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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Soundtrap

    I have Plenue D and Cayin I5. PD is incredible, especialy when you consider price/value ratio. However, to my ears I5 is in the different league and I say that comparing it with all my line up, which is extensive and includes AK70 as well. I predominantly use On Ear and Over Ear Headphones,since I hate things stuck inside my ear, but also believe that in order to get the best  sound the whole earcup has to be used.
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  2. anselhelm
    Hi BadBanana,
    Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.
    Initially I thought this might be unrelated, before I realised that 137GB (134,217,728 bytes) is 128GiB, which seems to be where the issue occurs.
    I've sent an email to Cowon USA via the JetAudio website to report the issue. I'm hoping they'll try to assist us with this issue, rather than block us from providing contacting anyone like Cowon Global seems to want to do.
  3. sleepingawake
    Cowon Plenue D is now 200$. Is there really 300$ sound difference? I believe Cowon has an amazing price/value ratio also. Given that, would you choose D ?
  4. Soundtrap

    Well, it's too late for me now since I have them both, Lol! It's hard to put it in dollar value, but I5 has better sound, much bigger screen(which suits my fading eyes), more customisable UCI and takes 200gb card with no problems. Even with the excellent EQ PD can't match I5's depth and midds that are just plain incredible. And I did pay only $200 for PD on Amazon. I am eagerly awaiting for Plenue M2 to arrive to see if it can better I5. I can tell you that AK70 is nowhere near I5. I'd say that even PD sounds better than AK70, alltough I still have few different headsets to try AK70 with, but so far I am hugely disapointed with it's sound.
  5. sleepingawake
    I really wonder how plenue d sounds, but i'm ordering now :)
    I don't see any player coming, for that price for that quality.
  6. leo5111
    i like the D i think you like it nice musical sound, and even though doesnt offer a line out if you want you can tune it pretty flat
  7. sleepingawake
    I have Creative Zen X-Fi 2. But when i compare the sound with oneplus one, it lacks detail. Will there be a big difference with Cowon?
  8. leo5111
    i had a zen vision W but that was YEARS ago so i cant remember the sound sorry [​IMG]
  9. Soundtrap

    It will be a huge upgrade. I've got  X-Fi2  years ago for my son and even back then Cowon D that I've used was much better in all areas than X-Fi2. PD is couple of nothes up.
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  10. Niyologist
    I just can't stop going back to my Cowon PD. It just sounds amazing. The vocals are always clear and detailed with some warmth behind it. I usually enjoy it more than my Axon 7.
  11. sleepingawake
    On black friday, will i get Pioneer xdp-100 or Cayin I5 for 300$? If not, PD is the way to go now.
  12. Niyologist

    Are you asking if the Cayin i5 will be $300 by Black Friday. The answer to that question is: maybe?
  13. BadBanana
    Oh well, that didn't last. [​IMG]  Just went for the bundle of the PD, case and screen protector from Advanced MP3 Players - just under £200 delivered with a 10% code.  Now to organise some files...
  14. davidcotton
    I just wish the cowon would take over 128 gig cards :frowning2:
  15. gelocks
    It does...
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