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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. audio123
    anybody tried the combo of Pinnacle P1 + Plenue D
  2. shigzeo Contributor

    Not sure why you'd need to. The Plenue D is a stable system. It will drive the Pinnacle perfectly.
  3. dimmockg
    Seriously tempted by the pd. With some savvy shopping can get it for a very reasonable price (in the uk)
  4. audio123

    just curious haha alright will get the p1 soon to pair with my pd
  5. satansmutt

    AMP3 have it for £200 but with a 10% code you can get it for £180 inc postage and they just got new stock in on friday.
    If you find it any cheaper let me know and I will cancel my order lol[​IMG]
  6. panteraman
  7. waxdoctor
    Did I miss something or am I just drunk? Please have a look:
    2016 new Plenue D for $399,--
    Is this a MKII or just a "brave" company?
  8. Raketen
  9. waxdoctor
    Thanks for your clarification!
  10. perky
    How's everyone tagging double albums? I'm still struggling with the plenue d ignoring the disc ID tag.
    Is the best way to just combine the 2 CDs into one big album? I find that OK but a bit unsatisfactory with box sets.
  11. Ghisy
    What about making 2 separate sub-folders? This is what I usually do.
  12. clee290
    How do you want it to appear on the player? If you don't want it as one big album, you can set the different discs as different albums. 
    So it'd be like:
    _________ Disc 1
    _________ Disc 2
  13. perky
    I've been doing that but it gives multiple entries when browsing on the Plenue which is mildly annoying.  e.g. I have a 9CD box set and it would be much neater to have them all under one album when searching/browsing etc. At least your method is better than having one big album with 250 tracks!
    I guess I'm so used to my old iPod supporting the disc tag I'm struggling to get used to a clunkier way of doing things.
  14. regit
    Strange that matrix browser is in landscape, anyway to change this to portrait?
  15. kageroh
    I am naming multi-disc sets with a leading disc number. So 101 for the first song on the first disc, 201 for the first song on the second disc and so on. Easy to do directly while ripping it with Media Monkey, for example.
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