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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Replicant187

    i treat them as different albums, it goes something like this.
    "album title [disc 1]"
    "album title [disc 2]"
  2. maverick1200
    Hi guys and girls, newbie here.
    Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm looking to buy the D and was wondering what the touch screen is like? 
    I had the J3 (i loved that thing with a custom UI) until the battery went pop and now I have the M2 but I just can't deal with it any longer. The touch screen has defeated me, it is woeful. I dread navigating albums as inevitably it will register something and play an album I have no desire to listen to. The D looks like an upgraded M2, but I'll avoid if the touch screen is poor.
  3. jmills8
    Its as good as any top level dap touch screen. The End.
  4. Ghisy

    With the 1.10 firmware, it's as good as the J3 I think. I do miss my custom UI a little though... But they are probably coming.
  5. maverick1200
    Cheers for the rapid response.
    That's a relief, I couldn't deal with the same screen as the M2. 
    The D looks like my next purchase. The misses will hate again for buying a new bit of tech, haha.
  6. maverick1200

    Cheers! I saw 1 on page 100 in this thread so there definitely coming.

    My big issue was the screen, as the M2 was sole destroying. I knew the sound quality would be amazing.

    I just need to source a new pair of headphones.
  7. BruceBanner
    I think I read somewhere else that you can navigate the M2 without touching the screen and using the tactile buttons? Maybe this would lesson the frustration till the pennies are saved for the PD?
  8. Raketen
    nvm *i will not leave snarky comments* *i will not leave snarky comments* *i will not leave snarky comments*...
  9. Skint

    I upgraded from my M2 when it died a few months ago. Totally agree about the M2 screen, it was so bad. The PD is 100% better. With future updates should get even better. Screen still has some lag but its an improvement over the M2. I find it hard to accept any noticeable lag in this type of device, they really could make it super slick with the little it has to do.
    maverick1200 likes this.
  10. maverick1200
    Haha, I saw your original comments. Not a fan of PD?
  11. maverick1200

    Edit: double post.
  12. Raketen
    Nah my snarky comments were about other things. Plenue D is nice, the touchscreen is decent.
  13. HiFlight
    Just got my PD today. To my dismay, I discovered that it would not read any of my 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC cards even though they have been re-formatted to FAT32. These cards work just fine in my DX50, 80, 90 and Clip+ DAPs. With all of these cards, it just shows "No Files". Bummer, as I had much of my favorite music loaded on these cards.

    It does, however, read a Sandisk 32 GB card with no problem. Looks like I will have to content myself with this size card unless someone has found a different brand of 64GB card that can be read once re-formatted to FAT32.

    That all being said, the PD is a very nice player with excellent response to the touchscreen. Given its small size, it will serve well when out and about.
  14. maverick1200

    You can, but you wouldn't ride a 3 legged horse in the grand national. I've got the money for the PD. Now I have to find headphones for it, and then save for them.

    I know what you mean. Their should be no lag in this type of device.

    I wish Cowon built some good software to go into their Dan's too.
  15. maverick1200
    I thought it could accept upto 128gb cards?
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