my music with lyrics. i can deal with my rock and crap, but wagner is driving me nuts.
  3. Sebasistan
    So I brought the overall size down to 122GB, but now instead of some folders simply appearing empty, I see files in them all, but some files it just won't play ("Invalid file") and others simply crash the device to a black screen. Now I wonder if "invalid file" is an issue with too many files, whereas it simply not registering files above 128GB was a size issue?
  4. technobear
    If you are using a card bigger than 128GB then some of those files will still be in the portion that can't be read. You need to format the card and start again.
  5. technobear
    Works for me with FLAC files. Must be your tags.

    Try MediaMonkey or MP3Tag.
  6. xoxiax

    I have it always paired with the the arrow 4t. I've tried it once with the Fidelio x2 and the difference for me was noticeable, more than expected, the sound felt significantly opened. With my Flare R2a, a harder than expected iem for weak sources, the arrow improves also the sound, drives them better. However with my sennheiser ie800 difference is not dramatic, the Plenue could be enough for them even though they find more clarity on the arrow. Finally with my Audeze Sine is essential, there's not enough juice to move them in the Plenue.

    So, from my experience, the Plenue is not weak but only fullfills easy to drive iem's demands. Bigger cans, or any kind of headphone that scales up well with better sources will react inmediately to the presence of the headstage arrow, which offers a very good pairing with the plenue, the best i´ve tried. With it paired i don't touch the plenue's eq, by the way, just the bass and treble switcher as i prefer hardware eq and the sum of both has a double warm effect over the sound which is too much for my taste.

    Hope it helps!!!

    (Edit: didn't notice the date of your post...hope it helps anyway!)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
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  7. motorbit
    yeah well. the tags work if i reconvert the files to mp3 so thats why i am asking if there is a trick.
  8. technobear
    MediaMonkey has facilities to remove the tags and then reapply them from its library. Try it for one track and if it works then you can select them all and leave it to get on with it.
  9. Kammerat Rebekka
    I got the Plenue D a little while back mostly because I wanted something small with great battery life. Coming off an iPod nano and then the first gen Fiio X5 I had mixed expectations. I wanted better sound quality than the iPod but the same kind of size and battery life. The X5 sounds brilliant but runs out of juice after a night's usage plus it feels like walking around with a brick in your pocket. Folks with loose shorts should stay away unless they don't mind a little daytime flashing action going down.

    Right out of the box I thought it sounded horribly muddy - almost at the same level as my old iPod. I was ready to ship it back to China but then remembered Cowon's famous jet settings. Sure enough after playing around with different setting for about a day or so I settled in on the 'maestro' effect. Haven't looked back ever since and don't feel the need to meds anymore with the effects tbh. Switching from the basic mode to maestro sounds like someone or something suddenly lifts this gnarly rockwool veil from the music and everything turns clear.
    I warmly recommend this setting to anyone questioning this tiny little thing. My Audiofly 1120s are singing as I type.
    It also powers my ah-d600 with great gusto.

    Compared to my new Pioneer xdp300r it really brings home how differently people interpret the 'portable' part of the dap equation. I love the xdp300r's interface, superior sound quality and beautiful looks, but I also carry around a smart phone, keys, ciggys and occasionally fruit. I really don't want an additional, granted handsome and stylish looking, lunchbox.
  10. jhog
    Brilliantly useful, many thanks! Still working out my next move when it comes to daps, and would like any excuse to head back to Cowon :wink:
  11. motorbit
    hm, i could add another excuse, its one of the rare pices of modern hardware that uses philips screws instead of glue and comes with an easy to access battery.
    the display also has proven to be very scratch resistant to me. i never use a case or anything, and the display still looks as the day i bought it.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  12. CZSP01
    I've had the Plenue D for awhile now. To fill up a room full of HiDef sound, I connect it to Powerwerk50 speaker amp (people use it for small stage performance) and a woofer. And it's been working very well, Wowing guests.

    Recently, my wife got an LG V20 smart phone (current newest model is V30). On the V20, it records in 24-bit !!! On the playback, it is said to have 4 DACs.

    So to try out, I loaded Katie Melua songs and compare it against the Plenue D, feeding the Powerwerks, played around with a number of equalizer schemes in the Plenue D.

    I have to say, the LG V20 smartphone wins out with much more detailed sounds. Just purely impressive. What we are seeing, is that smartphones are starting to perform better than single-purpose devices with every new generations of smartphones, like those in sound playback, voice recorders, and GPS units. For examples, Smartphones win in GPS guidance as they beat out Garmin GPS sales. It would be impossible for single-purpose devices to compete, because R&D spending is more plentiful for smartphone industry. As a result, single-purpose devices are occupying very small niche markets.

    We're using Plenue D to playback selected music/sound in our Spa & Lounge store.
  13. goody
    has any one got a plenue d for sale pm me pls thanks
  14. Hyaku
    Hello !

    I'm pretty new here, but i seek your help. I'm having some minor but still annoying problems with my new Plenue D. Firmware is 1.17 (latest), i have a 32 gigs micro sd (SDHC) card in there.

    My albums are duplicated, some up to 5 times in the album section. They hold the same music (like 3 songs), and some of the other songs are not even referenced, but i can still find them using the song search.

    I've tried formatting the card several times and following some tutorials here concerning a samsung SD card that wasn't recognised, but it didn't help. Every time i deleted and copied the music back, it seemed it was getting worse. I also tried putting the music without any folders in the internal memory, but it does about the same thing, on different albums... I used MP3tag to clean my music library, so it should be okay (it is clean on my computer at least...)

    Also, when i tried renaming a playlist, if i switch to caps, it won't switch back to small letters, and same with numbers. It's pretty annoying. Is it a known software bug ?

    I would be really glad if someone could help me on the first issue, as i prefer browsing by album. Thanks a lot !

    [EDIT] : So i tried out basically everything, and it seems stuff like special characters in the album name is not supported by the player, like "-" or "~", but ² is okay. And the keyboard thing was fixed by updating the firmware to a newer 1.17. Now, i don't understand why the player won't accept my modified metadata on .wav files, but i'm so happy i found out a way to fix the albums !
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  15. bluedolphin

    My Awesome Cowon Plenue D in its Green Dignis Leather case
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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