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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. XP_98
  2. XP_98
    Is there a cheap hard case that fits the small PlenueD (like these for carrying hard disks, but shorter) ?
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  3. XP_98
    I answer to myself : I found the CSL 130 on Am*zon, very cheap (6 euros) and the Plenue D fits perfectly ! :)
    It's only a carrying case, but does the job.
  4. nalyom9
    Isnt the CSL 130 Colour Name: protective bag "square" dimensions: approx.8 x 11 x 1,5cm a little too big for a Plenu D in height and width?
  5. El Gringo
    Hey guys, in my dap, the list of genre was a mess, so I decided to tag my files correctly with Mp3Tag. I spend 2 hours, the result is correct in mp3tag when I read the file on my pc, but in the cowon, almost nothing has changed despite the several data update. the genre list is still the same mess.
    Any idea?
  6. Love Music
    Just brought this. Very good sounding little player. But it can't seem to scan any of my sd cards.... Help!
  7. technobear
    Go to the SYSTEM folder and delete the folder MUSICDB. Then do a database update.
  8. technobear
    The cards have to be formatted with the FAT32 file system. If they are using EXFAT or NTFS then they won't work in the PD.
  9. Hagar
    This is killing me. Like a rubics cube.

    I have the infamous Cowon Plenum D with a 128 Micro SD card. Latest 1.17 firmware (I also have the Cowon A3 and X7)
    I use Media monkey Gold latest as of this posting.
    I have Playlist made in Mediamonkey for years the song was made. 1960's (all) and then 1960,1961...
    I can look at the playlist (with notepad) and it contains all the songs but the D says its empty

    Now please, walk me through IF you know how.

    HOW DO I GET THE D to play a playlist and then be able to play a playlist in shuffle mode?
    I've right clicked a playlist and sent the M3U (renamed to the playlist I'm exporting) and send it to the folder playist on the D.

    The settings when you click the either internal or external are key I think. Someone suggested renaming the M3U to M3U(EXT)?

    So lets go....
  10. Love Music
    Thanks. Changed the format and now it works.
  11. El Gringo
    Thanks for the tip, it solved the problem, but not entirely.
    But I should be the one to blame because I change the tag on the plenue while it is plugged in usb. If I rename my files in my pc then move them to the plenue, no problem.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
  12. technobear
    The point is that while the PD is just fine at recognising new files or deleted files, it does not seem to recognise updated files.

    The easy method is to delete the old files, do a database update, then add the new files and update again.
  13. thehexagonal
    Hello everyone,

    Quick question. New owner here.

    I have made sure my Windows registry was correct as per a post some few pages back and also formatted my 64GB card in FAT32 WITH the 32k allocation size. All good. Update of database takes about 20secs.
    However, trying to listen to some of my albums the playback isn't right. At first I thought the player didn't like Pantera, but then it also appears to not like one of my Buena Vista Social Club albums as well as a couple of others. The issue is that the songs have choppy play and apparently sped up a bit.
    All other albums, in FLAC and mp3, play well. The vast majority of my stuff is 44.1khz at around 1mb/s bitrate

    Any gems of wisdom are wildly appreciated.

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  14. El Gringo
    Shame the user must wait for data update every time power is on if the dap doesn't recognize fully the updated files :ksc75smile:
    anyway, I did your method, much longer due to slooooow speed transfer to the internal memory and even sd card, but works perfectly now.
  15. technobear
    That is why it has sleep mode.
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