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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    But remember even in sleep mode the battery is running. If you use it daily and charge it often that's is good idea, but if you don't (and I don't know the time frame) you may find the battery dead drained and depleted. I had a tablet that I put in sleep mode, and one day that was the end of it. Battery was dead and no amount of charging was able to recover it. Had to put new battery in. I rather turn off a product wait 10 seconds and get more life out of a device than constantly leave it on and risk killing it. Cell phone are one exception but constant charging them also kills the battery too.
  2. anselhelm
    Hi everyone,
    I've specifically joined these forums today just to post in this thread, as I am a fairly-content Cowon Plenue D owner with some small issues.
    I've taken the time to read through as much of this thread as possible, particularly with regards to getting MicroSDXC cards larger than 128GB to work with it, since I am trying to get a 256GB Integral card to play nicely with it.
    Following the recommendations, I have tried the following:
    • With the card inside my Plenue D, Initially formatting to exFAT using SDFormatter, then formatting to FAT32 using GUIFormat, then copying across all files.
    • The same as above, but copying files one high-level folder at a time.
    • Formatting the card outside of the Plenue D as above and copying across all files.
    • The same as above, but copying files one high-level folder at a time.
    • Using different software to format the card (such as Aomei Partition Assistant).
    In each case, the same situation occurs:
    • All files copy across to the card and can be access fine within Windows 10, but only the first 128GB/GiB of files are accessible within the Plenue D.
    • Attempting to play files beyond 128GB/GiB of copied data results in "invalid file" or the player freezing.
    All of this has been attempted using the latest firmware, 1.14.
    The reason that I got a larger card was so that I could copy all my music collect across (~180GiB and growing) in its native .flac format instead of converting to .mp3.
    I was originally happy with the sound from V0 .mp3 or V8 .ogg files, but the player does not provide a seamless gapless experience, especially with the latest firmware, and gapless does not seem to work at all for .ogg. Only with .flac do I get a perfect gapless experience without glitches or pauses.
    I am considering downgrading the firmware to an earlier version in the hopes that this is perhaps just an issue with the latest firmware version, but I am as yet unsure and would recommend any advice, tips and thoughts from users who have successfully passed the 128GB/GiB barrier.
    Kind regards
  3. Weaves
    I didn't want to quote your text. However, the current testing shows that Cowon does have a limit of 128gb on the microsd card. You may want to send the question directly to Cowon support for your country/ region.
  4. anselhelm
    Hi Weaves,
    Thanks for the reply. There are many users on this thread alone who have successfully managed to overcome the 128GB card limitation and successfully installed 200GB cards. In fact, my 256GB card does work and it's definitely not a hardware issue, since I can access the files past 128GB on my computer when my Plenue D is plugged in.
    I'm certain that it's some kind of software issue causing the problem, since it's not a hardware limitation. It may be the case that the device is hard-coded not to access files above 128GB, but then this wouldn't explain how other users have been successfully able to install 200GB cards and store data beyond 128GB.
    I've posed the question to Cowon via Q&A, but since they do not have a support email address and they do not respond on their Twitter (in my experience), it could be weeks or months before they answer the question alas.
  5. Weaves

    I am fairly certain it is a software issue, and can hopefully be fixed in future firmware.
    As for others on here, it is hard to find.  The files show up in folder view (but are unplayable).  They never appear in the browsing menu.  So, you really have to be aware of all of your files, which can be a problem with a lot of albums, etc.
    So, the best way to test is to load up to 1000GB and starting adding albums incrementally and verify they appear, and are playable, in the browsing menu.
    In my case, I had artist=Barenaked Ladies, with five albums loaded.  Only the first two albums showed up in browsing menu (either album, or artists).  The others I found in the folder, but unplayable.
    I then removed all albums by them and added back the last two albums.  The Browsing (database) view still displayed the original first two albums (but now unplayable because they don't exist on the player anymore).
    I will check with Cowon support in USA and see if they respond to me.
    p.s. These little quirks do take from making this an almost perfect little player.  I find myself using my Sony NW-A17 more and more. 
  6. Soundtrap
    I tried 200gb Sandisk, same result like you, so Cowon's statement about support only up to 128gb is accurate. I fixed my problem by ordering Plenue M2, but damn local post is holding my parcel due to a backlog, so I am sitting and waiting and do a lot of cursing! Lol!
  7. anselhelm
    Hi Weaves,
    Yeah, it does have the feel of a firmware/software issue. It seems like someone's coded in a limit around about 128GB. (I've been able to get albums on the device up to around 129GB. The moment a new folder starts, the files start showing up as invalid.)
    If only there were custom firmware projects for the Plenue D. I'm sure that a qualified programmer with the source code and hardware specs could fix the issue in a relatively short period of time.
    I think I'm going to keep trying to contact Cowon too, in the hopes that someone will acknowledge this issue, as there's no valid reason for 200 or 256GB cards not to work with the device.
  8. anselhelm
    Hi Soundtrap,
    Alas the Plenue M2 is just a little bit outside of my price range!
    Also, the battery life looks to be quite low, so I'm not sure I'd want one of those, even with such a large amount of storage.
  9. BadBanana
    It sounds like this is a 28 bit block addressing issue.  SD cards use block of 512 bytes, like PC hard disks always did, and smaller ones often still do.  2^28 blocks gets you to 128GB.  It is a limit sometimes seen in older Linux kernels.  A system can know that a larger hard disk is there but cannot read or write beyond that limit.  The solution in those cases is a more modern block addressing scheme (LBA48, etc).  The old Phatnoise Phatbox add-on for cars had exactly that limitation until the Linux kernel was built by the community using a different library.  Whether it is the same issue here I cannot say, but I would assume the Plenue D is probably not running Linux.  It may not necessarily be trivial for Cowon to get past the limit, depending on the software libraries in use.
    I haven't yet pulled the trigger on getting the Plenue D, kind of hoping that this issue will get resolved, since I really don't want to be carrying multiple cards around   
  10. Soundtrap
    I understand, as far as low battery life goes, nothing beats mine Ibasso DX90 - that thing can't last more then 6-7 hours if I push it.
  11. leo5111
    thats Terrible[​IMG]
  12. Decommo
    Calyx M lasts 4~5 hours..  :)
  13. leo5111
    thats just Horrible, i have played my Cowon for like 7 hours and the battery meter did not even seem to move [​IMG]
  14. Soundtrap

    You win. Lol!
  15. sleepingawake
    I'm thinking of buying Cowon Plenue D. I have Oneplus One+Poweramp player+Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. For my taste, it sounded warmer than Sony XZ-2, and i'm happy with the sound. But i know it is too digital. If i buy Cowon, will i only have longer life battery? Or wil i get more natural but warmer sound with the advanced eq of Cowon?
    I can buy Pioneer XPD-100 or Cayin I5 for 500$. Will i get any sound quality improvement? Becase i am thinking of for futureproof, to stream music.
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